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    Hello everyone. This is a project Made for the MK communities, I represent the latest project "The learning Lab" .representation and clan Crazy 88! Exclusive . Originated and main source

    Just launched the first step of the project yesterday, Introducing Kenshi. It's a full tutorial Video that cover kenshi, basic understanding of how to play with him, Wake ups, Anti wake ups, Projectile, Attack attributes, Footsies...and many more

    The vid is 13 min Long. Watch and enjoy.

    NOTE: watch the end of the vid to learn how to Block Subzero's Clones!!

    Currently looking for members to work with in such a project.Interested in becoming a part of the project? Before or after Evo? Hit me up for a brief detail, and/or Visit

    Hope the vid is helpful. If you have any question please hit me up. I shall post detailed Transcript in here today. I shall also continue and post the full write up on kenshi on both TYM and MKU community sites.

    Thnx again for reading. Transcript will be up soon! any questions please go ahead.

    UPDATES: August 21st. Second installment of Kenshi Project learning Lab.
    Done By: Under_the_mayo
    The science of Kenshi: the ultimate Video Guide MK 9.

    Thanks many to Mayo for this sweet video. It pretty much takes you into Kenshi from Scratch, and moves up slowly to get you acquainted and familiar with Kenshi.
    It talks about the basic structure of kenshi, and how to play /approach such a character. Moves from basic to advance through out the video.

    the good part about this tutorial is that it's Narrated! so i will take your from your hand, step by step to climb up Kenshi Ladder.

    Enjoy this sweet video. The video Transcript will be up soon

    UPDATES:August 21st. Kenshi Guide, Full wirte up.

    In the next two post, you will see the full Write up for Kenshi. It's made in extra details, and will be kept on update from time to time.
    Anything and everything you want to learn know about kenshi, is there. It also complement both the PLL Kenshi Project Vids. So you can watch them both and read the write up to fully understand the character.
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    This write up/videos Making are copy right of, THE BEHOLDER production©. The purpose is to be spread to the MK communities , from the authority of the Writer/ owner. , Forum boards and representation of the community Based on the game "Mortal Kombat 9" . Project Learning Lab (PLL) ® is a copy right of the Owner, xxTeefxx (A.K.A: The Beholder, xxBeholderxx). Any reclaimation of the above mentioned Project and such Video Making Ownership, by another party or outsider from the project members, will be considered a fraud/ and or Felony. Justified act might be taken in response to such felony, and consquinces may be applied trough legal rights, or even court.
    Project learning Lab ®, is represented by , Clan Crazy 88. Exclusive for the Communities, and, Boards.

    This is the owner of the Project PLL. I thank you all for reading, supporting and the help you provided for this project.This is a kenshi guide. Wrote only by me, depending on my experience with kenshi in the game. I tried to make this guide Specifically toward kenshi in general, and covers everything about kenshi . This guide is also made on reference of the project learning Lab Video for Kenshi, so you can watch the video as well as read the write up to fully understand the character in general. Each of the guide and the video compliment each other, as well as continue each other.

    This guide will Be also Released with another Installment of PLL Kenshi Turotials. The video is fully made by our good friend, Under_the_mayo. The purpose is that the video and the write up will work together, to deliver as much knowledge to the reader, Listener or watcher all together. Each of these three parts (the 2 videos and the guide), will complete each other as a whole, while having a solid Background write up for extra in depth/ details on whatever the subject you are looking for is.

    I thank Mayo for being a devoted kenshi player, and motivated to help the community get better.Thank you for your work, and hope to work with you again soon.

    Thank you for Reading, hope you enjoy Both the two Kenshi videos, and the write up kenshi guide.


    Special Thanks to:
    -Clan Crazy 88
    -Under_the_mayo for his co-operation as a guest in this Project. and communities

    and you for reading, and /or watching.

