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Strategy - Dragons Fire Post Patch FBRC Data


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Are these frames still current post beta? I took a good break from MK and want to play again, just catching up

GOL Eklectic

Surrender, it's over.
How is f44 only +8 when it jails into his b1 which is a 9f mid. There is no gap so it's atleast +9

Edit: nvm had ai set to reversal ex clone and it wouldn't do anything apparently because it wouldn't come out anyway.(tested it) just another case of ex clone not working properly
f44 FBRC =+8
B12 FBRC = -0
F213 FBRC = +13
112 FBRC = +10
F12 = 0
B34 = +10
44 = +10

Thanks @xarakamaka for blowing up my execution :p
Thx for the post. I always wondered the exact frames on his run cancels. Can u explain the math for one of the strings? So i can than figure out other strings and normals into sprint cancel are on block, and so i can figure out what A lists run cancels are. Thx