Mortal Kombat 11 Roster Predictions!

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by Mitsuownes, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Mitsuownes

    Mitsuownes Grandmaster of the Shirai-Ryu

    Hey all,

    with the Injustice 2 legendary edition being announced, it's time to slowly but surely start the hype engins. I put together a list of characters that could make it into the game.

    Please enjoy!

    DLC and Pre-Order Predictions!


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  2. chrisisnice

    chrisisnice BURN FOOL!!!
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    Some of those are terrible. Plus, this assumes no new characters.


    Nightwolf - not popular enough / not important enough
    Sareena - not important
    Kabal - Has no storyline
    Reptile - Has no storyline and he is not that critical
    Kung Jin - No one liked him
    Sonya (only Sonya or Johnny will be in the next one)
    Erron Black - not important / lack of storyline
    Onaga (not yet) - Boon confirmed that this would be an original story line, not the retelling of 3D MK's. I think they will wait until MK12

    No - but DLC

    Kung Lao - He did very little in MKX. May be DLC
    Ermac (Maybe DLC) - I think his story ending may be cannon
    Smoke (Definite DLC)
    Sindel - will play a stronger part in the story and will be DLC like Tanya

    Li Mei (in story mode and often requested)
    Mileena (DLC Pack 1 only)

    Triborg (very well received)
  3. Flamelurkr

    Flamelurkr Noob

    Bro if kung lao is not a legendary character, I won't buy. Also Havik has to be returning to mk sometime right!? He is unique too that's why I don't see why no one ever mentions him. One of my fav
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  4. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    NRS keep dodging the demons out of their roster since MK4, it was just pure luck to get Sareena in MKA, wish we could get the whole trio.

    Never the less, aside from the female demons, i only wish Skarlet returns because i actually miss her, MKX it was hard to not really relate to any character and bond with it fully.
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  5. kcd117

    kcd117 Noob

    I think we'll have Evil Raiden, Evil Liu and Evil Kit as the new big bad guys. Kung Lao, Bo and Fujin as the new "good" mentors (playble), retired Johnny, Jax and Sonya as non playable story characters, also helping the new gen, Cassie, Takeda and Jacqui. I also think we'll have Shang Tsung coming to the good side, with Kotal, Rain and Erron. We'll have a new Black Dragon with Kano's son, Tremor and Jarek. Noob Saibot, Drahmin (I can see him having Moloch as an "assist"), Hotaru (In control of Seido) Reptile (paving way for his "hosting of onaga" story) and Reiko will be back helping the bad trio. Havik and Darrius will "help" the good side by being against Hotaru, Darrius by starting a resistance movement in Seido and Havik just bc he wants chaos. Scorpion and Sub will be there minding their on business until the heroes ask for help, Frost will be there with sub this time. Jade, Ashrah and Skarlet will also turn against the evil guys.
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  6. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    You know I always thought Skarlet was kind of an underrated character. Seems like nobody really cares for her even if she did have a pretty sick design and unique gameplay in MK9. I think Sareena might have a good chance for the next game too though Kia and Jataaka will never be as relevant as she is.

    BTW could a mod merge this thread with the other one? No need for two MK11 roster threads which really have the same goals.
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  7. I hate the initial variation system, but then triborg imo is the best thing the game ever did by far

    So what I suggest is instead of making each char have 3 versions, where one is always significantly better and its impossible to balance in entirety- make similar characters in the roster be variations.

    So, sub zero, noob saibot, reptile
    smoke, scorpion, ermac
    smoke, cyrax, sektor
    kitana, mileena, jade
    stryker, johnny, erron black
    sonya, cassie, jacqie

  8. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Ask me about my Jade agenda

  9. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind

    Considering that every MK game takes some time after the events of the previous installment, I'm assuming the following characters will be in the roster:

    Takeda (and most likely his father, Kenshi, as I'm not sure if he can fight with his age), Cassie, Kung Jin and Jacqui.
    Sub Zero (Frost might return back, but I'm not sure about this), Tremor, Reptile, Scorpion and Liu Kang (Dunno, but I feel that Kung Lao might not make it due of his age).
    Tanya, Triborg, and Bo 'Rai Cho (I believe that he might get older, but his drunken style might stay there).

