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By KingKhrystopher on Feb 5, 2019 at 5:15 PM
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    The first ever Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Kast took place today, and boy did it have some goodies for us. Tyler Lansdown was joined by Ed Boon, Derek Kirtzic, and Steve Brownback on the couch for a new look for the Kombat Kast room.

    Don't be afraid of change!

    Ed takes the opportunity to tell everyone that not everything is final, and that everything is set to change if they wish. He mentions that people must chill out, essential, and that they are listening to what they are saying. Steve also says that the threads on frame data are unnecessary, as they are simply not indicative of what the frame data will be like when the game launches.


    Kabal is officially announced by Ed Boon, and he is said to be returning, in the same vein as Baraka in the sense of returning characters.

    Here is his trailer here:

    Here you can see some of his new moves, new look, Krushing Blows, and Fatal Blow.
    Kabal keeps his hookswords, and in this game, he focuses a lot more on his hookswords in battle, turning him into a more of a mid range character. Many of his specials have been said to return, but some will not.

    Krushing Blows
    Steve takes this opportunity to explain that Krushing Blows all have individual uses and individual triggers for each one. You will be able to switch between having the option of having Krushing Blows be automatic or having the option to hold down the button you are using to confirm it so that you can choose your use of the Krushing Blow. You can only use each Krushing Blow once per match, so if you do it, you will not be able to do it again.

    Geras is shown off a lot more, as he did not get much explanation during the reveal event outside of a trailer. He is stated to be a mixture between a grappler and space control, using a ton of sand themed special moves including a 4-second time reversal.

    The stream concludes with a fight between Steve and Ken, with Steve playing Kabal and Ken playing Sub-Zero. Steve is able to win 1 game, but Ken won the second game when Kabal's Fatal Blow did not finish off Sub-Zero.

    1. Will Shaggy be in Mortal Kombat 11?
    No. The mystery van will not be running over Scorpion any time soon.

    2. Will there be Towers with character endings?
    Yes. You will also be able to see what has happened to some characters that are not returning.

    3. Does wakeup roll have frames that can be hit out of it?
    Yes, but ONLY with throws. Otherwise they are invincible.

    4. How do we acquire gear?
    Just playing the game. It is also coming through game modes that are not revealed yet.

    5. Will Mortal Kombat 11 be region locked?
    No, it will not be.

    Mortal Kombat Mobile:
    Mortal Kombat Mobile will have three new characters being revealed. Scorpion has already been revealed, and they released a short video showcasing his Fatal Blow move from the game. You are able to follow them on Facebook here and Twitter here.

    Videos will be added when they are available.
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by KingKhrystopher, Feb 5, 2019.

    1. JBeezYBabY
      It was a cute lil Kombat Kast for its 1st one but a bit underwhelming. If they plan on having more than anticipated, then i guess it would make up for the lack of content they show.

      I give this one a 6/10
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    2. MrWarMachine
      i'm not surprised that this one was sparse, especially considering we're 2 1/2 months out. I bet we would have seen the Kano screenshot last week had it not been for the weather. Also for a Kombat Kast that used Kabal for promotion, they've been really sparing about how much they're showing him.

      Over/under on whether it's Kitana or Jade we see next week?
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    3. ImperatrixSindel
      I think they're going to frontload 'oh wow they're back!' first, so my bet is Jade. In my dreams it's Sindel haha
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      16 bit before and 16 bit after. Wow.
    5. GLoRToR
      Seeing Steve's change in looks was more interesting than the reveal tbh.

      Kabal is mkx allover again, not digging it.
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    6. spidey300
      give it like 3/10 only good part being kabal
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    7. Skylight1
      It's Cassie. I can promise you it's Cassie since she's the only female besides Sonya that has been shown in the Beyond the Scenes Story Mode Trailer.


