1. R

    How to Get Edenian Kamidogu

    Trying to retrieve the Edenian Kamidogu so i can trade for Jades Written In Blood skin. Can anyone help on how to get this please. Ps trying to get the Tecknobeam as well so any info on this as well would be great. Thanks
  2. NickandAutumn

    New Krypt Event March 12th

    Containing Skarlets Gunshing Garrote Brutality and Sub-Zero Pnglai island arsenal belt
  3. NickandAutumn

    New Krypt Event today March 1st

    Containing Skarlet and Raiden Gear
  4. NickandAutumn

    New krypt event rewarding brutality

    The krypt event today is rewarding Frost's unscrewed brutality and Cetrion's Calafia Goddess crown. We already had the Frost brutality so thats why it wasn't a reward for us.
  5. Surielx

    200 Skeleton keys for a tower key??

    Guys, I have just been to Kollector's shop in the Krypt. He wants to exchange 200 skeleton keys for one, (purple) towers of time key. Has anyone seen this before? What kind of a grind is that?
  6. NickandAutumn

    5th KRYPT Event Noob Saibot Klassic Mask

    A lot of you might know about this already but these are very short events and we just want to share it around so people don't miss out on anything they have been waiting for. Will end 8am MST 9/12/19
  7. NickandAutumn


    Get your Liu Kang skin before its gone! ONLY ON PS4 & XBOX
  8. L

    Is anybody working on a list of all brutalities?

    Since brutalities are mostly hidden and randomized in the Krypt (and Towers of Time), it's presumably going to be harder than in MKX to compile a full list of brutalities, and it's going to be hard for one person to do. Is there any kind of collaborative work under way to get all the brutalities...
  9. SaSSolino

    MK11 SHANG TSUNG Discussion

    Shang Tsung is finally out! Let's start posting some tech, combos, matches and all that good stuff for him, so I can steal it. Your tech is mine! ...sorry Discuss as much as you want, within reason.
  10. MK2D

    Krypt theories

    So...we've heard this will be the "best Krypt ever", but what does that mean? I personally hope they go back to a more open navigational design like MK9's, but bigger and more varied. MKX's linear design was kinda frustrating since it took forever to get to specific points, even with...