    And considering that we'll get to see Evil Raiden, we might see the return of Fujin (my favourite main since MK4).

    I believe that we might see the elementals, like Blaze, in there.

    And I believe that Quan Chi will be there, but for the last time, since storywise Sub Zero and Scorpion might have learned the truth behind the massacre. And I think that Shinnok and Shang Tsung might be there.

    And since Shao Khan might not return, Kotal Khan along with Mileena and Kitana will be there. I'm not sure about Jade, though. And I believe that Nightwolf might return.

    Due of age, Jax, Sonya and Johnny might not return.
  10. x TeeJay o

    x TeeJay o Canary Cry Gapless Pressure

    I’m down for 2 variations. 1 for zoning aspect the other for rushdown/footsie control/balanced type of fighter. Either that or just stick to 1. I’m ok with almost anyone but just hoping for these

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  11. Mitsuownes

    Mitsuownes Grandmaster of the Shirai-Ryu

    I think this heavily depends on variations. If variations return, Jade is essentially Mournful Kitana.
  12. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Ask me about my Jade agenda

    I didn't like variations. It was a good test of how many different skillsets they can make.
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  13. all of the kid characters ruined the story mode of x, the only good thing they could have done is die horrible deaths after being so obnoxious and cheesy

    cassie defeating shinnok was the worst story decision since MK Armageddon, she should be absent from the new roster and just have a cameo where she gets destroyed
  14. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Kitana Kahn

    All I know is Kitana is in the main roster and Pennywise is DLC
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  15. xiskza

    xiskza Underworld

    Just give me Skarlet, Nitara, Rain, Sindel and Tanya and I'm good to go.

    Would be cool to see Kia and Jataaka get their time to shine, but I doubt it.
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  16. Swindle

    Swindle Philanthropist & Asshole

    Although Cassie defeating Shinnok was crap, they at least built her up before hand. Kung Jin easily defeating Kotal, the fucking Emperor of Outworld, was ridiculous. Weren't we supposed to respect and fear Kotal's power? Terrible story decision.
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  17. Swindle

    Swindle Philanthropist & Asshole

    Kitana, forever and always, amen.
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  18. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid Who hired this guy, WTF?
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    every new game y'all do this cringey shit lol
  19. Nariman

    Nariman Noob

    I just want some 3D era characters:

    Li mei
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  20. MadPropz101

    MadPropz101 "I still got it...but not much of it"

    Spawn or bust.
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  21. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
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    I think Raiden, Sub-Zero, Scorpion are definities for obvious reasons...probably Reptile as well.

    Johnny Cage for obvious reasons.

    Liu Kang and Kitana for obvious reasons.

    I think Smoke has lots of story potential with Enenra form now.

    Kenshi, he's just a cool character who wouldn't want him back?

    Nightwolf, I think for the revenants he should be one of the few to return.

    Maybe Stryker, I wouldn't mind.

    Ermac should come back but perhaps not as a start out regular but DLC for sure, I'd like to see Kenshi help him with his encounter with Shang Tsung and free him like original timeline and Ermac becoming good, not corrupted by Shao Kahn's soul etc. Plus, Ermac is just a badass.

    Noob is a must, his MK9 defeat at the hands of Nightwolf was too mysterious and vague, plus Bo Rai Cho hinted that he's still alive some where...he has to return perhaps as DLC even.

    Triborg, I like his potential and it's an easy way out to return Sektor, Cyrax, Cyber Smoke and Cyber Sub fighting styles, moves etc. But perhaps this time instead of having MKX options, maybe he evolved and due to that he'll literally be a mixed bag of a character, nets, missiles, ice grenades and disappearing moves. I would love this.

    Chameleon, I think he should work either like Triborg variation/Injustice 2 gear where you get to pick a preset of some kind OR have him randomly flashing like MKT version with those moves as he's temporarily such ninja color OR just have him like MK Armageddon but improved of course on a 2D engine.

    Ashrah, Li Mei I think both of them should return. Li Mei for obvious reasons and Ashrah just hasn't been in an MK game in quite some time.