    The Blind Swordsman, Kenshi Guide

    Kenshi doesn't need a cane, or a helping hand to cross him the other side of the street. He doesnt joke around! he's angry at shang tsung for sure, and he will keep it that way. At first glance at kenshi, I had a slight feeling that this Character is not a fit for the MK9 playing style. All i witnessed at the beginning was him getting ganked up close, and not being able to breath. After a while of practicing, looking deeper into the character, I realized that I saw him somewhere else Before in other fighting games! Yes, i know, not in another MK game... I am talking bout the idea of this character, and how he approach the battle field....this character concept has been in many other fighting games, Dhalsim Zone control and turtling? Zappa hit and run and dependence on random?Samurai Showdown Basara and Far away zone/spam?...a lot of examples to be honest. Shockingly! this concept made it in MK, and i see it as a perfect fit to be honest.

    Kenshi is not one of those character were you pick him up and you will know that you will cause a massacre. Not because he has a sword, then this will make him a Jedi superb! it doesn't, he's still blind like a bat. Kenshi actually requires a LOT of patience. a Lot of mind games. A lot of turtling and zoning , and a lot of spams (nothing wrong in that).... yes, his weakness is Close range, though that doesnt make him any weaker at all! he excels in every other aspect for sure.

    Enough of the chitchat, lets go serious game talk and see what can kenshi offer us, Mk players.


    Standard terms:
    U= Up
    D= Down
    F= Forward
    B= Back
    1= Left Punch / Front Punch/ Square
    2= Right Punch / Back Punch/ Triangle
    3= Left kick/ Front Kick/ Cross(X)
    4= Right Kick/ Back Kick/ Circle

    Cr= Crouch
    St= Standing
    Dash= F,F
    Back Dash= B,B
    Dash Cancel= F,F+ block
    Back Dash cancel= B,B+block


    ~ = Link/ Chain
    / = A break in the combo, to prepare you for another sequence follow up (/ usually used after luncher in middle of a juggle)
    R= Reset
    NJ= Nuetral Jump
    NJP/k= Neutral Jump Punch or Kick
    JP/k= Jump forward Punch or kick


    Stagger: A situation were opponent is stunned on hit. Allowing the player to has a complete advantage to do anything for a period of time

    Block Stagger/ Advantage: Mainly a term Used when someone is preforming a guard pressure. it depends on the moves , were they are safe to preform and or chain/link strings completely safe due to the frame recovery advantage, and/or the Stagerring frame caused to opponent while blocking giving them dis advantage on reversals.

    Teching throw: Regular throw, simply press 1 or 3 to break regular throw. Front throw, Simply Press 2 or 4 to Break Front throw.Regular throw is the one done by simply pressing 1+3 without any direction envolvment. Front throw is done by pressing forward+1+3.

    Target Combo: Shortend into TC. Target combos are the specific combos each character has, which they are all unique to each character in the roaster.

    Option Select: Shortend into OS. Two examples so far that i figured out for OS in MK9. The first is a Block OS. Simply after excuting a move, press block first and then the button for the special move.if timed correctly on opponent hit, then the move wont come out and instead you will block the hit. If opponent miss timed the attack, Your move will come out first! whether punishing opponent or not depending on the move property.
    PS: please take a look at the video i made, xxteefxx: Reptile act.2 - Bug control. the first part of the video covers a short samples of OS blocking in MK9. You can visit my channel on under the name (xxBeholderxx) or simply type the video name i mentioned.

    Second example, is on whiffing an attack. for example: Kenshi, standing 2,1~ RK, while your far away from opponent, the Rising karma wont link or come out. Though, if 2,1 did hit opponent whether on block or not, then the RK will come out in such case.

