MK10: Long Term Support For Better or Worse

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by FCP/EMP SCAR, Feb 10, 2014.

By FCP/EMP SCAR on Feb 10, 2014 at 3:46 AM
  1. I'm just curious and wanted to make a poll seeing how many of you, from the old, recent, and foreseeable future Mortal Kombat community plan on supporting the next generation MK title for years to come, for better or worse, just to keep the game relevant and running in majors and multiple tournaments, and not letting it die off like MK9?

    Or how many of you will drop MK if you're not feeling the next installment of the series?

    I, for one, plan on supporting the game no matter what, because I'm a die hard fan of the series and it's the game that got me started on a competitive about you?
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Will u support MK10 to the fullest once released?

  1. Yes! For many years to come!

    110 vote(s)
  2. If I'm not feeling it, I'll drop it like a bad habit!

    22 vote(s)


Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by FCP/EMP SCAR, Feb 10, 2014.

    1. zaf
      people like to hate
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    2. Posthuman
      I think MK10 should add some kind of parry system like shadow counters on KI3, Pushblock, fastest strings and faster pokes, Run button is not necessary.
    3. ZAQ
      And even if you aren't completely in love with MK10, you can still play it when you go to tournaments to play the tournament worthy modded MK9 that you'll be happy that you worked hard on at that point.
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    4. Posthuman
    5. ZAQ
      When MK10 comes out you'll be happy to have worked SO HARD on modding MK9 so that you have two tournament-viable games by then, right?
      Isn't that in everyone's best interests? Isn't that where the current generation of MK tournament players should be investing their energy?

      Rather than spending your time worrying about the future, like cavemen, you could use science to ensure the survival of your scene.

      Well it makes a lot of sense to me...
    6. Minh Giang
      Minh Giang
      just like mkda, mkd, mka, mkdc have interactables, but people on tym still say mk10 shouldn't have that system cuz they can't deal with injustice's interactables. :DOGE
      but i have to admit that the interactbles in older mk games are shitty tho.
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    7. Compbros
      If it's fun I'll play it, if it's not then I won't. I don't really need "quality" in my fighting games, I need to have a good time while trying to get better.
    8. Jeremy KO
      Jeremy KO
      D2 uppercuts should have armor breaking properties in MK10!
    9. juicepouch
      I'll probably play it but I hope it's balanced better than MK9 was. I'm going to be PISSED if every character I like is garbage tier again. Especially Baraka :( is it too much to ask for a good Baraka?
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    10. xSMoKEx
      Depends on how good the game is. If it's enjoyable like MK9 hell yeah i'll keep playing; I still play MK9 once and awhile. If its not enjoyable like Injustice was for me, i'll drop it in 2 weeks just like I did with that game. Plenty of other ways to spend my time and money ...
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    11. STORMS
      E3 2014. I can hope right?
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    12. TomlulsBrady
      I basically want majority of mk9 system to be intact in terms of its movement, and match pace, if anything I fear that NRS will try to get mk10 to play to different from mk9.
    13. 187x
      Will u support MK10 to the fullest once released? YES

      The real question is
      Will NRS support MK10 to the fullest after released? probably not
    14. RunwayMafia
    15. RoGE
      "It will Konsume you!"
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    16. EGGXI
      It has potential.
      If the speculation of a 2015 release to coincide with the movie is legit, an announcement in 2014 could be a thing.
      We know they've done mocap for *something* recently.

      Knowing NRS it'll be a gigantic tease. Like a 5 sec trailers with 4 secs of musice and then MK flashes at the end.
    17. Konqrr
      And it grabs us every time and never lets go... remember MKD hype leading up to release? Holy shit lol
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    18. EGGXI

      Also their post-reveal marketing for Injustice was strong as fuck.
      *sets to homepage for the duration of 2014*
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    19. haketh
      ST and Melee say hi
    20. Rude
      The exception does not disprove the rule.

    21. gamemk

      I've never played 3d MK in my life.

      I quit a few times. I quit after MK4, and never looked back. Discovered mame by accident in 2004. Man, google searches of indexof/, among others was awesome back then. I almost wept. Anyway, I quit after MK4. found cmk and was stunned that those guys existed. Bought MK9, traded it for $1 profit. Bought MK9 again, traded it for a profit. Bought MK9 a third time and threw it in the garbage. Didn't buy Injustice, and won't buy MK10. Thinking about not buying Ultra. I'm really getting the same feeling I got around 97/98. I don't say this to knock MK9 or MK10, or the fans. I've finally come to respect the community surrounding the new era of MK, and their passion for 2d fighters. I like seeing them get hype and their appreciation for NRS because I was once you (Midway), so I know how important it is. I just don't like the direction fighting games are going. They're either too fast and broken or they're slow and getting slower(*cough* delayed wakeup). Anyway, I hope, for the sake of the fans of fighting games, that devs really put forth a serious effort to make great, engaging products.
    22. xWildx
      If it's as fun as MK9 while having the constant evolution and more balanced roster of Injustice, I'll support it for a long time, no doubt. I grew up with the MK characters, and can't wait to see them realized on a next-gen console.

      ....Mileena and Kitana better fucking be back O_O
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    23. haketh
      The exceptions prove the rule is bullshit and can be broken. Only reason it's a rule is because of people who think that's how it needs to be.
    24. Rude
      Again, you're arguing an exception. I'm stating the rule.
    25. haketh
      The rule is bullshit and doesn't exist

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