    Taven, I think he'd be a great addition and we already have confirmation from Takeda, Scorpion's stories that he's in this timeline with more or less the same purpose, plot.

    Mileena, not that I'm a "huge" fan of her but I think her character has an impact on MK as one of the more popular female characters, with her clone arc they can easily bring her back or just resurrect her some how. You know, traditional MK and all.

    If they bring back Cassie and Jacqui I hope they ditch Sonya and Jax. Just please, NOT all 4...

    If they bring back Kung Jin, ditch Kung Lao.

    Fujin is a MUST. We've been asking for him since MK 9 and for whatever reason NRS has been stubborn not including him as a playable character.

    Maybe Onaga at some point for future plots.

    Tremor, I think he has lots of potential to tell.

    Would like to see more Gods, Fire God, Water God, etc

    D'vorah should return, she's that perfect trectorous character that everyone loves to hate and she seemed to be among the newer characters well received in MKX.

    Takeda, arguably among the best newest character to the series. He should come back.

    Erron Black, I can go either way with him honestly. If he came back I'd be fine with it. He seemed popular among the newer characters.

    Shang Tsung, assuming Ermac's ending is canon(and of course explained better) I'm all for him coming back plus now that Quan is dead we need a sorcerer unless they create someone new, has been a while since we've had a newer sorcerer in MK.

    Werewolf character, this is literally the only kind of character or species that MK has not done yet. Needs to happen.

    I'd like to see Jade again, but I have a feeling she'll probably stay dead for a while unless the fanbase demand is insane for her return.

    That's all I have for now.

    NOTE: FOR DLC Guest characters-

    Michael Myers-Boon himself liked my suggestion in the past on twitter when I posted it back during MK X before that hit. Plus if you can put in Freddy, Jason and freaking Leatherface of all characters, Myers is a win-win for a legendary horror character.

    just to see him in a really big fighting game, appropriate for his style with freedom to utilize his abilities and ruthlessness. And to shut up the many Spawn fanboys lol.

    Said it before, will say it again if they can get the rights for this character he'd fit perfectly in MK.

    Come on now, MK these days isn't exactly booming with cyborgs like the older MK games and who wouldn't want to play as freaking Arnold/Terminator?

    Comes from a universe dark, grim af and is a brutal character himself. The REAL one that'll take a freaking meat cleaver to your head and burn your damn face off, not the poser pretending to be him now in the

    I doubt this will happen for a few reasons, one being a direct DC property and two already in Injustice 1 but he's been in pretty messed up stories having his head blown off by Batman, limbs chopped up, blown up etc so I could see him in an MK game as one of the few DC licensed characters they could pull with little issues on the gore end.

    Honorable Mentions and Considerations:

    Pinhead-Would just fit in with how he kills people and theme.

    Chucky-May sound like "WTF" but hear me out, Chucky aka Charles Lee Ray has two forms technically, now in the canon he can take over virtually anything with limbs or that can walk. They can have him as a Triborg/Variation kind of character where there's a human form of him and the Doll version of him thus playing like two entirely different characters. The biggest issue would be the hitbox but that can be tweaked. Plus they can create ways of making him balanced in doll Chucky form, more damage taken for one is an easy way to balance him or less damage caused. I don't think I have to list why he'd fit in theme wise if you know who Chucky is and how he kills people.

    The Creeper- Anyone who's watched Jeepers Creepers knows why he could fit into an MK game.
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  22. Flamelurkr

    Flamelurkr Noob

    I'll uninstall if someone hits me with that bus scene brutality from creeper yo
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  23. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
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    lol that would be insanely cool haha.
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  24. Flamelurkr

    Flamelurkr Noob

    What if he had an ability that took a body part away and handicapped the opponent like enchantress. For example eating arms, can't punch for 3 secs or something, taking eyes could reverse inputs, eating their tongue would silence and disable specials. Could be a cool character
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  25. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Kitana Kahn

    Holy shit Creeper would be legit lol. I’d actually prefer him over Pennywise

    Pennywise is for sure in tho. He’s dope too
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