    Off The Ground: Shortend into OTG. A term used when an attack is capable to pull opponent from the ground after a knock. In other games, it can be used to continue combo/ juggling your opponent after scoring a succesfull knock down. In MK9, OTG Examples are so rare to be guaranteed, like the smoke OTG bomb combos which are currently removed from the game. Other than those examples, OTG can be in a form of a blockable soft reset in a middle of a juggle, or used to counter opponents Anti play dead. You have to be aware that in case of Anti Play Dead, some moves only will be capable of OTGing opponents, Usually moves that have either a cluster effect (starts from bottom attack and then proceed to another animation, Example in here is Kenshi's EX RK), or something as simple as Crouch+3

    Special moves:
    TKS= Tele kenises Slash d,b+4 or d,f+4 or d,b,f+4
    TF= Telefurry b,f+2
    RK= Rising Karma d,b+1
    d,b+2= Reflect or absorb (EX version)

    EX= 1 meter use required. Pressing block with the end move excution to release a more powerful special move.

    -Kenshi: The Blind Swordsman.


    +kenshi is a zone controller. The further he is from close range, The better he can approach opponent and blast them to pieces. The only down-under is, the closer opponent get, the more you will do to get back on your feet.

    +He spams! nothing wrong in that! opponents eating moves over and over means , that they are not familiar with the matchup! and i believe when i say, that it's a great deal to give him such excellent tools to excel at far away game because it actually requires a LOT of reading and skills to counter any opponent who approach kenshi in close range. So dont whine about the spams you Kenshi haters

    +Kenshi is one of the character, that every move he has DOES serve a major purpose in his matchups. Whether EX or not, every move is essential in basically all the matches (except so few, example smoke). Unlike other character, for Instant, Reptile. I really dont bother using EX spit or even BOTHER wasting meter on such a move except for only one situation, countering subzero's corner game.

    +Great and amazing Footsies control when used Correctly. His footsies are very rewarding, pushes opponents away for Kenshi to breath and serves a massive purpose of Anti Air control, Pressure guard and traps.

    +Has one of the best Ehnanced moves in the game, thnx to the armor Property. Because of the armor mitigation property, i believe it Pushes his potential to a better level player for sure. Not every character has such benefit, and that makes kenshi shine in a lot of matchups.

    +Very decent Target combos that will always put kenshi on the safe side. Also, not a bad mix ups at all! He got his Low starter, Med Finisher and the regular High hit connect, which is totally safe when blocked.

    +Xray? Pffft...forget bout that, Kenshi requires Meter...and to be honest, he GAINS IT FAST! one perfectly timed EX raising karma is Ten times better than using a flashy combo that will only benefit me for a little extra damage.... meter = heaven for Kenshi

    +Amazing Anti Air tools!

    +great Pressure, bait and mix ups game

    Though,kenshi might have some dis advantages:

    -In close range = COMPLETE carefulness. Any slight mistake or risk can lead to kenshis death

    -RK's are not a reliable Point blank Launcher unless if Dash and/or late RK launch are preformed. so as for anti airs, you have to watch your steps before recklessly doing mistakes (most common example, opponent pressuring in close, as soon as he jumps around you for pressure, kenshi preforms a wasted/whiffed Raising Karma)

    -Not a great wake up in close range. THOUGH, that doesnt mean you can think outside the box? maneuvering is everything with kenshi, so wake ups can be VERY deadly for kenshi either in corner or mid screen (Dont forget, Kenshi's armor are UN-penetrable)

    Kenshi Special moves break up:

    Kenshi is one of the very few that REALLY relies a lot on his special moves. Kenshi Doesn't excel that much at close range when he's pressures, thus making his special moves the most important key to his success in any match. Unlike for Example someone like Lui kang, the whole idea of such a character is to get close and mix up between his Target combos. Kenshi Stays back, watch opponent carefully and stick them as far away as possible. When opponent gets closer, Kenshi still has his tool to counter... so by means, Every move does serve a purpose and a major role in matches for kenshi

    -Absorbtion and Spell Reflect:

