Make Wonder Woman Great Again! Just like her new movie!

Discussion in 'Wonder Woman' started by Lex Luthor II, Jun 5, 2017.


What would you like to see most

  1. Choose which buff you get in trait

    67 vote(s)
  2. New usefull advancing string

    43 vote(s)
  3. Air Dash

    34 vote(s)
  4. Easier b3 connection on her combos

    32 vote(s)
  5. Make parry send projectiles back, like Katanas twirl

    39 vote(s)
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  1. Ryu Hayabusa

    Ryu Hayabusa Filthy Casual

    Go to WoWo matchup thread, I have stated my opinion on her winning and losing matchups.
  2. Ryu Hayabusa

    Ryu Hayabusa Filthy Casual

    So we went from why WoWo isn't top 10 like some people pretend on this forum to why does it matter wether she is in top 16 or not? Lol.

    Tournament placing is the best way to judge wether a character is top 10 or not because competitors go with the character they consider best that ll allow them to win some cash.
  3. Still not top 10, or....?

    Wait..... is this how we judge if a character is viable too? I thought the way to judge that is if they can zone or had a move to get in close.
  4. TheGabStandard

    TheGabStandard The anticipation is killing me
    Premium Supporter

    Do you still stand by that? That she loses to 3/4 of the cast?
  5. Gooberking

    Gooberking 99.9% free

    No. We went from don't people want her to be viable, OMG she didn't make top 16 the first tournament after a patch so she isn't top ten why can't she be top ten when she should be top ten?


    She has no claim of right to be top tier and btw tiers are aren't real anyway so what's the big deal?

    I think that is a better nutshelling of my involvement.
  6. Marlow

    Marlow Noob

    Oh there is. Lordy, there is.
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  7. JDE

    JDE "Stop trying to kill me will ya!?" - Harley Quinn

    This thread is pretty bad considering the amount of downplay that Wonder Woman gets, but the Supergirl community threads have been way worse because you had a whole group of players claiming that she was bad against another hand full of players who thought she was decent but needed 1 to 2 changes to make her better then against players who either hated her in general (lore) or players who hated fighting her because they had no idea how to fight her (& still don't). So they would claim that she was good. I was one of the few who said that she was decent but needed 1 or 2 changes that would make her better without her being stupid. People would come trolling our threads too & our discussions would go to shit. Plus, we've had people come from out of nowhere getting into fights in the threads completely derailing topics. Joker's, Captain Cold's, Cheetah's, they've been bad too.

    So while this thread may be considered bad due to downplay or complaints about her, the other threads have been much worse. This one imo is actually fairly constructive. I will say that from what I've seen, most of the discussions have been how to fix legitimately Wonder Woman's problems through changes, & it hasn't gotten completely toxic. The problem is that some of the stuff that was posted, they're basically wanting a completely new "Injustice 2" game you might as well say, wanting a completely character overhaul. Some are wanting an Injustice 1 Wonder Woman (understandably so), but it's Injustice 2. The trait was put into her gameplay. So even though I posted about it before talking about why I dislike it, I know I have to find a way to use it. Nothing that you can do except make it work. Just like her general buttons. I said that I wished she had normals that moved her forward to play footsies & whiff punish with.

    Also (@TheGabStandard & @Gooberking you guys can answer too others as well), how often do you guys use b23 in neutral? I've been trying to use it a lot, but I'd like to get y'all's opinions because when I watch people play her, only a select few believe in doing it.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  8. LEGI0N47

    LEGI0N47 I like to play bad characters

    Dude I don't think a lot of these people are downplaying. Most of them are legit mad at the char design. The reasons are many. From the disparity from her Inj1 model, to lore, play style, normals, to her just not fitting them as a player. It's cyclic too. Dies down for a bit, then comes back. Now we're on major results lul. But yeah at least we don't have all the bums the SG boards do claiming she literally is the god among us followed by people calling her a shitter.

    To answer your question I still do not use B23. I have the muscle memory of never using it and trying to hit confirm B2 instead. But every time I see it talked about I tell myself I'm going to use it a bit to try it out. You say you've been trying to use it a lot. Has anyone called you on it and armor B3'd you? Just curious.
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  9. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Wonder woman is balanced.

    Not being in top 8 or 16 doesn't mean she is trash o low tier it just means she doesn't have good representation because the best players choose other characters.

    Most people believe that characters picked up by top tournaments placers are absolutely based on tier whoring.

    There is one variable that people never consider in tournament placings. "Player preferences or tastes". Some times a character doesn't get picked up not because he sucks but because people don't like or don't have fun using them so they use other characters.

    Clear example: Captain Cold. Considered by many low tier due to no proper tournament representation and due to this no good footage of him around to analyse. Then comes Sonicfox and destroys everybody with him.

    Another example: Honeybees Flash. Everybody thought he was low tier, had no tournament representation and yet here comes a good player and proves everybody that he is yet viable, takes 2nd at EVO.
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  10. JDE

    JDE "Stop trying to kill me will ya!?" - Harley Quinn

    I said it was understandable, but at the same time, I was saying she's not as bad as people make her out to be. I personally thought she was even more fun in the 1st one, too. Granted I was still relatively new to the community.

