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Nightwolf General Discussion Thread

I'm honestly just torn between resentment and pity at this point. MK11 is like the ultimate wasted potential. It's a freaking DIAMOND of a game on the face of it--good mechanics and gameplay, amazing graphics, a variety of decent modes, solid netplay and support, and on and on and on. But then it's like there's some evil force throwing a spanner in the works over and over and over. If it was always just accidents, it'd be hard to be mad, but so much of it is a mixture of greed and incompetence. Yeesh.


MD| Soberless (Terminator-Final Judgment)
One thing I can tell: Cetrion's boulder will not be reflected, but you also don't get knocked down from it. You don't take chip damage, either.
It reflects her boulder and hells wrath. Tested in TOT the hells wrath has no projectile sent back but still hits but is invisible. I'll have to test but I think it will reflect most projectiles