    A very solid move that helps alot on countering Projectiles. This move alone, helps kenshi in having full pressure control in max and far away distances along with Telefurry and TKS. Reflect by itself, can cause opponent to be forced to move closer to kenshi or else, it's a useless matter to stay far away and spam projectile.
    A notable match that can turn the whole concept for a character play style, is Kenshi VS subzero. Reflect will actually force subzero to Never turtle, instead to come closer and have a chance against kenshi close range. It sounds that kenshi might get doomed, to be honest, Sub zero close range is not as deadly as others against kenshi. Enhanced Raising Karma punishes Subzero's clones and pressure close range (Example, 2,2~ clones)

    Another Notable match is Kano VS kenshi. This Projectile reflect, will force Kano to completely change his play style and never use Daggers. Instead, it can force them to risk using Roll balls, and air balls just to get closer to kenshi from all the reflect and those TKS's.

    At part #6 in the video, i tried to explain as much as possible with the benefits of Reflect for kenshi, outside the usual bracket of regular Projectile reflect.

    Absorb also Gives kenshi 10% of his health back. the only down-under of the move is that it stuns Kenshi for about 1 sec after, making him vulnerable in some situation against fast attacks. also not a great idea to be used non full screen!

    -Raising Karma and Enhanced RK: (RK)

    This is by far the most important tool for kenshi. It's his main juggle starter, Anti Air starting from sweep distance, and Enhanced RK is anti wake up, Pressure, and puts kenshi to safety due to the pushback on block (EX RK only). Regular RK is punishable on block, and this is a must note. Any anti air RK starter from sweep distance or closer, then kenshi has to maneuver first (back step) and then RK. Sadly, RK is not a good Point blank Launcher at all! maneuvering first is the Key.

    -Telekenesis Slash: (TKS)
    Close range: d,b+4. Med Range: d,f+4. Max range: d,b,f+4

    The second Important move for kenshi is this Screen control TKS. The beauty of this move is the controlled range. Whether to be used as close anti air or footsies (close range TKS), or anti Air mid screen,simply move cutter/spam, Anti Wake up (Med TKS), and finally the full scren (Max range TKS). Wuts making this a good move is that it's a med attack, Safely chained after a blocked or hit cr+4(due to either stagger or Frame block time) for footsies, as well it's controllable. TKS (Med and far range) are perfect for punishing a lot of movement, whether reckless jumps, reckless projectile spams or reckless approaches.

    Not only that, this move is completely safe when used after Spirit charge (on hit). The reason is that SC on hit, knocks opponent to max screen. whether they roll or not, opponent will be stuck at max range.TKS is a great anti wake up move (anti 90% of all wake up specials), and anti play dead. hence it's a med attack, Opponent is forced to wake up blocking high only as well.

    TKS enhanced, doesnt have any sort of armor! The only good purpose would be at close range, to push opponent away from being close. Blocked Enhanced TKS pushes opponent away up to sweep distance , and it's completely safe whether on block or not and whether it's regular or not.

    -Spirit Charge and Enhanced Spirit charge: (SC)

    A very useful move, and it's in my opinion the third most Important move for kenshi.
    It can be a great anti Air, A great push away on wake up (Enhanced), a great push away on presure (Enhanced or regular), and the best of all, MAIN COMBO FINISHER FOR ANY JUGGLE PERIOD! the reason is, it helps for open opportunities to pressure/oki with Telekenesis Slash.

    The distance of the regular SC isn't that far, barely maximum sweep distance. Though the enhanced is amazing due to armor Mitigation as well as the long reach. To get the exact max distance of Enhanced Spirit charge, get close to Opponent, Jump back once and then back dash once. so it's nearly full screen, which is a big deal of zone control.

    Not a good point blank Anti air, Maneuvering must be done first before anti airing. Though, this is more reliable than RK at point blank/close range due to the speed of the move (SC is 8 frames starter in close, while RK is 14 frames starter)

    Not a bad wake up attack, though stuffable by fast low hits (regular only). Also ground hit regular SC, is easily teachable to standing (fast as well), so i dont suggest going freely offensive with SC regular ground hit.

