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By KingKhrystopher on Feb 5, 2019 at 5:15 PM
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    The first ever Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Kast took place today, and boy did it have some goodies for us. Tyler Lansdown was joined by Ed Boon, Derek Kirtzic, and Steve Brownback on the couch for a new look for the Kombat Kast room.

    Don't be afraid of change!

    Ed takes the opportunity to tell everyone that not everything is final, and that everything is set to change if they wish. He mentions that people must chill out, essential, and that they are listening to what they are saying. Steve also says that the threads on frame data are unnecessary, as they are simply not indicative of what the frame data will be like when the game launches.


    Kabal is officially announced by Ed Boon, and he is said to be returning, in the same vein as Baraka in the sense of returning characters.

    Here is his trailer here:

    Here you can see some of his new moves, new look, Krushing Blows, and Fatal Blow.
    Kabal keeps his hookswords, and in this game, he focuses a lot more on his hookswords in battle, turning him into a more of a mid range character. Many of his specials have been said to return, but some will not.

    Krushing Blows
    Steve takes this opportunity to explain that Krushing Blows all have individual uses and individual triggers for each one. You will be able to switch between having the option of having Krushing Blows be automatic or having the option to hold down the button you are using to confirm it so that you can choose your use of the Krushing Blow. You can only use each Krushing Blow once per match, so if you do it, you will not be able to do it again.

    Geras is shown off a lot more, as he did not get much explanation during the reveal event outside of a trailer. He is stated to be a mixture between a grappler and space control, using a ton of sand themed special moves including a 4-second time reversal.

    The stream concludes with a fight between Steve and Ken, with Steve playing Kabal and Ken playing Sub-Zero. Steve is able to win 1 game, but Ken won the second game when Kabal's Fatal Blow did not finish off Sub-Zero.

    1. Will Shaggy be in Mortal Kombat 11?
    No. The mystery van will not be running over Scorpion any time soon.

    2. Will there be Towers with character endings?
    Yes. You will also be able to see what has happened to some characters that are not returning.

    3. Does wakeup roll have frames that can be hit out of it?
    Yes, but ONLY with throws. Otherwise they are invincible.

    4. How do we acquire gear?
    Just playing the game. It is also coming through game modes that are not revealed yet.

    5. Will Mortal Kombat 11 be region locked?
    No, it will not be.

    Mortal Kombat Mobile:
    Mortal Kombat Mobile will have three new characters being revealed. Scorpion has already been revealed, and they released a short video showcasing his Fatal Blow move from the game. You are able to follow them on Facebook here and Twitter here.

    Videos will be added when they are available.
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by KingKhrystopher, Feb 5, 2019.

    1. KingKhrystopher
      Lol I only posted it because that's what Ed seemed to be getting at with his little speech.
    2. villainous monk
      villainous monk
      Finally gonna sit down and watch the two streams now. I feel that I still need a lot of information on today's kasts since I was stuck in traffic from work.
    3. trufenix
      He's had like 25 years of erasing people's favorite characters and being called a fag for it. I don't think he was going for subtlety
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    4. Pterodactyl
      I disagree, he had some pretty good mix-ups but none of them actually led to big combos or huge damage and his real mix up tool is a gear move so it’s not in every variation.

      Also notice that both of them pushed the enemy far away so he can’t keep up 50/50 pressure, and in a game with no safe run to clear the entire screen he has to either go to zoning or try to get in with a risky dash.
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    5. Euph0nic
      "huehhhah hah" man of select words
      thats that shao
    6. GLoRToR
      He does not look ... "Weird".

      He's expressing what he's feeling inside.

      You don't necessarily have to respect people's self-expression but it helps.

