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New Game Mode and 3rd Variations to be Revealed Tomorrow

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Not open for further replies.
So it seems like they just added a new rule in pro tour saying that any variation released at least 14 days prior to a pro kompetition event is gonna be legal.

I was expecting 3rd variations to come after ECT but after reading that I can defnitely see it happening later this week or next week.
Glad they're coming in faster; but here's some food for thought, will future DLC characters only release with the standard two and have a third added later? Or will they release characters with how many variations are already made?

My expected variations that will actually impact how characters play/ will be worth looking at:
  1. Kitana (fan toss combos with upward fan toss)
  2. Sonya (I'll be curious to see what they do with her)
  3. Jade (has to get the combo extensions which would make her less of a zoner)
  4. Skarlet (all buffs will make her a more upclose fighter)
  5. Scorpion (misery blade stance will be interesting and very mixup heavy I think)
So tomorrow will be new game mode, patch, AND third variations? That's crazy.

Jax's fatal blow can't be the ONLY balance change they made. I'm pretty happy with the game balance but if they help out Frostbyte and finally make Ridicule useful I'll be a happy camper. I've given up on Kotal but if a third variation has a decent set of moves I'll go back to him.
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