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Patch reaction

I knew this was gonna happen. People don't freak out, they most likely finished the next patch before knowing what to change about Subz.

In the future he will most likely get fixes in the future, we still got 2 more char packs.
Do not freak out just yet.

The future.. The game will maybe have just over a year left before the next NRS game when sz gets patched. Half the games life... gone... Normally wouldn't be an issue but because of just how fast one game gets forgotten for the next one up in such a short time frame, sometimes you are left with little to no time.

This also wouldn't be an issue if people including guys like 16bit didnt insist everything is fine and you are just a stupid idiot too scrubby to do anything with an S++ tier character.

Lets just say that 33 and MB DB1 stuff is by design and drop it after this. If you didnt fix it now, dont insult ppl and fix it later. If you say its fine now and its the players fault, dont go back on it months later as "yea.. opps .. probably needed to be fixed".

Anyway, I got the answer today so I accept it and im moving forward. These were my last comments on the matter.


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I agreed but this is more of our community fault not NRs. We drop games for the newer shinier one, what can we do to fix that?


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Would you like some waahhhh sauce with that wahburger sirs? Sub shouldnt even be in the game. Glad hes low garbage dumpsterfire baby murder tier. Just like scorpion in the first injustice.


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"Another weakling..."
It is the community fault but it's also the fact that the community knows NRS is gonna be coming with another project like 2 years after I2 releases
so, all the MK XL fans abandon MK and play other games while they wait.


I'm holding hope for a "general" fix about characters getting more pushback on block than what they should, so maybe it could happen as an indirect change, not probable but maybe.

Anyway, I think maybe with the Starfire or next DLC patch we could see some quick fixes like when Scarecrow got his wakeup fix individually outside of a balance patch.


They didn't say anything about zero except no changes. Never said "Tom this is how zero is suppose to work."

Enjoyed the video until u started going negative and defeated. Your points are valid and strong enough without the salt.
Tournament scene is what % of the community? 98% of us don't go to tournaments, I don't need players to play at tournaments to enjoy playing my favorite games online.
What people wanna see is high level competition and a growing community of players constantly pushing the skill ceiling. When that goes away a competitive fighting game is in fact "dead" it's best days are behind it and it's lost the hype. By your definition no game has ever died since you could always play your roommate or single player.