    PS: Whether RK or SC, both of them are not a reliable brain dead close range Anti air. Back dash is required first, and then the timing of the move. Learn to manueover with kenshi and get a sense of his distances

    -Telefurry: (TF)

    A very decent move To interrupt Full screen Dash in, Or simply Force opponent to turtle and DUCK. I myself, cant find any good useful uses for Telefurry except for few situations. The first, is that TF can be completely avoided by simply ducking under it. This option opens up a mind game for kenshi to TKS opponent, were it's only blocked standing (Med attack). Second use, i would say because of the armor TF has. Though TF EX doesnt push opponent that far away, hence it reduces the Options for Kenshi to turtle after, due to the fact opponent will slightly be closer to Kenshi (unlike Spirit charge).

    That also doesnt mean it's still somehow usefull, one hit EX TF can make kenshi approach for Footsies, or anticipate opponent jump ins for an ANTI air RK. as for juggle use, i really dont recommend it at all! pure show off if it's used in a juggle.


    Kenshi is a PURE mind/Confusing game character. Will always keep opponent on their toes, whether kenshi turtling, Pressuring, or simply Mix ups. the only down under is his defense, the more opponent gets closer, the more it will depend on the Players own skills and understanding/mastering of kenshi.

    The most Important pin points to say are:

    1- Kenshi does have a VERY great mix ups, due to footsies, Target combos low starter and med enders/med attacks (TKS and b+2). Also his Target combos/ b+2 are friendly were it puts Kenshi on Combo advantage to follow up with moves, either TKS or EX RK for safety.

    2-Due to the number one reason, it makes kenshi very excellent when pressuring opponents

    3- great normals, Anti air and footsies. Which all of them lead to mind games at the end

    4-Meter is everything for kenshi (forget X RAY!!). Armors on his RK and Spirit charge as very powerful and makes him superb at close counter, far counter and safety precaution. (Example, anti wake up with EX RK)

    5-Due to all of the mentioned reasons, when combined, it makes kenshi Flawless at close range(pressuring opponent) AND zone controller. due to SC , TKS and RK (armors or not), they allow kenshi to take full control at far range, and thus makes him a great spammer/ turtler for pressure, as well as being completely safe in most of the situation

    6-Anti projectiles!! Thnx to reflect/ Absorb

    7-A very decent Combotere, and very rewarding in corners. Also reset is a HUGE part in making kenshi even more offensive on pressure.

    8-SPIRIT CHARGE IS VERY IMPORTANT. in any combo, always finish with Spirit Charge. the reason is, so you can take control after wards with TKS pressure, footsies, or in general tricks of trades (mix ups)

    -Meter managment and idea of when to use meter:

    One thing u have to know for sure about kenshi, His meter is everything. Always save his meter as much as possible for either Breaker, or his most advantageous attacks that can seriously turn the game around, EX armor and mitigation abilities. X ray's in my opinion are always not worth it, for kenshi in specific, X RAY IS POINTLESS. whether in a combo or not, it's totally not worth it.

    Thanks to his EX having armor, it's a better use to go under whatever situation instead of a useless x ray. so instead of wasting 3 bars for total of 30% plus attack that puts kenshi in risk's right after, use a regular 1 meter that leads to either Okizeme, Combos, or in general pressure and mix ups afterwards.

    You have to be aware that because of Armors on kenshi's attacks, it makes him amazing in distance control, as well amazing anti wake up, Anti attacks in general, Anti Air, and finally pressure. Always save your meter to counter opponent un familiarity against Kenshi. Not only that, EX armor opens a huge barricade to put kenshi into safety whether blocked or not.

    EXAMPLE: Blocked f+3,2 can be followed by EX RK, which pushes opponent far away from kenshi. this will make kenshi in full control afterwards whether with Footsies, TKS pressure, or simply turteling or wait and bait.

    EXAMPLE: EX RK is anti 90% of any wake up reckless moves. Which lead to a combo of 26% followed by TKS traps/ Okizeme. In corner can lead to footsie pressure (cr+4 series), or simply distance control and wait and bait.

    and so on...

