Make Wonder Woman Great Again! Just like her new movie!

Discussion in 'Wonder Woman' started by Lex Luthor II, Jun 5, 2017.


What would you like to see most

  1. Choose which buff you get in trait

    72 vote(s)
  2. New usefull advancing string

    44 vote(s)
  3. Air Dash

    34 vote(s)
  4. Easier b3 connection on her combos

    35 vote(s)
  5. Make parry send projectiles back, like Katanas twirl

    40 vote(s)
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  1. Lex Luthor II

    Lex Luthor II Lord of Lightning

    So it's pretty clear in this game Wonder Woman, who is the best 1v1 fighter in the DC Universe, is severely lacking in about every area.

    I waited and tried my best to just "learn" this new character because She's Bae but honestly using Her is just frustrating and you hamstring yourself if you are trying to win by picking Her.

    They removed so many tools from Injustice 1 and replaced them with... nothing?

    No air dash, no meterless damage, no true hit confirmable strings outside of d12 with its terrible range, and NO combos with any kind of range to begin with. That link from f23 to b3 is tight but doable, but why is it WAY harder than most of the casts b3 combos? And Her random trait is just adorable.

    So how do we make Wonder Woman great again? And by that I mean competitive and not frustratingly underwhelming:

    • Air dash would be nice, or leaping abilities like Cheetahs, if we aren't going to have her fly.
    • Downward air slam you get at lvl 20 needs to be included at base
    • Make Her trait buffs selectable and not random.
    • Low starter should be safe if nothing else is fixed or changed, give Her at least ONE tool.
    • Parry reflect projectiles, in a zoning game where she can't do anything if nothing else this is done this would be big for her.
    • For me most importantly would be to give Her a forward advancing string that is hit confirmable. All She does with Her sword is swing at the air 2 feet in front of Her.... not that impressive for the best melee fighter in the universe. Honestly just give Her Robins starting strings, he fights more like WoWo than WoWo fights like WoWo.

    What are your thoughts, what do we need done to make WoWo great again, do you think they'll ever do WoWo justice in upcoming patches or is it realistically too late?
  2. StormGoddess

    StormGoddess Your mind tricks won't harm me!!!



    [​IMG]-New useful advancing string

    [​IMG]-parry send projectiles back

    [​IMG]-Easier b3 connection on her combos

    [​IMG]- Air Dash

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  3. TheGabStandard

    TheGabStandard The anticipation is killing me
    Premium Supporter

    To be honest whatever they give her (if they give her anything) is a bonus. It took me a while but I am content with the character as she is. She is just an example of what the terms "fair" and "balanced" looks like. I know I am in the minority but felt like chiming in with my thoughts
  4. karaokelove

    karaokelove Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I just want a full-on Gal Gadot premier skin. She could be shit tier and I would still give them all my money. I need that accent...
  5. BlooEyedBeast

    BlooEyedBeast Aqua Hood

    Make f23 way faster on startup so its actually a legit option
  6. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    The character called Wonder Woman in this game isn't Wonder Woman
  7. Ok but only if u buff her acting!
  8. Shaka

    Shaka Tier Whore.

    B3 is not that hard to connect imo, she needs more mid strings and better range
  9. Rathalos

    Rathalos Play Monster Hunter!
    Premium Supporter

    I am so disappointed with how she turned out I'm not even going to go see that movie.

    Character is dead to me forever.

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  10. Koor

    Koor Hot Gyahbage

    I picked everything but the parry. IMO it'd be a bit much. I dislike how powerful zoning is in the game but, out of all her potential buffs, a reflector parry is something i'd want but dont NEED. If anything i just wish her parry had faster startup so it worked like it did in the previous game. But other than that, hell yeah she needs those other buffs.

    Edit: I'd go as far as to accept her old Shield Stance parry. Atleast she had options off of that.
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  11. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    I want to play as WONDER WOMAN so this character kit doesn't work for me though it would make a damn good Big Barda. WW should have low mid and air lasso grab should be able to yank grounded opponents. NONE of combos in 2 or the first one celebrate her powers the way Supes, Bats, or even Black Adams and that should change. She is NOT basic. Bracelets should reflect enemy fire with a meter burn option to mimick Amalthea's Kiss (faster more potent returned fire). She is SWIFTER THAN MERCURY and there should be moved that showcase this.
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  12. shyndoa

    shyndoa Noob

    I think she's good and underrated.
    She's a balanced and fair character.
    The only thing she needs is her air dash in her basic moveset to deal against zoners and leave her random trait. If we can choose the buff, i will always go for the damage reduction.

    Having a forward advancing string would be cheap. (superman's f23)
    She's not a rushdown character but a mid distance character. Her spacing is really good.
    And a monster in corner.