      Since we now know D'vorah got revealed in this XBOX livestream, I suspend my comment about it being Cassie and make it for D'vorah. Either way, it's a wasted slot so whatever.
      Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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    8. Skylight1
      Yeah, he looks.... weird to say the least.
    9. Gamer68
      They also announced that another Kombat Kast will happen next Thursday at the same time as this one, so it should be February 14th at 3pm CST on

      My thoughts on what was on Kombat Kast:
      • Expected Kabal only and that was pretty much it, which is fine. Would have been a good time to show Kano, but again I wasn't expected that.
      • I think Kabal looks great. Removing his Gas Blast (or whatever it's called) in the place for updated Buzzsaws makes sense. Love how he uses his Hookswords more. I think his default design might be my favorite new design in MK11 so far. The fact that you can use non-burnt Kabal is a bonus and means he has some good skin variety (heh).
      • Kinda sucks how his reveal trailer audio was desynced. First reveal since the event and it was kinda messed up... Hopefully they will fix the technical issues they were having.
      • Geras breakdown seems unnecessary when we've already gotten a trailer for him, plus gameplay at the Reveal Event, plus breakdowns from Ketchup and Mustard. Just kinda felt like filler? He's the newest character and seems kinda cool so it wasn't a big deal to me.
      • Wish they would show the actual Competitive Variations instead of Kustom ones (which by the way, they were forgetting what was in their own Variations which would cause confusion). It's nice seeing what you can make, but they have already stated that Kustom Variations aren't competitive and won't really interest competitive players so I would prefer to just see the Competitive ones so I know what to actually expect when I'm playing.
      • 16bit vs. Ken matches should stay.
      Overall I think it was pretty good but it didn't really feel like a heavy hitter. There's still some information I'm waiting on, and while Kabal returning is great (thank you for not being DLC), the technical issues were a shame. I'm not going to give it a rating, just that it was pretty good but needs a little work. To be expected for the first stream.

      Bonus: I'm actually glad D'Vorah was revealed on the Xbox livestream. I thought she deserved to be back, hopefully Kotal Kahn will be too.
    10. HeavyNorse
      Next week's Kombat Kast won't be D'vorah:

    11. Pizza
      My bets:

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    12. ANGELMAN
      *starts praying in backwards Oni speak for Ashrah*

      It's probably gonna be Jade, but dammit I can dream.
    13. kabelfritz
      gas blast is gone. completely. no iagbs. but he has buzz saw projectiles instead. fitting to say iabs now.
      also ground buzz saw is gone. completely. but he can throw his new buzz saw on the ground instead.
      and nomad dash cancel is gone. completely. except you pick it from the move list. then its there, totally, as ever.
    14. Eldagrin
      Kabal looks good but can we talk about how sick the stages in his trailer look?
    15. villainous monk
      villainous monk
      I didn't get to see the stream unfortunately due to traffic but the trailer is MAADDDDD DOPE! Wow he looks amazing! I wonder about his custom costumes and gear.

      Man... I can't wait to try him out. NRS did an excellent, amazing, mind blowing job on what I've seen. He throws his hook swords now!? Wow.

      Yeah man. He looks DOPE!
    16. Jhonnykiller45
      What's your point?
    17. MixMeUpDaddy
      Was hoping they'd talk about modes, specifically any chances of tag teams return since ed dodged the question. Even so, hopefully they add it in a future update .
    18. RothVI
      Kabal will almost definitely have his "MK9" variation in competitive play.
    19. HeavyNorse
      Kabal always had a weird choice of special moves. But now they're focusing it more, and I like that.
    20. kabelfritz
      just that they presented it like that on stream. no balance criticism right now.
    21. Jhonnykiller45
      They never said ground buzzsaw or NDC were gone though
    22. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      The thing the FGC is absolutely the most afraid of is change dude
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    23. Metin
      They didn't introduce any new stages, that is a shame, i really wonder that tarkatan stage.. it looks like an orc camp..
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    24. kabelfritz
      yes 16 bit said exactly that before announcing theyre there in slightly different form.

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