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By KingKhrystopher on Feb 5, 2019 at 5:15 PM
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    The first ever Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Kast took place today, and boy did it have some goodies for us. Tyler Lansdown was joined by Ed Boon, Derek Kirtzic, and Steve Brownback on the couch for a new look for the Kombat Kast room.

    Don't be afraid of change!

    Ed takes the opportunity to tell everyone that not everything is final, and that everything is set to change if they wish. He mentions that people must chill out, essential, and that they are listening to what they are saying. Steve also says that the threads on frame data are unnecessary, as they are simply not indicative of what the frame data will be like when the game launches.


    Kabal is officially announced by Ed Boon, and he is said to be returning, in the same vein as Baraka in the sense of returning characters.

    Here is his trailer here:

    Here you can see some of his new moves, new look, Krushing Blows, and Fatal Blow.
    Kabal keeps his hookswords, and in this game, he focuses a lot more on his hookswords in battle, turning him into a more of a mid range character. Many of his specials have been said to return, but some will not.

    Krushing Blows
    Steve takes this opportunity to explain that Krushing Blows all have individual uses and individual triggers for each one. You will be able to switch between having the option of having Krushing Blows be automatic or having the option to hold down the button you are using to confirm it so that you can choose your use of the Krushing Blow. You can only use each Krushing Blow once per match, so if you do it, you will not be able to do it again.

    Geras is shown off a lot more, as he did not get much explanation during the reveal event outside of a trailer. He is stated to be a mixture between a grappler and space control, using a ton of sand themed special moves including a 4-second time reversal.

    The stream concludes with a fight between Steve and Ken, with Steve playing Kabal and Ken playing Sub-Zero. Steve is able to win 1 game, but Ken won the second game when Kabal's Fatal Blow did not finish off Sub-Zero.

    1. Will Shaggy be in Mortal Kombat 11?
    No. The mystery van will not be running over Scorpion any time soon.

    2. Will there be Towers with character endings?
    Yes. You will also be able to see what has happened to some characters that are not returning.

    3. Does wakeup roll have frames that can be hit out of it?
    Yes, but ONLY with throws. Otherwise they are invincible.

    4. How do we acquire gear?
    Just playing the game. It is also coming through game modes that are not revealed yet.

    5. Will Mortal Kombat 11 be region locked?
    No, it will not be.

    Mortal Kombat Mobile:
    Mortal Kombat Mobile will have three new characters being revealed. Scorpion has already been revealed, and they released a short video showcasing his Fatal Blow move from the game. You are able to follow them on Facebook here and Twitter here.

    Videos will be added when they are available.
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by KingKhrystopher, Feb 5, 2019.

    1. dribirut
      Looks cool but what a fucking waste to have certain moves locked away under non competitive customization options.. literally what a waste
    2. Rearawt
      Which moves?
    3. ChatterBox
      16 bit also said they have recovery so they are only invincible on startup. Those juicy reads will still get a reward. I hope juicebox plays this game, he's a real lab monster and does great educational streams.

      Ken and Steve both looking so fit since I last saw either of them! That pink hair is rad as fuck too! Glad to see both looking good on stream. That naptown clutch moment had me falling out laughing.
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    4. trufenix
      none of the moves are locked. Literally nothing has changed from MKX competitively.
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    5. JBeezYBabY
      I loved how they made Kabal mix up moves punishable so he wont be as dominant as he was in MK9. But he still looks like a very strong character with crazy reaching normals.

      I wonder if his dash attacks beats out projectiles tho.
    6. Obly
      Damn. I got hyped watching the Kabal trailer, thinking maybe this was a fighter worth learning. Then I saw the unmasked skin and was shocked to see Kabal being played by former NY Yankees hot-corner man Alex Rodriguez. Arrggh! As a die-hard Sox fan, my hatred for A-Rod is obligatory and runs deep. Oh well, at least now I know who my training dummy is going to be.
    7. The Bearded Dan
      The Bearded Dan
      did anyone notice what tyler said when he was talking about why he likes sonya
      "she has some good two player animtations" before saying something different :

      it seems weird to desribe throws as two player animations?
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    8. DixieFlatline78
      Besides Kabal I think the best thing I saw was an implementation of Sub Zeros krushing blow. He kept confirming into EX Slide to pick up damage and knockdowns and build up to the KB. Then he finally cashed it out to get 40% off an air to air. Usually the scaling would mean comboing into it nets like 30/35 overall.

      I just liked that decision making a lot.
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    9. Pterodactyl
      Keep in mind they have specifically stated that there will more than likely be at least three main variation that they’re going to use for balance.

      It also seems that they want to fit every move in, so there wouldn’t be anything you won’t be able to see.

      If you look at the character movesets we’ve seen so far they pretty much all follow a theme(flag day Baraka uses all of his selectable flag attacks and nothing else for example), leading me to believe they did design the variations first but are allowing us to mix and match the moves between them.
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    10. 16 Bit
      16 Bit

      It's dev lingo. Two player animations mean stuff like throws, the elaborate scripted animations involving both characters together.
    11. The Bearded Dan
      The Bearded Dan
      makes sense. cheers. was hoping for some secret tag mode
    12. EarlyReflections
      I'm under the impression that Kabal's NDC is locked. Correct me if I'm wrong
    13. Matador Fiend
      Matador Fiend
      Im not happy about Kabal being in the game. Imo he ruined MK9 by 7-3 or worse alot of the cast due to his dash cancel and flash parry. Mk11 has no run so now i have to worry he will do the same type of shit
    14. trufenix
      The biggest misconception so far about custom varations is that moves will be missing or unlocked like i2. They have said about a hundred times (well, 4, but still) that ALL the moves will be represented in the "default" variations they build for competition. Just like MKX.

      What they haven't decided are how many defaults there will be and what moves will go where.

      So yes, there will be an NDC variation in competition.
    15. pure.Wasted
      Could you please provide a link? I have apparently misconcepted.
    16. Doctor Future
      Doctor Future
      Kabal looks dope to me. I never played him before (MK3/MK9), but his reveal trailer has me hype and thinking I may add him to my team this time around.

      Well done guys!
    17. Xelz
      I hate to criticize, and I usually love the Kombat Kasts, but this one felt like a dud. No big news was revealed: they had pretty much already confirmed Kabal, and Geras already had a deep dive video from K&M. So basically Kabal’s moveset and no region lock were my biggest MK news highlights. That and 16bit v2.0, plus Matt finally got on camera.

      Don’t get me wrong, I plan to play Kabal as an alt if not a main, and the Kast gave some good info to sink my teeth into. But as the first Kombat Kast of MK11, you’d think the goal would be to keep the hype train rolling from the reveal events. I didn’t see much new info that would be “hype”, so this felt like a marketing misstep more than anything. And the Xbox stream got the real unexpected news: D’vorah’s reveal.
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      I really want to know about tournament standards and if half of these moves we are seeing are not even useable.
      ANGELMAN likes this.
      The cancels will likely not be in tournament play. Still wondering how it’s going to work.
    20. Xelz
      And if I interpreted the Kast correctly, it sounded like they recognize how strong the NDC is and therefore the trade off costs will be high to select NDC in a moveset.
    21. trufenix

    22. trufenix
      Well, its already got a HUGE nerf because its tied to the defense bar. The cancel costs 1 bar and it cost a bar of the other one for armor.
    23. trufenix
      DoDaMuSiC likes this.
    24. pure.Wasted
      Erm, I don't see any confirmation here that every single special ability will be accounted for in a competitive-friendly variation. That's the part I haven't seen confirmed and was looking for direct confirmation of.
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    25. Rearawt

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