      I consider Steve a friend and I'm glad he's finding himself.
      Sorry if answered, but..... will kustom variations be playable in ranked matches?
    8. MKF30
      So interesting reveal(though we knew) one thing I don't get is they took away his gas blast, yet kept the option to keep his MK 9 dash cancel...:confused: but, at least he still has zoning tools with the saws so I can't complain that much. All in all he looks fun, think I'll use him more in this game. MK 9 he was fun but OP and typically picked as one of the tier whore characters so I dropped him in the first month. He looks more balanced here though.
    9. JesterSMX
      Props to 16 bit. That transformation isn’t easy.

      Game looks good. Still a lot we won’t know until the beta and they’re not giving away optimal combos, setups etc. That d2 counter was hype in the exhibition. Looking forward to that being in the meta. I’m hoping it has the same properties if you read a short hop.

      Kabal’s fatal is the best so far.

      I think they will alternate obvious character vs surprise character for the casts from here on out. My guess is Cassie next week.
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    10. JDM
      I find it INCREDIBLY stupid they aren't showing real variations and instead are showing only kustom ones. What the fuck?
    11. GLoRToR
      Like Ed said, they are still balancing the game. I'd be more worried if they had variations ready this early.
    12. GLoRToR
      I cannot argue any of your points.
      I can't say I'm reassured yet but time will tell.
    13. pure.Wasted
      Erm... no, you design first, then you balance. First you figure out which moves you want the character to have, then you figure out a way to make them work without breaking the game. Not the other way around. Other way around is how you end up with shitty unfun characters who have bizarre movesets that don't feel iconic or memorable. Reaching a balanced game state faster is not worth that.

      I think it's incredibly odd that they're focusing on custom variations. It kind of suggests that they want people to take the game modes with custom variations seriously, instead of blowing them off as a strictly casual option.
    14. JDM
      So they just threw moves out there and hope they stick? If they didn't create moves with balance in mind these are worthless as competitive players because some of these moves might never be able to be picked in real tournaments.

      MKX had set variations with gameplans, that's not too hard to do. Instead they've seemingly gone the route of making moves and hoping they fit somewhere. I don't like it.
    15. GLoRToR
      I don't know how many successful games YOU have designed so far, my man, but I'm going to trust NRS to know what they are doing after 30 years in the industry.

      You have the right not to like it but I'm going to just wait and see.
    16. pure.Wasted
      I trust NRS just fine, what I don't trust is your interpretation of what they're doing and why they're doing it that way.

      I already provided an interpretation that I think is far more plausible. They don't want people to dismiss custom variations the way we did in Inj2. Maybe they want the primary ranked mode on ladder to have custom variations.
    17. GLoRToR
      So you're arguing me for arguing's sake. :D
      Ed said they are still balancing the game. It's not my interpretation, it's what he said.
      And this is as much time as I've had for this horse shit.

      Wait and see lmfao
    18. pure.Wasted
      Yes, Ed said they are balancing the game.

      He did not say "we're not sure which moves are going to end up in which variations, and which moves are not going to end up in any variation."

      You made that up.

      I agree that "horse shit" is a very good way to describe you pretending that Ed said anything remotely like what you said.
      Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
    19. MKR
      5. Will Mortal Kombat 11 be region locked?
      No, it will not be.

      I am looking for this answer
    20. projectzero00
      Kabal looks pretty dope. Really cool that we get a skin without scars too. Also love that they focused on his hookwords this time.
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    21. STB Sgt Reed
      STB Sgt Reed
      Hopefully the next one is jade but I'm kinda doubting she's gonna be in the game at this point.
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    22. HeavyNorse
      Don't say that! D:
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    23. JBeezYBabY
      @Evil Canadian Big oops
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    24. kcd117
      We don't even know if we'll have a regular variation system or a custom one for competitive play yet.

      It's kinda pointless to worry about how they will balance a game at this point since we don't even know how they want their game to be played at the highest level.

      Kombat Kast's purpose is to show some characters, build some hype and answer some questions. I'm pretty sure they'll have an answer for that soon but for now, the only set-in-stone piece of info we can get from KK is that x character or y character is in the game.
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    25. trufenix
      oh my god, there are going to be so many character intros. Does anybody have a clip of that part for the very beginning?

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