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Martian Manhunter My honest thoughts

You guys agree?

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Chode Juggler
Exactly....I see the dude play and he is 2-3 steps ahead of ME WATCHING him play.

You know you're watching a stream/archive of tournament play and its easy for you to criticize it, because you are outside of it looking in and not in the moment like a player....you can watch it and as you're watching it say "oh you shoulda done this/you shoulda done that" "why did he do that/ect". I will watch Jupiter play MMH and ill be like "well...wtf... why the fuck is he......ohhh.....ohhh shitttttt" as he is literally playing 2 steps ahead. I mean the same goes for other top players of their respective characters, I feel like Pig is the same way for Zod, Honeybee has caught my eye for Flash although iv never played him, Max for bane, the list goes on... but I guess with MMH and his screen/interactable control it's on another level (soyahesbroke =) )
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Chode Juggler
I recently found that a community exists where I live, sorry that all you have is XBL. I agree with this as well man, I am working hard, and I want to just be good enough to fight against the players I love watching....
Glad you found a community to play with. now that I moved hopefully I will be able to play with other humans and will be able to break the skill ceiling I felt I reached with xbl (see you soon BLTB =) ). The thing is, to be as good as those players you love watching, you need to play people as good as those people you love watching, which is very hard to find, especially locally. My 2 cents at least