    -Attacks attributes and hitbox/ status:

    In the Project learning lab video: part 3 covers Important Attacks attributes,Specials and properties. Take a look at the samples and get a general knowledge of what each specific and important attack attribute offers.

    One thing i always do while learning a character, is learning his capabilities with his normals and special moves. there must be something that always attracts me to the character, whether an answer to situation, or a tool that i find suitable for my style. The first thing i do when i hit the lab, is get a brief understanding of each character normals, and try to get a feeling of HOW or why are they good, or bad. Afterwards, i put it to the test. Whether check the hit box, useable anti air, Pressure, safety due to frames...etc

    Kenshi has a lot of good normals that makes him really good at Offense, and defense. Lets talk a little about his normals and how, where you might use them.

    1) Regular standing or crouching inputs or either 1,2,3 or 4


    -Standing 1 looks very decent and fast. Can be used as anti air at point blank against jumpers and cross overs when timed correctly. 10 Frames speed starter.

    -Standing 2 is a little slower, but same frame recovery i presume? can be also used as anti air point blank. Really good to be used as footsies due to the fact standing 2 can be linked into 2,1 . the second hit of the target combo has a very wide hitbox and beautiful for footsie and stuffing in, as well as a basic frame trap. 12 frames speed starter

    -Standing 3 is a very decent attack that EASILY stuffs jumps after blocking, it catches back and forward jumps.Other than that, it's not as useful as other moves. hit box is also very short, though it's somehow a fast normal. 13 Frames Speed starter

    -Standing 4 is not as good as others of course, though it can be a good anti air in some situations on prediction. it also pushes opponent far on hit or Block. Hit box is really wide in front. other than that, the move is not useful due to it's speed
    28 frame Speed Starter


    -cr+4 is a great deal. It stuff a lot of high pokes attributes as well as a lot of wake up attacks (whether EX or not) the beauty of cr+4, or cr+3 or standing 1, or standing 2, is that they are chain able into special moves, though doesnt count as string link unless it hit air born. Cr+4 causes a small stagger when hit , making a fast follow up special move impossible to be either reversed or jumped from. hence, cr+4 for every char in the game into special is a very basic footsie.
    cr+4 is not long in hitbox unlike Baraka, reptile, mileena and sonya.
    12 frames Speed Starter

    -Cr+3 fast poke, and chainable as well. though can be escaped by punishing after with some certain special moves, a quicker poke, or even easily escaped by a regular jump. the good part about this is that it pressures opponents, and it's amazing due to the OTG effect it has on opponent play dead game. In general, can be used in Pressure game or a fast normal follow up mix ups.
    7 Frames Speed starter

    -Cr+2. I would assume it's not fast, though very average. for sure faster than reptiles, but as well slower than quan, sektor and NW.
    14 Frames Speed Starter

    -Cr+1. very fast and decent poke. Though, i noticed this a lot, compared to other character d+1 is never a good anti air answer and doesnt shift any hitbox on jumpers. maybe because kenshi crouch doesnt lower his hurtbox? not sure. though in any case, it's a very fast and good poke.
    6 Frames Speed Starter

    2) Command Attacks :

    -B+2 Is a sword quick hit attack. The hit box is long, very fast move, catches jumpers and stuff in a lot of opponent normals and even specials, and finally completely safe on block. We dont have exact frame data for kenshi so far, but we can feel it's completely safe for kenshi after blocking, though not sure if it's Plus on block. b+2 is amazing tool for footsies and general Guard pressure after fast pokes (like cr+3)
    18 Frames Speed Starter

    -B+4 a decent sweep, Decent speed. No hitbox advantages, though might be slower than other sweepers like Mileena, jade...etc. Nothing special about sweep, so dont get it in your game as much. Sweep causes techable knock downs, so it's not worth it at all. especially kenshi is far better at turteling and okizeme. Note: Kenshi moves a little forward while doing sweep, ending kenshi into 1 step closer to opponent.
    19 Frames Speed Starter

    -U+4 and f+4. so far i dont find any useful use for them. they are just extra in my opinion. U+4 escapes low attacks sometimes, though the hit box is short and not fast at all. f+4 is a very Slow starter and hit box is very small. U+4 is Med, and f+4 is high.

