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Meterless Cyclone Combo Guide


D'Vorah for KP2 copium
I wanted to make this its own thread so people can easily reference it instead of having to dig through the general discussion.

Fujin is capable of comboing off Cyclone meterlessly. The trick to doing so requires wasting the first second or so of the Cyclone animation to hit the opponent towards the end, thus resulting

1: X / Square
2: Y / Triangle
3: A / Cross
4: B / Circle
DW: Divine Wind (V1) into Cyclone (Special cancel the string into Divine Wind then immediately Cyclone while in the air)
"<": Forward Cyclone (Initial direction forwards immediately upon Cycloning)[/QUOTE]
"v": In-place Cyclone (No initial direction immediately upon Cycloning)
"<": Backward Cyclone (Initial direction backwards immediately upon Cycloning)

When you input Cyclone, you have the ability to immediately move Fujin forward or backward if desired as well as continue those directions or swap between them. You're also able to simply Cyclone directly in place. In the event of multiple directional carrots in a row in the strings below, that means you need to perform Cyclone in the first direction (or in place) for a slight moment before moving forward during it.

v >
B11 (half character distance): v >
B11 (character distance): >
23: >
F3: v > (must wait a moment after F3 hits)
42: v >
F43 KB: v >

Midscreen (V1)
In addition to the above midscreen Cyclone options, V1 is also able to do the following:
B11 (point blank): DW >

< > (must be far enough that the 1 misses)
B11: v > (must be far enough that the B1 misses)
B112: < >
23: v > (must be far enough that the 2 misses)
231: v > (must be far enough that the 23 miss)
F3: v > (must do immediately upon hit)
43: v > (must be far enough that the 4 misses)

Corner (V1)
In addition to the above corner Cyclone options, V1 is also able to do the following:
12: DW v
B11 (half character distance): DW v
B11 (character distance): DW v
23: DW v
231: DW v
F3: DW v (anytime after hitting with F3)
42: DW v
F43 KB: DW v

Overall, your best options outside of V1 are B11 at that sweet spot distance in midscreen and B112 in the corner as B1 is a mid. F3 in midscreen is also really good because it causes a ton of hitstun and you have a huge window to special cancel it for an easy hitconfirm. 12 is your go-to punisher as needed because 11 does not work.