Pre-EVO Gorilla Grodd Matchup Chart

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    PND OmegaK
    These are all completely my opinion, I'll happily go into detail as to why I think these numbers are the way they are. A lot of them are subject to change and I also have limited matchup experience on certain characters, the game is still young so take everything with a grain of salt. I am also not the best Grodd player, but I decided to create this chart to promote more matchup discussion in these forums since there is very little atm.

    I don't believe Grodd gets zoned out, the threat of leap and MB stampede cancels are enough for him to approach/activate projectile immunity in a lot of matchups. The problem with Grodd is that he relies heavily on a strong neutral game against a cast that excels at this moreso than he does. Stage choice is also a big game changer, it's crucial for him to have a background bounce to take advantage of his incredible d1 and get big resourceless damage where he would otherwise need meter or trait. I'd just like to clear a few things up before the numbers:

    -He does not have an overhead/low 50/50, f3 is very easy to react to and this early gimmick is quickly dying out.
    -All stampede cancels need to be taken into consideration when discussing MUs as we are assuming these are being played at the highest level.
    -Yes he has gaps in his 11*2 and 2*2 strings, but there is counter play to this on a read, it sucks bad but there are some options
    -Every character can anti air leap j2, it doesn't need to be mentioned, however the threat of leap is very important a lot of the time.
    -These numbers are assuming Grodd is on his home turf of Gorilla City

    Aquaman 4-6 (Possibly 3-7)
    Atrocitus 3-7
    Bane 4-6
    Batman 4-6
    Black Adam 4-6
    Black Canary 6-4
    Blue Beetle 5-5
    Braniac 5-5
    Captain Cold 6-4
    Catwoman 4-6
    Cheetah 4-6
    Cyborg 6-4
    Darkseid 5-5
    Deadshot 4-6 (Possibly 3-7)
    Dr Fate 5-5
    Firestorm 5-5
    Flash 4-6
    Green Arrow 4-6
    Green Lantern 4-6
    Harley Quinn 4-6
    Joker 4-6
    Ivy 5-5
    Red Hood 4-6
    Robin 5-5
    Scarecrow 4-6
    Supergirl 4-6
    Superman 4-6
    Swamp Thing 5-5
    Wonder Woman 3-7 (Possibly 4-6)

    Losing: 18
    Even: 8
    Winning: 3

    Grodd isn't the greatest right now. He hits like a truck and has some really interesting mind games, but ultimately falls short due to having to take big risks for his rewards. He struggles against most of top tier right now which means hes essentially a niche pick as far as tournaments go.

    Some potential changes I wouldn't mind seeing:
    -His MB throw gear move becoming standard, just to emphasise his solid throw baiting game.
    -The gap in 112 being removed or shortened so that only 6 frame moves can interrupt.
    -MB stampede not hitting like fairy dust. I mean, this has got to be a bug right?

    A lot of people are wanting projectile immunity as a base part of his trait, I agree it could possibly use some changes but I'm not sure if this is currently the way to go.

    I'm going to regret making this thread in about an hour but w/e.
  2. xKhaoTik

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    How does he beat canary? Never ran it
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  3. PND OmegaK

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    PND OmegaK
    It's one of the ones I haven't played massively myself, but from what I have played It's difficult for her to approach him. Grodd has a superior neutral IMO but it's a very momentum heavy MU.
  4. Skedar70

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    Mmm is he really considered this bad. I don't feel like he loses this many MU. For example Bane has slow pokes so he has to hold your cancel pressure unless he has venom at which point you can bait his moves that are very punishable. Sure he is a treat when he has venon but its all the opposite when he doesn't so I would call this even. I don't suffer much against batman either.
  5. Zoidberg747

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    I can see Atro being 3-7. I also think Aqua would likely be 3-7.
  6. A good bane shits on grodd lmao
  7. PND OmegaK

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    PND OmegaK
    He has a rough time against Bane for sure. The problem with the venom is that Grodd has to guess if he's going to do armoured moves between the gaps or between the strings, and whether he's going to a grab, uppercut or mb b3. It's a lot of guesses to make. Grodd's floaty jump means he can't punish command grab tick throws with an NJP. His poor backdash gives him one less option to deal with Bane oki too.

