Latest Mortal Kombat 11 'leak': tag mode, full roster, DLC and more

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Charybdis, Dec 17, 2018.

By Charybdis on Dec 17, 2018 at 4:02 AM
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    Another day, another purported leak for the eagerly anticipated upcoming Mortal Kombat 11. We've had a bellyful of these as of late, so much so that TYM's own beloved @ImperatrixSindel went above and beyond the call of duty in debunking/proofreading them (you can find this masterpiece here: Sindel was ahead of even the TYM News Staff on this one:

    But enough about Sindel doing my job for me (<3), let's get onto the fresh, new leak!

    I've just noticed he's almost dabbing. Don't even think about it Ed.

    According to the new leak....


    Now I'm no ImperatrixSindel but to me it actually seems, if anything, too good to be true. You can miss me with that tag shit but the X-Ray/Super overhaul, harakiris and brutalities sound good although the really impressive thing would be that roster, which might rank as the best roster in the history of MK (if I get Sektor in KP2).

    With that said, as always, treat it as fake until something confirms it.

    EDIT: Imperatrix Sindel is the hero we don't deserve and is far too pure for this world
    What do you guys think? More legit than the usual BS masquerading as facts going around at the moment? Whatever you think, the first place you'll find out the truth is right here, on the internet's foremost site for all things NRS and MK11, Test Your Might!
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Charybdis, Dec 17, 2018.

    1. Messej
    2. ImperatrixSindel
      This one reads totally bogus to me -- based on the email 'leak' from earlier this week, but with too many reaches in the details it fills in. I can go a bit more in-depth in the morning!
    3. HeavyNorse
      So many "leaks", so little actual legit info.
      January can't come fast enough.
    4. ImperatrixSindel
      Oh what the hell, I'll dig in now real quick before I go to bed:

      There are a lot of fan-demanded characters listed here, which feels like wishful thinking.​

      I find it a little difficult to believe that BRC would make the jump from DLC to base roster over Tanya, but maybe that's bias on my part.

      And Daegon? Really? I have trouble imagining Daegon factoring into this story, and any mention of him in other 'leaks' has been a point against them in my view -- I think NRS wants to bury the whole Armageddon mess as much as they can. Daegon was given to Kittelsen for the MKX comic, alongside a number of characters it seemed NRS had no plans for, and he was relegated to a quick cutscene death in Kenshi and Takeda's ladder endings in MKX.

      Moving on, I would be very surprised if Erron and D'Vorah did not return. They were very well-received in MKX.

      This person incorporates earlier 'leaks' -- the one I've called the Oracle Leak, most notably -- to describe the supposed new characters. That leak claimed a new First Minister for Kotal, a woman, was one of four new characters. It gave the dream realm goddess (here named Kronika, from the alleged email leak) and Kano's son as two others, but those are educated guesses everyone was making based on MKX. The fourth in that supposed leak was a new mystic character, replaced here by "Geras" -- a name from the alleged email leak earlier this week.​


      Based on how NRS tends to conduct business, I absolutely do not believe the idea that the second Kombat Pack (if there is one) isn't already planned. That's just bait for fans to do petitions and whatnot, when in the past it's clear that with development time and everything else, these rosters -- DLC included -- are settled early in the process.

      Ermac as a DLC character feels implausible to me. I think they would catch holy hell for moving a character who was base roster in the previous game into a DLC slot. If they are going to do that, I think it will be KP2 and will be Mileena (if she isn't base roster), which they'll frame as because fans demanded it!

      The listing for 'Nimbus' -- claimed in the replies to the post to be a black kickboxer character -- is presumably a reference to Nimbus Terrafaux, an old April Fool's Day character from EGM, and while that's a Mortal Kombat deep cut (like Skarlet or Tremor) I can't see it happening because it's not a character Midway/NRS came up with -- there's a copyright concern there. (If it does happen, though, that's hilarious.)​

      The Ronda Rousey rumor is based on the earlier email leak. Kevin Conroy is currently listed as voicing Scorpion in MK11 on IMDB -- but anyone can edit IMDB. The Katee Sackhoff pull is interesting, perhaps based on Tricia Helfer (also of BSG) voicing Sonya in MKX.

