mortal kombat 11 roster predictions characters

  1. UGL Preon

    7 Years of Salt (A Netherrealm Studios Time Capsule)

    Hey guys, sometimes when you get bored and see your hard drive filled with many old streams/videos/sets etc. You come to realize that a lot of this never went public. So what do we do with that found knowledge? Assemble a lot of funny rage quits, salt, and anger into one massive video. This was...
  2. Mitsuownes

    Mortal Kombat 11 Roster Predictions!

    Hey all, with the Injustice 2 legendary edition being announced, it's time to slowly but surely start the hype engins. I put together a list of characters that could make it into the game. Please enjoy! DLC and Pre-Order Predictions! Agree/disagree? Peace!