    Best part about the MU is when Grodd hits Bane with the j3 b2 loop on debuff hmm hmmm
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  8. Mr. Freeze

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    As a fellow Grodd main I feel they should remove the gap in 112. This will help reward Grodd when he's able to get in. He can start pressure with 112 SC. I'm ok with them keeping the gap in 22 if they remove it from 112. I also like the idea of making him projectile immune once trait is active instead of an input. Maybe some additional armor on Stampede similar to Grundy's Corpse Walk in INJ1
  9. Mr. Freeze

    Mr. Freeze Green Lantern and Grodd Main

    Also, maybe so additional plus frames on MB stampede on hit
  10. TotallyNotKotalKahn

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    >MB stampede hits like fairy dust

    This is so groddamn infuriating. Grodd has a bunch of problems but this bothers the everloving hell out of me. A GIANT GORILLA slaps your happy ass 15 feet in the air then brings you down hard and pounds on your chest for less, after spending a bar no less, for less damage than an omega beam. I just wanna know the logic, did they tie kittens to his hands or something? i know its one of the few moves to have more than 1 hit of armor, but it costs meter, is easily blocked/countered, hits mid, and ends in HKD while barely being plus. why the hell does it do such little damage?
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  11. TotallyNotKotalKahn

    TotallyNotKotalKahn Low Tier Addict

    Also i think a good beetle has the advantage in the grodd matchup because of his ability to challenge long normals and apply pressure at range and in the air.
  12. Mr. Freeze

    Mr. Freeze Green Lantern and Grodd Main

    I feel that Grodd needs some more strings as well. His move list is very short and I believe he has no plus strings. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. His string list is fine its just the strings he has are pretty RIP
  14. Chongo

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    I haven't played it enough, but I would agree that Crow probably wins 6-4. D2 does wonders against leap.
  15. seveergg

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    I can agree with most of these but im a little biased for mighty joe young. I think his mind games are no joke literally and figuratively. X factors and fear and psychology play a huge role and grodd more than most fucks a lot of heads. Just saying :)
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  16. I don't play Grodd, but it seems about right. Every character I've used against him has felt like a winning matchup.

    I personally feel like he's in contention for worst in the game, and it wouldn't surprise me if he had zero even or winning matchups tbh.
  17. x TeeJay o

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    I'd like to play your grodd or any grodd. I wanna see how she loses as well cus idrk
  18. Name v.5.0

    Name v.5.0 Iowa's Finest.

    I agree with you almost 100%. However I don't understand your MU number against Aquaman. He literally locks you down to the point where leaping and jumping is a guess. Usually that guess goes in his favor. Moving all by itself is a task. He has an answer for everything and can punish absolutely everything. 3-7 seems low. The fucking character barely has to try to win. Especially on a stage with no background bounce.

    I say this because Aquaman is my secondary and I understand the MU better than any other in the game. That being said I'm no pro. I just can't see The MU being better than 2-8.

    Edit: I also think Bane is 5-5 and I'm not sure I agree with your assessment. Much of it is a guessing game but I'm not sure that makes it 4-6.
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  19. Meep8345

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    This character is sad lol poor grodd
  20. CrazyFingers

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    Beats Cyborg? I kinda want to hear that one.
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  21. all match up chart writers need to run sets with high lvl black canarys before making a score because theres a huge difference between good and elite bc.
  22. TyCarter35

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    Having used both GL and Aquaman I'll agree with these numbers. Tho Aquaman is more likely to be a 7-3 against Grodd with the fact that even if Grodd does get in Aquaman can pushblock and create distance and build meter easily. Aquaman has so many options to anti air Grodd with d2, b3, s3 all being solid options and Grodd can't leap around in this matchup and Grodd is mostly overwhelmed. The only thing preventing this from being any worse is if u can keep Aquaman knocked down as his wakeups are eh and can all be jumped and where his floaty jump could do him favors. Grodd needs a better plus frames fo executing stampede cancels I do think since the window is already so tight to use if he's gonna be allowed to pressure and he does need gaps removed from 112 (and I think 22 has a gap as well iirc)
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  23. 2(gapbigenoughtogowatcheverystarwarsmovieandstopforahikeatthegrandcanyonthencomeback)2
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  24. I think the canary MU can go either way , pretty much depends on whoever gets started first
  25. Tweedy

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    Does Grodd really beat Cyborg? Cyborg is a secret bad mu for a few top tiers including Superman imo and i'm looking for a counterpick lol.
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