    -F+3 Amazing footsie attack, linkable into any special. f+3,2 is a target combo. F+3 has amazing wide and long hitbox. it catches jump ins sometimes, fast to be linked after Jump forward P or K anti air. Due to the hit box, this move and its Target combo is the best of what kenshi has in his Arsenal. Low starter (Low hit)
    15 Frames Speed Starter

    -F+2 A great hit ONLY when used to follow up with the Target combo f+2,2,b+1 or f+2,2,b+2. Long reach, and not punishable on block. It's very useless to use by itself unless you continue into it's proper target combos. Each of the very first 2 hit has a horrible recovery time
    12 Frames Speed Starter

    3) Target Combos:

    -f+3,2 : By far one of the best tools kenshi has. The hit box is really long, it can catch opponent from max sweep distance. It stuff in normals, as well as kenshi's Main low starter launcher into juggles. Completely safe on block due to Special move link after, though it can be reversed if not followed after by a link. Can be used as frame traps after f+2,3 (linking a special move), or any of your desired tactic. Due to the hit box, it makes it a great tool to be used in juggles as well. It also scales the damage less in middle of juggles, making the output more damaging
    Attacks - (Low), (High)

    -f+2,2,b+1 : Amazing due to the launcher, and completely safe on block. can be followed by either footsies, frame trap in general or safety block strings/ retreat. Can be used for OTG blockable. Hit box is also decent, a little less distance than f+3,2, but for sure the second best hitbox range for kenshi after f+3,2. It scales more percent in combos, thus not recommended to be used in middle of juggles or else total output will be less damaging than other combos
    Attack - (High), (High), (High)

    -f+2,2,b+2: Same starter, different finisher. Completely safe on block. further hitbox than f+2,2,b+1. can be used in juggles though requires dashing after into cr+1~ rk. better used in corner it it's for juggles. doesnt scale that much, so it's decent to be used in combos IF you able to find a connector/sustainer.
    Attack - (High), (High), (Med)

    -1,1,1: An okay stagger combo Upclose. Not a decent combo connector/link unless used in corner. Chainable into special moves (doesnt link though unless if it's first hit only). Causes stagger on last hit. Completely safe on block with null frame recent (zero frames). Very decent to be use for Stagger mix ups and pressure due to it's fast recovery.
    Attack - (High), (High), (High)

    -1,1,4: a decent Up close TC. Not that usefull in combos/juggles unless used in corner. Chainable into Special moves. Hitbox is decent. Zero frame reset after, so it's safe on block. Can be used for both Juggle starters (1,1,4~ RK into dash in, desired connections) mid screen/anywhere, or a corner combo finisher. Though better be used as finisher were it scales outputs very high, making combo total damage less than expected or other combos.good use for corner combo finisher, followed by SC.
    Attack - (High), (High), (High)

    -1,1,2: Same as the previous, though punishable on block. Knocks down opponent on hit. Didnt find any usefull use for such TC. can be used as corner finisher , though not that suggested due to other damaging option kenshi has instead (example b+2 in middle of a juggle).
    the good part about this TC is that, it stuns opponent knocking them to ground, making Okizeme Possible afterwards, whether in combos or not.
    Attack - (High), (High), (High)

    -2,1,b+2: The third best juggle starter for kenshi, and second best footsie use for kenshi. Chainable and linkable into Special moves on second and first hit. Third hits knocks opponent away, allowing kenshi to dash in into RK launcher. 2,1 stuff's in jump ins, cross overs and a lot of other specials. (2),1 the range on the second hit "1" is very long and wide, hits anti air, stuffs moves, fast and linkable into specials. Great second hit and third hit hitbox, can be used as OS into RK on whiffing (not safe on block), good anti air, good as footsies or frame trap after f+2,2,b+1, great in corner combos and a good juggle launcher.
    Attack - (High), (High), (Med)

