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Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Reveal Trailer


Had time to dwell on it, Rain looks amazing! I will buy him individually for sure. His moves look gorgeous too. Only not feeling that flap. Mileena suffers from the same issues as Sheeva as in they are stuck with real faces so they won't be as monstruous as in MK9 / X.
Excited for Rain, but I don't know how likely it is that I'll play him. Happy to see Mileena, definitely won't play her. Tbh I'm pretty interested in Rambo even though hes a dumb inclusion. Make him a brawler/grappler and I'll be interested.
Ethereal was a teleport with no hit, this one is hitting liu from the ground up...maybe she can teleport on mb or something. We’ll find out soon!
Yes I know but the animation is what I'm hoping starts this new move

I dont want reskinned hellsparks for her
I feel underwhelmed. I think they all look great, I think it's just Rambo is what drags it all down for me. It's just...Don't get me wrong, think he fits the game he feels random just like robocop did. It's that and he's not the guest I personally would've wanted. I'm happy for Rambo fans though. Whatever gets more eyeballs on MK which could possibly help the competitive scene grow. That's what we want right?

Anyways, I'm happy that Mileena is in. I think her character has gotten to the point where she cannot be left out anymore. Before MK9 she could be excluded for a game, after MK9 I think you have to have her in the base roster.

I'm digging that Noob skin though
I was really hoping the trailer would show actual gameplay with some hints at new changes. Maybe an NJP or some new mechanic.

Oh well.

Also, for you dopes who keep doubting that dude's leaks, just stop it.
I feel that we really need some actual mechanical changes or something to spice up game play imo. Something to make coming back to MK11 worth it because honestly I've seen many say they've moved on to other games, even pro's have been saying as much, and if they hope to keep people interested they need something big (at least extended combo paths pretty please) or everyone is just gonna jump to Cyberpunk and forget this existed.
Yeah, just as I thought. They went and retconned (fucked up) Mileena's mouth again.

Rain looks dope, though.

Most happy about the next gen enhancements. Just hoping for framerate enhancements.
This is the best pack for this game, no contest
Literally. Mileena and Rain are the two most requested characters in MK history lmao. Like honestly can we talk about how much fan service they gave us in this game??

Mileena, Rain, Fujin, Baraka, Noob, Spawn, Jade, Shang Tsung, Sindel. Like these are the most requested characters and we got them...like, they're here. Yet some ppl still aren't happy.
I'm finding it pretty difficult to get hype for more content when there has been zero discussion about gameplay changes.
yeah thats what i said to my friend , if they dont do big patch and change some things up the game will die fast ! Like ok we get 3 new chars but after few months ppl will get bored again and with no gameplay changes game will just die.
Rambo looks cool at least.

Mileena AND Rain ? They seem desperate to sell more copies to reach MKX's sales number. Well, maybe next time they should not release a half finished game where the only working part was the online casino and maybe more people will be willing to buy the game.

Anyways that's not enough to install this game again, and far from enough to spend extra money in this boring game. Adding more characters won't solve the gameplay issues the game has.
I forgot how the first kombat pack and aftermath went. We aren’t getting all these characters at once right ?
Trying to be constructive about this...

My biggest concern with this "we plan on supporting MK11 for a long time" mantra is how that support is defined. If you look at other franchises (Soulcalibur, Tekken 7, and SF5 primarily), they have been supported in a holistic way, sure with DLC but also with additional moves and gameplay changes so those games evolve as they age. Granted we're only a year and a half in, but thus far NRS has shown no signs of taking that same approach with MK11. I only date back to MKX, but over the last 5 years I haven't seen signs that they even know HOW to support a game holistically beyond year 2.

In other words, DLC characters and balance patches are NOT enough to make a fighting game last more than a couple of years in 2020, especially in light of the issues MK11 has.
Can someone tweet Boon to include the Eternal Klash skins and all the Cangaceiro Kano, Kold War Skarlett and jacket-less Shang skins as another preorder incentive for KP2 and the Ultimate editions?

Seriously, I don't bother with Twitter.