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MK11 SHANG TSUNG Discussion

Stupid Soul Eater things: people breaking out of combo Lift now take basically the same damage from uppercut as they'd take without breaking, but breaking away from the Superkick into uppercut drops damage by a lot. It's because amped Lift has a higher base dmg, while Kick has the better scaling, but breakaway resets scaling to the same value.
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On b1d2 KB: as an online Soul Eater, I found my most reliable follow-up was standing still and double-tapping d2 into double-tapping d4 (into lift etc). Double-tapping is not elegant, but it and d4's 5 active frames seem to work reliably.

I could land microdash d2 into standing follow-ups, but the risk of missing the input window increased by too much, when that means you're stuck in the recovery of a whiffed Lift...
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2 jacketless shirt colors for Shang in the shop today. They're the darker shade ones.

So now all jacket colors have been released, but we're still missing 2 shirt color options after these - slightly lighter yellow vest + blue pants, purple vest + yellow pants.

So really, we're not missing anything.
Since the new update, I've been having an issue with Shang's forward throw brutality. No matter how much I press 1 and 2 it never comes out anymore, for me anyways. I have tried many combinations too to see if something has changed. The moves list still says "press 1 and 2 repeatedly during the final hit." I'm still having no luck with it. Is anyone else having this issue?
I’ve noticed that I rarely use B2 with Shang whenever I play him. I know some people like to use it in Soul Eater because of B211 / B2Slide. I feel like maybe it’s a button/combo that isn’t used as much? I think it would be pretty cool if they made B211 special cancellable.