      Tag Mode has been heavily requested, so again that's red meat to please fans reading this. (I hope it does come back, though! It's my favorite.)

      Of course Brutalities from MKX are back -- everyone loved that.

      Everybody's been guessing Hara-Kiris will return, because it just makes sense building off rage Quitalities from last time.

      The note on X-Rays is just conjecture based on that email leak, which notes "Krushing Blows and Supers" as new features but doesn't list X-Rays.

      The new Time Towers are listed in that email as well, and obviously they'll function like MKX Living Towers and Injustice 2 Multiverse -- this doesn't take a rocket scientist.

      "Test Your Might and Test Your Luck returns." Duh.

      The level-up ideas for customization here are just basic extrapolation from Injustice 2.

      "Story Mode is 15 chapters long. MK11 brings over the multiple character branching battle choices from Injustice 2." -- Why wouldn't they incorporate the new advancements in their story mode? This is a no-brainer.

      It was already stated by NRS staff that Ed Boon was annoyed about all the complaints re: Rain, Sindel, and Baraka, and he wanted to avoid that in the future, so we knew there would be no fightable NPCs this time.

      "There are more than 15 arenas featured with about half of them returning klassics including the likes of Shang Tsung's Courtyard, The Pit, The Deadpool, The Lin Kuei Temple and Shao Kahn's Throne Room." -- Obviously a 'timelines' game will have klassic arenas, and Shang Tsung's Courtyard was shown in the Announce Trailer.​

      There is nothing going for this 'leak' besides the fact that it is incorporating stuff from the alleged email -- which is the only supposed leak that seems like it might have any real legs.
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    5. Frostbarrier
      Ermac not in original roster? ... f$%^# this shit :(
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    6. spidey300
      this has to be bullshit. cyrax but no sektor? ermac dlc? michael myers? pennywise? spawn not even base or first batch of dlc? if true there's gonna be quite a few disappointed people.
    7. RexxyC
      I don't even want Spawn, but if I'm supposed to buy that he's not going to be in one way or another, you've got me fucked up.
    8. michaelangelo
    9. Charybdis
      I really hope Rousey doesn't voice Sonya
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    10. DDustiNN
    11. Jynks

      Cyrax is never coming without the other borgs ... It would be a generi name lie Triborg was and the variation system to build the droid of choice. This really stands out.. and it is not even the worst...

      Daegon?? lol eat a dick... who ever posted this is just a karma whore and the repost is just rumour mongering. Have some pride.
    12. scrillantro
      Scorpion's hand looks like a foot in that pic.
    13. SaSSolino
      Probably fake, but I'd like to see it.
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    14. thesacrifist
      Nice roster, crossing fingers.
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    15. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      Fuck this, i'm waiting for Jan 17
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    16. legion666
      Ermac won't be in, Shang is going to eat him to return to material form.
    17. MadPropz101
      I'll choose to believe in this because Cyrax...
    18. Braindead
      Next week I'm going to make up some shit that sounds borderline plausible based on zero actual information just to troll you gullible people leak some inside information I've received. Keep an eye out!
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    19. Frostbarrier
      I choose not to reply... wait, is this considered a reply?
    20. Rice
      I call bullshit but if its real i can see why they changed Scorpions voice actor because Kevin freaking Conroy.
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    21. FoughtDragon01
      There's a disturbing lack of Mileena Sareena in this roster, which automatically makes me less inclined to believe it.

      EDIT: Also, I can already tell that my skimming ass is gonna be hella thrown off whenever somebody brings up MK 11 and MK 2011 in the same paragraph.
    22. DelSchokoladenSaft
      No D'Vorah seems very suspicious.
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    23. Tanno
      At least, we won't put up with his mid-air trolling.
    24. John Grizzly
      John Grizzly
      Why are people denying that Daegon is on the roster? This has been rumored for a very long time. I'm not a fan of the character whatsoever, but don't be surprised when he's on the roster.

      The whole Cyrax but no Sektor thing probably just means you can "build" your own Sektor by adding moves/gear/shaders and what not.

      I'd be more than happy with this roster. Happy to see Ermac there in any form, even if he's DLC.
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