Injustice 2 RESULTS: ComboBreaker 2017!

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    Combo Breaker 2017 marks the first real Major for Injustice 2, and the first tournament in the Injustice 2 ProSeries 2017, presented by Sony Playstation 4. With well over 300 entrants, the competition was insane considering the game came out not even two weeks ago. The Injustice 2 portion was streamed by NetherRealm's twitch, which I believe is a first for them streaming a tournament. For their first time, I think they did a pretty good job. There were a lot of breaks and the break times were also occasionally lengthy, but that isn't something exclusive to NetherRealm. Also keep in mind, this was a Pro Series event for Injustice 2. It can only get better from here!

    Anyway, onto the action! Top 48 Saturday night to make it to top 16 was refreshingly hype. While there wasn't much character diversity, that is to be expected in a game that is less than two weeks old. Also considering there's legacy characters that also happen to be very strong, almost everyone could have predicted we would be seeing a lot of legacy characters later on in the tournament.

    In the top 48, we saw a lot of upsets and predictable outcomes:

    Then top 16 started! To refresh you memory, this was the top 16 in winners and losers:

    Then the top 16 started! I tried to write up little notes on each match, but it was hard to do while watching. And this is the first time I've covered the finals for any tournament or game. Anyway, below in the spoiler tag is notes on each matchup in the top 16 WINNERS portion of Combo Breaker 2017!

    To recap for Top 16 winners:

    - Sonic Fox beats Forever King [ 3-2 ]

    - Tekken Master beats Noobe [ 3-2 ]

    - Dragon beats DJT [ 3-1 ]

    - Slayer beats Compbros [ 3-0 ]

    Recap for Top 16 in Losers:

    -Scar beats Whiteboi 3-2
    -KDZ beats Starcharger 3-2
    -Biohazard beats iLuusions 3-1
    -Hayatei beats Gross 3-0

    -Biohazard beats DJT 3-0
    -Hayatei beats Compbros 3-2
    -Forever King beats Scar 3-0
    -KDZ beats Noobe 3-0

    And then the top 8 was set! The top 8 Matchups were as follows:

    Top 8 Winners:

    Echo Fox SonicFox vs NASR Tekken Master

    Noble Dragon vs Yomi Slayer

    Top 8 Losers:

    cR Biohazard vs PG Hayatei

    Circa Forever King vs EMP.KN KDZ

    Now on to the top 8 matches!

    Now we are on to Winners Finals!

    Now we go to Losers Semi-Finals!

    Losers Finals!


    7th -
    7th - PG Hayatei
    5th - Noble Dragon
    5th - cR Biohazard
    4th - Circa Forever King
    3rd - Yomi Slayer
    2nd - NASR Tekken Master
    1st - Echo Fox Sonic Fox

    Played and missing characters in the top 48/16, courtesy of @Gamer68

    You can find the Combo Breaker 2017 Injustice 2 brackets here:

    The CB2017 Injustice 2 Pro Series Tournament was brought to you AND streamed by NetherRealm Studios and Sony Playstation 4. You can follow NetherRealm's twitch here:

    Follow NetherRealmStudios (NRS) on twitter here:
    Follow Injustice 2 on twitter here:

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Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by Juggs, May 28, 2017.

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