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Nightwolf First Look (Courtesy of WB and Mr. Aquaman)

Mr. Aquaman, resident hype man of the NRS scene, was given an opportunity for an early look at Nightwolf, releasing on 8/13 for season pass holders. He put out a 30 minute video showing off his competitive variations, what he can do with them, his gear, and everything else you'd want to know about Nightwolf.


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His gear is awesome and his Revenant skins are the best looking ones in the game. He looks awesome. So happy you can take the rollerblading helmet off him.

He looks to have really good corner carry.

Nature's Call is the variation I'll be trying out. Or whatever it's called. Whatever one has the launching Tomahawk and Reflect.

His front throw Krushing Blow does 37%. Holy shit. That's more than his 2 bar BnBs will do, most likely. What the hell.

All his Krushing Blows seem really viable and strong. That shoulder KB is really good, even though the damage is rightfully not that high.

If he's able to Arrow Cancel out of strings and continue combos, that would be amazing.
You realize he can combo off KB shoulder, right? the unbreakable damage potential is actually ridiculous
Also I don't see anyone talking about this.

In his trailer he got armor after MB bear buff but in the kustom list is says it just decreases his damage taken, which means that most likely his wolf buff will have armor when MB as well (only on animation) ans that would be huge
OMG!! His command grab variation looks awesome!!! And those skins, specially the revenant ones!!! And his base moves!!! And everything!!!... I think I've found my third main.
I love the classic head gear. I want to see the other costumes! Surely, a revenant one is coming too. I skimmed through it so maybe i missed it. the mask on him looks a little weird. but maybe it will work with another costume. It's like Kitana. She doesn't look right to me without some kind of headdress. The revenent skins just feel odd without the mask, Actually that revenent Kitana mask is very cool IMO on all her outfits. Sorry. side bar.
He has a Revenant skin. Its hard to see but the one where he is covered in war paint. His eyes are glowing and the skin that is visible is Revenant colored with veins.
Im so excited for nightwolf. Ancestral Gifts has the Teleport Parry for a bar and on certain projectiles it let's you do a small combo and it has the CMD Grab(High).

But my favorite is gonna be Matoka Warrior his first Tournament Variation with the Launcher and Damage buff. I feel this variation will be the best one but I think the second one might be decent but low damage.

Some of my thoughts:
Nightwolf may not be the best Anti zoner since he doesn't have the projectile evading roll in his Tournament Variations but the parry looks powerful in both Variations, but think about it is it possible that his reflect is like Erron black's Scud Shot? You can hold it as long as you want but does it stop after the first hit reflects or can you reflect multiple projectiles? If so it could be better than EB's and what if it can be used to make strings safe?
His shoulder is like Cassie but better cuz you can Amp on block and its an overhead. Base move too.
He has an 11f mid that is kinda unsafe but has a hit confirmable 17f mid into a low low that's -7 on block.

His arrow looks strong. Having reflect and damage buff with the launcher maybe be a good counter to Cetrion, Cassie and Sonya Zoning but we don't know what projectiles go through it? I'm thinking Shangs Ground Skulls and Corpse Drop and Sonyas Drone might go through it and maybe Scarlets low? So I'm excited to test gameplay with hI'm.
He looks amazing but honest my favorite character so far and that Revanent War paint Skin with Wolf head is so sick
I will most likely be playing the one with rising axe (cause to me that's nightwolf) and the wolf buff since reflect is a base move. I'm not a huge fan of command grabs cause I hate their inputs.

I believe it'll reflect anything that's not from above (like corpse and drone) or below (like ground pound and geyser).

But yes, I'm super stoked for it, even if the only thing it reflected was Cassie's low gunshot. lmao
Weapons of War has 6 Krushing blows, and all of them are easy to do.

A command grab that leaves you in a wonderful spot for oki.

A reflect that allows you to punish on amplify, which you'll always have since you wont be comboing.

I think this variation is going to be fucking nutty.
HoneyBee also had WB Access and said the Amped Reflect/Parry in WOW/Ancestrial Gifts had some recovery after porting. I'm starting to think it matters how fast the projectile travel's To determined if he can combo after it? It may not allow combo after every port on every projectile it reflects?

Yey fuck zoners.

