Memorable Injustice 2 Tournaments of 2017

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    2017 was a great year for Injustice 2, releasing in May of 2017. Upon release, tons of tournaments have paved the way for our perceptions and for different players to rise and fall in the gateway to grand finals. Since 2017 is now a relic of the past, we can look back at some of the most iconic and memorable tournament grand finals of the year.

    Toryuken VI
    Grand Finals: [W] cR | Honeybee (Flash/Deadshot) vs. [L] cR | Biohazard (Bane/Harley Quinn)

    This tournament is among the first Injustice 2 Tournaments in history, abd it gave birth to an amazing grand finals, not only because it was just overall entertaining, but because of the sibling rivalry we got a chance to see. Honeybee is on the Winner's side and Biohazard is on losers. Bio starts out with Bane vs. Flash, but after losing the first game he switches to Harley Quinn, and through 3 grueling matches he is able to reset the bracket, making the game 3/1 in his favor. Honeybee makes a switch to Deadshot, but decides to switch back to Flash later on. In a very close set, he is able to emerge victorious with a 3/2 set in his favor.

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    Winner: cR | Honeybee

    Combo Breaker 2017
    Grand Finals: [W] Fox | SonicFox (Black Adam) vs. [L] NASR | Tekken Master (Atrocitus)

    For Grand Finals we had a runback of EVO 2016 Grand Finals: Fox vs. Tekken.
    Fox makes quick work of Tekken's Atrocitus in the first game, showing us the true beast he is. The second game is much less dominant, and makes for a much more exciting experience. Sonic takes it as well though.
    Knowing he is one game from elimination, Tekken goes to the character select screen, wanting to pull out Gorilla Grodd, but sticking with Atrocitus, which serves him well after a while, winning him his first game of the set. Sonic goes for Tekken and is out for blood. Tekken answers back to even it up but in the end, Sonic finishes the game with a sound 3-1 set.

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    Winner: Fox | SonicFox

    EVO 2017
    Grand Finals: [W] Noble | Dragon (Aquaman) vs. [L] cR | Honeybee (Flash)

    Now we can't only talk about the Grand Finals of this game; this entire Top 8 was worth watching. So many games led up to the Grand Finals, including many a 3-0, including Semiij vs. SonicFox, which caused Sonic to be eliminated prematurely, making this the first Evo that SonicFox hasn't won since 2013.
    Theo then moves on to eliminate Semiij, Honeybee goea on and eliminate Theo, and Dragon and his trusty Aquaman win it all.

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    Winner: Noble | Dragon

    Viennality 2017
    Grand Finals: [W] Echo Fox | Sonic Fox (Red Hood/Captain Cold) vs. [L] RNG | Whiteboi (Scarecrow)

    One of the most memorable thing about this Grand Finals was that it was a runback of Winners Finals. One special things that debuted this tournament was Sonic's very dominant Captain Cold. His interesting mix of different trait uses, zoning, and walls did nothing more than add to the oppressive keep out game of Sonic's Cold. Even given this, Whiteboi managed to keep the game, forcing a final 5th game to decide it. Despite his best effort, Sonic still managed to win the game.

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    Winner: Echo Fox | SonicFox

    Grand Finals: [L] PXP | A f0xy Grampa (Deadshot) vs [W] TA | Dragon (Black Adam)

    This whole tournament was a sight to behold, regardless of it only being between 4 people. Dragon went on a killing spree, dominating every person who he fought against. F0xy goes on a similar spree scaring all he faced (and infuriating chat) with his Deadshot. He took down both Tekken Master and ForeverKing to advance to Grand Finals, the latter being the second half of Loser's Finals. But Dragon had beaten F0xy before, and he'd beat him again to complete a somewhat one sided set at 3-1, and Dragon counts his coins, winning $150k.

    War Of The Gods Season 1 Finale
    Grand Finals: [L] Noble | Dragon (Black Adam) vs. [W] Hara | Rewind (Catwoman/Atrocitus)

    This entire Tournament was amazing. It was a great showing and the fact that it consisted of such character variety and players we don't see much of, it was a great showing for Injustice 2. Rewind shows up and dominates his way to Winners' Finals, and defeats Buffalo to solidify his spot in Grand Finals. Dragon comes out of Losers' Finals, having to defeat Buffalo with his Aquaman to advance, slightly taking it with a 3-2 win.
    Grand Finals is its own can of worms. In losers', Dragon is forced to reset the bracket to try and win the tournament. And reset it he does. With the reset, Rewind switches to Atrocitus, but is inevitably brought down by Dragon with a resounding 3-0.

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    Winner: Noble | Dragon

    With such a great year of tournaments, and KIT already behind us, it's obvious that there is much in store for Injustice 2 for 2k18. Name your own personal favorite moments from Injustice 2's pro scene, and some tournaments or events that might not have been covered.
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Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by KingKhrystopher, Jan 12, 2018.

    1. honeybooboo
      Combo breaker was fucking hype for sure. Right off the back with the foxy and guy i cant remember match.
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    2. STORMS
    3. CrimsonShadow
      There had been so many hype matches and tournaments that it's really hard to keep track. Feel like I've been spoiled with the amount of good gameplay we've had already.

      I say 'already' because there's been so much, that you forget Injustice 2 has only been out for just over half a year. That's right.. This game came out in May 2017. That's insane.

      This is by far the most hype game we've had, and watching younger tournament players mature into a consistent high level of play is really a joy. Looking to see so much more from guys like Grr, Semij, etc. Seems like the future holds good things.
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