1. KIllaByte

    Labbing for Lessons: Optimizing Anti-Air Combos With Eternal Geras, Using Grr VS Rio at KIT (MK11)

    While I was doing match analysis of Grr VS Rio for losers semis at KIT 2020, I saw that Grr hit an anti-air F3 cancelled into amplify sand clone explosion, but then he went for a combo that he didn't have enough meter for. That's a simple mistake. But the bigger problem that I inferred from...
  2. Vigilante24

    Anti Dr. Fate Zoning w/ Red Hood

    I saw in a thread someone said B3 had low profiling properties so I wanted to test this for myself. Not as good as Cheetah Pounce Stance or Catwoman's B3, but still viable. This works anywhere except completely fullscreen. So take a few steps forward and you can start avoiding his zoning.
  3. Jinxd4Ev3r

    Robin Oki Tech

    There's an advantageous way Robin has to OKI just about every wakeup in the game. It involves high gravity 212 situations. The easiest way to test it yourself is to do this is training. f3 3xxdb2mb 212xxdb1 The birdarang will hit almost every wakeup after invincibility frames and allow you to...