Wonder how it functions vs multi hitting projectiles
It looks like Scud Shot, you can hold it so what if it reflects Cassie double shot, Liu's metered fireballs ect and sends it all back? Or does it cancel the reflect after sending one projectile back?

That was fantastic.

Mortal Kombat 11 has taken two characters I never even cared about, done such a good job at personifying them, and turned them into super badasses, that they are now my mains.

Kano and Nightwolf.
Same here, They did amazing on so many characters.

They gave him KBs on both throws and gave him a KB that gives him a re-stand for a full combo. And the only requirement is hit the opponent with the shoulder tackle while grounded!?!? Well hello new main :)
I think the requirement is to "Hit opponent with Amped Shoulder only(Second Hit) after they block the mid on grounded opponents" I don't think the requirement is only grounded but also for the last hit to be the only hit that connects and its an overhead and a guess so its strong.

Hey if WB wants to give youtubers some early Nightwolf access that have a long history of breaking down characters and showing em off they should hit up ya boy if yaknowwhatimsayin


That said cool stuff, looking foward to watching this vid!
If you do get access see if Reflect works like Scud Shot.
See if buff has armor on startup?
Check TP on Reflect to see what projectiles it works on and which ones you can combo after on and frame data of it.

I knew he had a wolf head piece!! I said he would, so happy about that. He looks really good.
Its literally all I really wanted cosmetically foR NW
Look closer at the shoulder KB. Aquaman didn't realize it, but he linked his follow ups from the KB. It's a combo starter, like D'vorah's air grab. If it's really like her air grab, he'll even get a jump in.

So that makes the shoulder KB a serious combo extender for all variations, a good anti-zoning tool, and an amazing whiff punisher all in one.
That is awesome

I can't wait to reflect some gunshots ;_;
Hell yes I hope it absorbed ones that don't travel straight like Ground Skulls, Corpse Drop, Drone, Gyser, Tentacle, lightning, Spear ect
I can almost guarantee Nightwolf’s reflect will have the same projectile “capture” as Jade’s glow. Also, it only has one slot.

So no, there won’t be a character in the game that completely shuts down all zoning with one move. This is a neutral based game where zoning is encouraged. It would be scud shot on steroids.
He has a Revenant skin. Its hard to see but the one where he is covered in war paint. His eyes are glowing and the skin that is visible is Revenant colored with veins.
Sorry. maybe if I read your comment on the thread which was first i would have noticed. lol. i skipped around the video. At this point I have to be surprised at some stuff. I hope he doesn't have ugly color schemes that do not go together. I'm also not feeling the shoulder pads but I will deal. He is still amazing looking. He has always been underrated. Now, Sindel better make me proud! I still hate how certain characters go off missing like Tanya, Rain. Tremor, etc, with no explanation. But I digress. They are probably off doing other things. lol. Just like Jade was in MKX.
Yess, nightwolf 50-50 of his 11 frame mid, as you can go into low or into insta overhead beforehit shoulder overhead axe.

(for who didn't see it says you can go into the amplified overhead strike from shoulder before or after shoulder hit, so this means you can spam it and get just the overhead to insta come out, which makes his 11 frame mid a 50-50 for 1 bar).
You realize he can combo off KB shoulder, right? the unbreakable damage potential is actually ridiculous
Someone else mentioned that. Mr. Aquaman didn't say anything about it in the video and I didn't realize it only does 16% because of that. That's INSANE. This KB is going to hit most likely every match due to it's easy requirement.

Maybe Nightwolf WILL end up being the character that gets me back into this game.
Nightwolf's Moves So Far:

B13 21f Mid, Low (Hit confirm able) -5
112 7f High, Mid, OH (FB Gap) +1
B132 21f Mid, Low, Mid (Safe Ender) -3
111 7f high, mid, mid (Safe Ender) -6
B34D4 11f Mid, Low, Low (Safe Ender) -7
B34 11fMid Starter unsafe
F2 24f Overhead -19 on block
Can make it safe with ender but doesn't come out if first hit us flawless blocked.
Do we see the second string that Makota Warrior adds in one of the videos? I've only seen the 221+3 that krushing blows, but there's also f341+3, which I didn't see used. Is it in one of the videos and I just missed it?