Pre-EVO Gorilla Grodd Matchup Chart

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    I love Grodd but I really don't want to sit down and practice Johnny Cage A-list level execution and get Unbreakable Subzero results. It's not fun when you have to work your ass off to beat someone with their 5 minute lab time supergirl or superman.
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  3. SaucyD0ge

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    Stampede cancel throw is real dirt tho!
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  4. I can only play cancel characters, characters that you can clearly see if you progress with them smh. Especially Grodd beeing so demanding in execution. I play Scarecrow as well and I love the character but with Grodd I always feel like it's me winning, not my character with a bit of my help. I know top tiers, I just consider them boring and unchallenging, And about the cancels, they are essential, without them I would never pick him up probably.
  5. That's why the character is not for everybody. Grodd is as good as you can make him, dropping a single combo can/will fuck up your whole gameplan and positioning is what you can't give away for free with him.
  6. Cursa

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    Accurate af. Once you do get his execution down though he becomes pretty good, but gaps in 112 and 22 hurt, plus like dropping any of his cancels leaves you at -14 for a ez punish
  7. Belial

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    Grodd is designed to be one of the hardest characters FG have ever known. His SC are kinda hard, but whats really hard is perfecting them. Any succesful Grodd player should spend 3+ hrs in practice daily and still sees medium success. Personally I have a very hard time getting instant SC in neutral and I've been doing this shit forever. I still fail perfect timings on SC from blockstun resulting in people interrupting me. I still cant do leap cancels with a ratio that I consider taking to a tournament. There is just too much overwhelming difficulty at every step of Grodd gameplan. And once you learn something real hard, more and harder stuff is discovered.

    On top of that 90% other characters can be learned in 5 minutes.
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  8. Cursa

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    I don't mind him being high execution but the reward for getting his execution isn't worth it at all, and the punishment for not getting his flawless execution requirements is pretty hefty for how hard they are, along with what you said, it doesn't take an awful long time to learn some other characters in the game, i.e. superman, super girl, headshot etc

    EDIT: Especially given the effectiveness of said characters
  9. Belial

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    My current chart goes like this:
    Aquaman 3-7
    Atrocitus 5-5
    Bane 6-4
    Batman 4-6
    Black Adam 5-5
    Black Canary 5-5
    Blue Beetle 5-5
    Braniac 4-6
    Captain Cold dunno
    Catwoman 4-6
    Cheetah not sure, looks good
    Cyborg 6-4
    Darkseid 6-4
    Deadshot 6-4
    Doctor Fate 4-6
    Firestorm 6-4
    Flash 6-4
    Green Arrow 6-4
    Green Lantern 4-6
    Harley Quinn 5-5
    Joker dunno
    Poison Ivy dunno
    Red Hood 6-4
    Robin 4-6
    Scarecrow 4-6
    Starfire dunno
    Sub-Zero 6-4
    Supergirl 6-4
    Superman 6-4
    Swamp Thing dunno
    Wonder Woman 4-6
  10. Cursa

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    I thought everyone thought Bane was a bad MU for old harambe
  11. Belial

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    Not sure why when its so easy to crush armor with grodd, also the risk reward is so heavily in grodds favor...
  12. Cursa

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    Idk either I just remember reading it somewhere on one of these threads
  13. Skedar70

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    He beats starfire and cc loses to swamp thing and Joker. I think batman is a 5-5 and wonder woman is another 3-7.
  14. Belial

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    Batman is definitely awful MU, his mech bats punish every gap, even J2/leap 2 into anything is punished. Also its easy to AA leaps with Bats nvm batman low hitbox making it already hard to leap on him, also his d2 is exceptional for that reason vs Grodd. Top that with parry and great backdash to escape pressure. Also 6frames d2 is something that makes cancel pressure harder too.

    Grodd cannot vortex batman - he is the only character that can escape both throw and mleap 2 by dashing forward

    As a large hitbox character Grodd is subject to jailing upbatarangs in pressure strings like b11~mb uprang etc.

    Grodd answer to mech.bats? MB stampede and trait. THATS ALL. Most chars have some moves that low profile bats or at least jump through it, but not grodd - his jump is too floaty and his df3 is the only move that profiles bats somehow, but its recovery is too obnoxious and low profiling is too slow to use it reliably, more like a hard read that cost you 30% and deal 7%. Trait is not good vs bats as batman reading your activation can do lots of things from rush in to grapple, where at best you buy yourself some time, but no real way to get anything serious started. Stampede cost bar and you have to once again throw it out at random. Im not saying its bad, but you could as well just use that bar to pushblock - thats guaranteed at least.

    I cant see Grodd remotely winning this MU, sorry, he has zero answers to Batman options, where batman has every answer to everything Grodd has, actually multiple answers at that. The only reason Im hesitating to put it as 3-7 is because I've yet to see any batman utilize MU knowledge.

    WW isnt remotely as bad as people claim, but still bad. If WW is 3-7 than Aquaman is what, 2-8? WW MU feels bad, but not unwinnable.
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  15. Wigy

    Wigy There it is...

    How do he win vs red hood.
  16. Belial

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    bc he gets out of most setups for free? b/c he has better range vs rh? b/c its easy to actvate trait vs RH and once you do RH is fucked? B/c grodd buttons are just so much better? b/c RH has hard time getting out of pressure? b/c RH has shitty d2 and J atacks? Well I DONT KNOW but to me RH has zero threats to grodd
  17. I agree with most of it but didn't people say cyborg was an annoying mu i haven't played it enough to judge tho. You sure about the kryptonian cunts i mean we definitely don't lose but winning idk, also how do you play vs brainiac and a really patient adam
  18. SamZ

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    Very optimiatic MU chart, thanks for sharing though. How do you see Grodd beating firestorm? Why do you think he beats superman? Didn't you play tweedys superman? I also think wowo is more of a 3-7.
  19. Belial

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    FS could be 5-5, Adam could be 6-4, Bane could be worse. As for SG, SM and WW Im pretty solid on these numbers at least in theory. Me playing Tweedy hardly mean much b/c 1) we have huge ping 2) Tweedy has way more games than I have, so there is difference in player class 3) I am far from mastering the character and matchups (curse of grodd) 4) Character difficulty is incomparable.

    On paper as far as it looks its pretty great for Grodd
    - easy to activate trait
    - lasers are always a risk
    - better neutral (df3 is a threat, d1 is a huge threat, d2~sc is a problem , overall buttons etc)
    - possible to full combo air laser by armored stampede on reaction at full screen
    - Grodd d2 is good vs Sups air
    - Sups grounded buttons not good vs jumps

    - Sups has no problem punishing most stuff on block/wiff
    - Sups has comparable damage and range
    - Sups has a lot of air control with j2 and air laser making hard to advance and overall easy for sups to just "jump back"
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  20. SamZ

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    Cool. Thanks for the explanation. I disagree but you could be right.

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