    I don't know how do you play her but watch @Akromaniac27 'ww.
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  13. Lex Luthor II

    Lex Luthor II Lord of Lightning

    So WoWo should be basically the only player in the game with no advancing strings because.... of all the other tools she doesn't have?

    I'd get it if she was a zoner.
  14. shyndoa

    shyndoa Noob

    She doesn't need an advancing tools.
    She already have her shield toss that you can MB to be "safe" on block (depend on your character opponent), on hit you can shield toss again if he's too far, lasso for more damage or shield bash to carry corner.
    Shield bash mb is +2 on block. And have a good recovery on whiff.
    B2 is slow but have a good range.
    D2 have a good range too and you can cancel by lasso or shield bash mb.
    You can armor b3 too by reaction if they use advancing tools.
    You can parry and punish some strings on reaction
    You have ji3 to dive in. And you can use it too bait an anti air and use air db2.
    All her tools she has is to put your opponent in corner wher she's really good. In corner you can b2 which is safe and have good damage with the following combo. You have d3 safe on block (-4)
    D2 if they try to jump to escape.
    223 which is +12 on block and has fast recovery that you can block most of b3 armor. If they don't know how to poke in the gap it's infinite on block haha. If they know how to poke, you can 22xxF3 MB or just do 22 block the poke and continue the pressure.

    But yes her bad mu is against the zoners. You have to be patient and chase your oppenent. And actually her only bad match up is deadshot i think. Because his recovery on his projectile is too fast and you can't parry on reaction and have a better neutral than you
    The other zonners are 5-5.

    Ww is good. She doesn't need a real buff. top 5 needs a nerf.
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  15. Lex Luthor II

    Lex Luthor II Lord of Lightning

    None of that makes her any good. Almost all the cast has tools like that but even better. Her D2 is okay but average middle of the pack. 223 has a huge gap in it that everyone besides my grandma could poke out of full punish. Spending a bar of meter to get in and only be plus 2 I think?

    The seriously only things you have to work with that make her worth using are her ji3 and her d12. Most of the cast can just stay out of TRex arm length and out range her whenever they want, such a huge disadvantage and you cant full combo punish many special moves because of it, whereas Black Adam or Aquaman can 50% you.
  16. Ryu Hayabusa

    Ryu Hayabusa Filthy Casual

    IMO these are thing she needs.

    1. Her parry to reflect projectiles.
    2. Amazonian air slam shield move to part of base moveset.
    3. Air dash to be part of her base moveset and not tied with trait.

    That leaves us with 4 different trait option.

    Up + trait button = arms buff
    Down + trait button = lasso buff
    Forward + t button = bracelets buff
    Back + t button = shield buff.
  17. TheGabStandard

    TheGabStandard The anticipation is killing me
    Premium Supporter

    Out of curiosity which characters is MB Shield Toss safe against? Haven't tested it against the cast but it seems negative enough for anyone to punish.
  18. Plus the second hit is a high so where is the so called safety here?
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  19. Evil Canadian

    Evil Canadian G O K U

    her two biggest issues

    1) too fair, this is nrs games, fair only works if your fair is so overwhelming people still think you are cheap ala Superman/Aquaman. Everything is "alright" but just alright is never good enough in NRS games.
    2) She has zero anti zoning capability and gets eaten alive by all the zoners. Shield is punishable on block from max range by most projectiles, air shield actually loses you ground so its not very viable. Fighting a batman who batarangs from one corner to the next, building tons of bar, while you can only just slowly walk forward and duck(jump = get traited) is like, getting in on Kabal with johnny cage in mk9 levels of frustrating.
  20. shyndoa

    shyndoa Noob

    Most of them. Even deadshot's bf1 but only max range. And don't do it against firestrom and green lantern when they have bars. Your oppenent know that normal shield toss is unsafe. Making it mb change the timing to punish it so they will eat the mb shield toss, will miss the punish or doesn't punish at all.

    D12 is only close range. You have shield bash to punish mid close range.

    Oh and that's what i told you. Nerf the top. Aquaman and black adam. With their 50%. Ww has huge damage too.
  21. shyndoa

    shyndoa Noob

    It jail when you do it mid/max range. Its only duckable at close range
  22. Evil Canadian

    Evil Canadian G O K U

    Absolutely don't nerf the top, buff the lower tier people up.
  23. shyndoa

    shyndoa Noob

    Buff ww's players
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  24. TheGabStandard

    TheGabStandard The anticipation is killing me
    Premium Supporter

    Alright thanks for the response.
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  25. TheGabStandard

    TheGabStandard The anticipation is killing me
    Premium Supporter

    I don't think she gets destroyed by all zoners. But you need an ridiculous amount of patience (like obscene amounts) and to pick your spots as to when you can get in.

    She feels to me that while she lacks some in areas she doesn't feel imcomplete. She just doesn't have anything you can throw out for free or anything to carry a player.
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