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Nightwolf First Look (Courtesy of WB and Mr. Aquaman)

Mr. Aquaman, resident hype man of the NRS scene, was given an opportunity for an early look at Nightwolf, releasing on 8/13 for season pass holders. He put out a 30 minute video showing off his competitive variations, what he can do with them, his gear, and everything else you'd want to know about Nightwolf.


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Yo NW looks like an absolute beast. The tournament variations look great. His gear and skins were awesome. I think that’s easily the best revenant skin in the game. He def looks fun and is getting added to the lineup. I might as well just main the entire DLC at this point lol. Kudos NrS.

Also letting the community give a 30 minute rundown is a great idea. Keep that going. And the easy KB requirements!
Haven't seen them in action yet, but at first glance, Ancestral Gift is definitely gonna be the more popular one. He's got a command grab, anti-zoning, and string extensions into throws similar to Jax's Hunker Down variation.
His gear is awesome and his Revenant skins are the best looking ones in the game. He looks awesome. So happy you can take the rollerblading helmet off him.

He looks to have really good corner carry.

Nature's Call is the variation I'll be trying out. Or whatever it's called. Whatever one has the launching Tomahawk and Reflect.

His front throw Krushing Blow does 37%. Holy shit. That's more than his 2 bar BnBs will do, most likely. What the hell.

All his Krushing Blows seem really viable and strong. That shoulder KB is really good, even though the damage is rightfully not that high.

If he's able to Arrow Cancel out of strings and continue combos, that would be amazing.
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Oh, the wolf is just a damage buff? I thought it was gonna increase hit stun to create otherwise impossible grounded combos. Sounds kinda busted saying it out loud though, lol

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