    And several people yes. It forces me to switch up to shield tossing or shield bashing forward
  11. TheGabStandard

    TheGabStandard The anticipation is killing me
    Premium Supporter

    I use it fairly often, maybe once every two games as a test just to see if my opponent knows about it. If it gets blown up then I stop using it
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  12. Ryu Hayabusa

    Ryu Hayabusa Filthy Casual

    Characters who got nerfed might not be as effective as they were before.

    The buffs she got didn't change her matchups.

    she might do better against some characters because they got nerfed which indirectly made her strong but her problems are still the same.
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  13. Ryu Hayabusa

    Ryu Hayabusa Filthy Casual

    Seriously is this why you are here trying to counter signal me?

    Sorry I refuse to pretend that WoWo is some kind of viable character who doesn't have infinite holes in her game that ll make any sane person suffer from trypophobia.

    On top of all problems his character has The overall design of game doesn't favor her play style.
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  14. Lex Luthor II

    Lex Luthor II Lord of Lightning

    Hi, OP here, #MakeWonderWomanGreatAgain and I can say after this patch she is still very meh.

    For me to stick with her, for her to be worth using, she still requires a non random trait, air dash to be part of her base set, and one at least SLIGHTLY forward moving attack/combo.

    This would make me happy and i don't think in the game now it would make her OP or ridiculous. But actually worth it.
  15. shyndoa

    shyndoa Noob

    Bracelet buff + parry have some crazy damage. Like 70-80%. It will be cheap af if you can choose her buff trait. Same for her damage reduce buff.

    Air dash won't change too. Her air dash is pretty weak comparered to supes family. But why not. Just for the mobility. But wowo has already great mobilities.

    Advancing string... THIS ! This is how you know how some wowo's players don't understand her gameplay in inj2. She's scary af when you see you can't approach her and when you're in the corner against her.

    Just make her Shield Toss fullscreen and a better recovery haha
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  16. TheGabStandard

    TheGabStandard The anticipation is killing me
    Premium Supporter

    Will just have to agree to disagree.

    I don't see trait ever becoming non-random mainly because of how the gear abilities were designed. Air dash, I won't say no but again since it is built into trait I don't see it ever becoming part of the base moveset. But from what I see from your list is it seems that you are attempting to make WoWo a more offensive character when her moveset shows that she is not built that way. Regardless of design, buffs and nerfs should result on assisting the character design and gameplan, not changing it into something different.

    I think the advancing string point is less lack of understanding of how she plays but more not wanting to accept it. I will admit it is a major adjustment going from a offensive powerhouse in Inj1 to the same character becoming a defensive, space controlling one. Simply put, the character doesn't fit a lot of people's playstyles and they would prefer to change the character to suit them (with their own reasons) rather than adapting or moving on.
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  17. colby4898

    colby4898 Special Forces Sonya Up-player

    The only thing I would change is to make b113 launch so shes has a good meterless punisher.
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  18. TheGabStandard

    TheGabStandard The anticipation is killing me
    Premium Supporter

    i assume you mean B112?
  19. colby4898

    colby4898 Special Forces Sonya Up-player

  20. Kiko

    Kiko Face it, you're done.

    I agree with what's been said in this thread as well... WW (as seen today) just doesn't have too much depth as a character. Everyone loves saying she's got this cool neutral that people need to learn but... so do many of the other characters. She doesn't really have too much going for her outside of trait (80% damage, damage reduction, and projectile priority) but the rest of her kit is lackluster.

    I don't think she's terrible, but I don't think she's as great as many make her seem. She's just your average, run of the mill, good at nothing, character.
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  21. KHTC Takgillo

    KHTC Takgillo Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    she still whoops every brawler though
  22. Yoaks

    Yoaks A spaceman

    Good at nothing? She hits harder then most characters with just a bar.

    Top tier anti airs and air to airs.

    Great normals and specials that control space.

    I can't think of any other character that has both an amazing forward and back walkspeed in this game like WW. Harley has a better backwalk and CW has a better forward walkspeed but neither have both like WW. Lantern might be the only one that has as good of a walkspeed as WW with both forward and back. I could be wrong though.

    Her midscreen neutral is sooo so good. Shes one of the best characters in the game at controlling 3/4's to 2/4's of the screen.
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  23. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    I keep reading about WW controlling space and it makes me think I am WW-ing all wrong in Ranked. I find myself full screen inching forward and taking projectile fire (I feel like if Red Hood or Starfire are picked I might as well switch over to Netflix). Is it possible to SharePlay and watch your matches?
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  24. Kiko

    Kiko Face it, you're done.

    Honestly feels like this is just fluff and opinions. The walkspeed is something tangible we can talk about but the rest a lot of what you said can literally be said about specific other people of the cast. I can make examples for you but I think the information is readily out there.
  25. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    Arrrgh! This got mangled! I am talking about versus heavy zoners lime Deadshot, Red Hood and the developing Starfire. At first she wasn't much of a problem but now after I work my way in I am finding she has weird low and mid teleporting attacks that let her reach me even though it looks like she can't. I end up eating a combo and getting pushed out to enjoy more zoning

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