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MK11 Sonya Blade General Discussion

Have you guys noticed anything significant with Sonya yet? She can jail a little bit easier with s1 and b1 off of her pokes but that's about it:

d1 +13 on hit from +12
d3 +14 on hit from +10
d4 +20 on hit from +14

Tried to see if you could combo off pokes into ring cancel in the corner but doesn't look like you can. She still has 950 health, the same FB gaps, same gameplay really across the board. Didn't see any changes to moves in No Holds Barred or Ten Hut. Soaring General is still one of the worst custom moves in the game. Not really looking good for Sonya so far but let's see. In my opinion she's just going to go further down the tier list.