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Nightwolf First Look (Courtesy of WB and Mr. Aquaman)

Mr. Aquaman, resident hype man of the NRS scene, was given an opportunity for an early look at Nightwolf, releasing on 8/13 for season pass holders. He put out a 30 minute video showing off his competitive variations, what he can do with them, his gear, and everything else you'd want to know about Nightwolf.


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Nightwolf's Moves So Far:

B13 21f Mid, Low (Hit confirm able) -5
112 7f High, Mid, OH (FB Gap) +1
B132 21f Mid, Low, Mid (Safe Ender) -3
111 7f high, mid, mid (Safe Ender) -6
B34D4 11f Mid, Low, Low (Safe Ender) -7
B34 11fMid Starter unsafe
F2 24f Overhead -19 on block
Can make it safe with ender but doesn't come out if first hit us flawless blocked.
Well, damn man, thanks for saving me some lab time.