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Can we also talk about how swaggy a f4 in a combo looks? *kreygasm*
F4 isn't swaggy.
For example:
Corner with F32 starter.
F32~exDB4 fjp 2112+4 F4 D1 D1 43~DB3 - 45%.
Metreless njp starter in corner.
njp F4 D1 D1 D1 D1 43~DB4 - 32%

If u find more damage without F4, then tell me plz


With all due repsect, so far possessed seems inferior to Kenjutsu and imo, (outside of some matchups) BY FAR

- Possessed needs bar for just about anything, from punishment to mixup and damage

- Kenjutsu deals meterless damage which possessed deals for 1 bar, which makes a BIG difference when it comes to punishment and/or comeback potential. Also Possessed 2 bar damage is about 5% more than Kenjutsu 1 bar damage :\

- Kenjutsu has some of the best anti-air (db4ex) for 34% where possessed deals 19%

- Kenjutsu does not have to spend meter to mixup, he can confirm his combos from low starter and has meterless special launcher(db1). Possessed has to spend bar to attempt a mixup. not guaranteed to succeed.

- Kenjutsu has better armor overall that suit any situation. Possessed armor options all deal poor damage and are not enough of a threat to opponent to respect it.

- Though safe, possessed does not have a solid damage off mixup. If opponent always block low it will take 10 overheads to kill someone. Even if you consider chip damage its between 7-8 overheads per round. Meaning you need to gain position to apply mixup 7-8 times a round, where average character needs 2-3, so you basically need to outguess your enemy 2 to 1 ratio...

- Also Posessed block mixups can be OS by armor moves outside of high-starting sting which brings us to the point above - more difficult to get a solid mixup situation on opponent enough times per round.

- Actually since Possessed "mixup" generally come from blockstring, it can be fuzzyguarded easily due to 6 frame difference in speed between overhead and low.

So there is just a few things possessed does better, its "zoning"(as far as possessed zoning goes its really more of an "antizoning" something that Kenjutsu is also decent at) and meter building. While separately these points might not seem like a big deal if you sum up it really makes a huge difference.