MORTAL KOMBAT 11 RUMORS...When Is It? Where Is It? - Maximilian Dood

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HeavyNorse, Nov 16, 2018.

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    these looser youtuber people just piss me off... he basically says... it should be soon, but it may not be for ages and it might be at game awards, but you know it might not be there at all and if it is coming it will come soon, but you know.. it may take ages... and here is a list of very public projects everyone knows about, so that means... nothing. This is a 10min video of fucking nothing. Click bait BS.
  3. HeavyNorse

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    Clickbait is when they present one thing in the title/thumbnail, but show something else in the actual video. Which is not the case here. He is literally talking about what the title says.

    If you don't like his content, don't click on his videos. You'd think that would be logic, but apparently not...
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  4. B W1zZ

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    Either way NRS is still corrupted by bias and unless something changes the next game will be yet another testament to their poor quality assurance decisions. The biggest mistake they made was allowing former and current tournament players to dictate the balance of their games.
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    I don't think anyone wants to be cheated out of the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears they pour into a game just to realize they will get nowhere on a tournament level without playing certain characters or playing by an unwritten subset of rules. As far as balancing decisions NRS listens to the people who do well in offline tournaments, therefore the people doing well in said tounaments will want to continue doing so and offer feedback that is to their own benefit. This has been going on since MK9 and I implore NRS to stop letting former and current players influence their patching decisions and stop kneejerk making balance changes based on what the loudest mouths in the community have to say.
  6. God Confirm

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    actually this is clickbait, the title implies he has an answer to the question. It's literally just "I don't know at all"
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    Loose & wild Maximilian over here pissing everyone off lol
  8. HeavyNorse

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    It's not implying anything other than what it says. That you interpret it as such is on you.
  9. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    thats the best defense of clickbait in general i've ever heard.
  10. HeavyNorse

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    It's easy to not take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions, and then just blame it on some "youtuber", huh...
  11. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    Yeah it's just a total coincidence that you need a video to hit 10 minutes before you can monetize, and the fact that this video runs for exactly 10:01. And the fact that he spends the entire time dragging out a topic and question that he chose, but has no answer to. These facts have absolutely no correlation.

    I'm not blaming anyone for anything. It was my choice to watch it. It doesn't mean it's not clickbait. Max is sexy and talks well and he makes it listenable.
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  12. HeavyNorse

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    The moment he mentioned Mortal Kombat in the title of the video would be demonetised, and Max knows this.
    The video is an excerpt from when he talked about MK in his stream. About things I didn't know and haven't seen people on here talk about, hence why I shared it with you guys. There's nothing sinister about it.

    And no, it's not clickbait. Again, what the title states is exactly what he is talking about in the video.
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  13. Juggs

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    I’m curious, did y’all really think Max would have some secret info that he’s ALLOWED to share before NRS does? C’mon bros. You can blame clickbait all you want but you’re really just gullible if that’s what you thought.
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  14. Espio

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    I didn't watch the video because I knew there was NOTHING worth watching it for and the same goes for the video SUPER posted recently.

    Don't be mad, just stop being party to these videos. They made videos a bit ago discussing the next possible time they could drop something so these videos were the greatest exercise in being repetitive, but why would they stop when people keep feeding into the game.
  15. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    For those of you who don't know, Maximilian held a small sponsored stream that was like 30mins long and at the end he was going to switch over and host some Final Fantasy 14 announcement stream or something. While waiting for his sponsor to come on he spent a little time just talking about recent MK11. He took some of that footage from to stream and edited down to a video (which is becoming kinda standard for Max at this point because he's basically just a streamer now).

    At the beginning of the video it clearly says that this is just his "take" on recent rumors -- so he's just talking about the same stuff literally everyone else has had the chance to talk about. The title is honestly not click-bait in my opinion, "Where is it? When is it?" isn't implying he has answers to anything so I don't see how any of you seriously got disappointed thinking he had some kinda insider info, but okay.

    Him cutting down the footage to 10 minutes when it probably could have been done in about 6 or something is him obviously just trying to keep the video monetized, which I think is kinda crappy considering it should just be a quick speculation video and he had already made money from said stream I mentioned, but it's honestly not that big of a deal.

    If you are honestly upset -- like to point of being mad, as some claim above -- or feel that Max was going to give off some super secret insider info because you seriously thought the title was implying something (which I feel is reaching), then it's your fault because you are obviously over-sensitive.

    I feel like this is yet another example of how TYM can at least low-key make a problem out of anything. We've had nothing to talk about lately and we've even talked about the same rumors and stuff recently and non of us added anything new. Max makes a new video using some stream footage and it turns into "He didn't add anything new!" or "He is click-baiting!" and "Leave Max alone guys!" like Jesus Christ, can the guy not have the same discussions? Sure making the video 10 minutes is kinda crappy -- like I said -- but it's still not a big deal.
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    I just want my bae Jade my nibba rain and my favorite native nightwoooofffff and the blackest of all nibbas noob
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  18. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    what? its literally what happened with DBFZ. Plus he's got inside sources all the time. Regardless, saying someone is gullible for falling for it is ADMITTING it's clickbait and that's the only point being made here. Not sure where this concept of "blame" or getting "mad" is coming from lol. It's all good I enjoyed the video I said that, but this is factually what clickbait is and the only reason I'm talking about in the first place was cause some of y'all were stating that it isn't, for some confused reason
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  19. Juggs

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    Not denying the clickbait, I’m saying regardless of the clickbait, if you seriously thought he had some secret info NRS hasn’t released yet, AND that HE was allowed to release that info, you’re gullible.
  20. dribirut

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    I like maximillian but this video is pretty useless.. yea we did not expect for him to have some secret inside info but he could have some new insight or clever observation that we might have not noticed
  21. Braindead

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    Didn't watch the video because I know there's nothing, I expect he's just talking about rumors and asking when/where is it.

    That said, the title isn't click-baity to me. When the title specifically says RUMORS then you know what you're getting.
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  22. Badboy Takuma

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    nein danke ich schaue mir dieses video nicht an.
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  23. There's nothing wrong about this guy, he just want to make money. These videos actually build up the hype for MK11 incoming trailers so I'm okay.
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  24. Darth-Nero

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    Honestly ,after what happened post E3, All the decent youtubers should stfu about mk11 untill the reveal trailer drops. There is nothing worse than getting constantly jebaited by the CEO about the release date of your favorite title, adding to the false hype just makes you a shitter, no exception.

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