    -2,1,f+4 : Not bad move either on block or hit. the point of this is the mix up of either Med finisher or low. Though, the knock down is aint worth it due to the fact it knocks opponent close by kenshi. So not many option as a follow up after except anti wake up predictions, or back tracking to defense/ footsies.
    Attack - (High), (High), (Low)
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  3. xxteefxx

    xxteefxx Kenshi Moderator

    -Kenshi Pressuring game and Footsies:

    In the Project learning lab video: part 4 covers Pressure, Footsies and mind games. Take a look at the samples and get a general knowledge of are those footsies,ming game and ways for kenshi to pressure opponent.

    Kenshi has amazing pressure game, and he got a lot of tools for it as well. basically, it revolve around his regular TKS pressure, EX RK, or in general Target combos which put kenshi into a safe situation as well as advantageous after wards in a lot of situations.
    before going anywhere deeper, you must have a basic idea of kenshi's normals Frame data. here are the important footsies Frame data/ start up speed:

    Important Normals:

    Standing 1 : A 10 framer
    Standing 2 : A 12 Framer
    Crouch 1: A 6 framer
    Crouch 3: A 7 framer
    Crouch 4: A 12 framer
    Forward 2: A 12 framer
    Forward 3: A 15 Framer

    Special moves:
    note: EX and Regular special moves has the same exact speed. the only diffrence is that they will gain either multiple hits, and most importantly for kenshi, Armor for Mitigations.

    b,f+2 Spirit Charge: 8 Frames in close range and14 frames from max distance
    d,b+1 Rising Karma: 14 Frames
    Telekenesis Slashes: 25 frames for each on start up speed
    b,f+3 Telefurry: 21 frames
    d,b+2 Reflect/Absorb - N/A

    Now, Lets talk first about what are they , and how/when to use them:

    A)-cr+4/ cr+3~ pressure links:

    The basic footsie i use for any character in the game. With kenshi, it's a great footsie due to the fact that if cr+4 hit opponent, then you can chain it to sustain the pressure with a guarantee free hit or blocked TKS. This will make the mix up more aggressive due to the fact that opponent has to block low then high (TKS is Med). If opponent decided to block only high, then kenshi is causing 3% low attack damage Plus Pressure guard of TKS(5% total). After TKS you can either stuff in any of opponents pokes, or simply frame trap or counter normals/special moves with Armor Mitigations (Example: EX RK or EX SC).By means on block, it's a complete Frame war follow up after.
    cr+3 is also very decent, and it's a great tool for anti play dead. forcing opponent to get off the ground and block high. though cr+3 is so fast, so it's all guessing game right after. You can follow up after cr+3 into b+2 or chain into TKS, though they are stuff-able by faster Pokes , or specials. this will require mix ups from you to mind confuse the opponent. EX armor does a great job afterwards if you know opponent will try to either Counter poke or special escape/ counter. EX RK in that case makes it SUPERB at countering.
    In conclusion: cr+4~ linked to special is safe on block or hit. cr+3~ link to special is not due to the fact that after cr+3 the frame is reseted to null, which means it's a total frame war. Frame war means, the faster the frame, is the one who gets the follow up hit or escape. Thus cr+3 is used for quick pressure and mix ups instead.

    Mid screen, you can preform two reps on cr+4~ tks as long as TKS hit opponent. Corner, cr+4 reps can go up to 4 or 3.

    Further explanation of : cr+4~ tks and cr+3 footsies.

    use in Mid screen Situation:
    -If it did hit, you have a free footise mix up rep of another cr+4~ TKS. two reps and then you will be forced to dash after to connect a third cr+4. so after the second cr+4~tks it's all your mind game/mix ups experience.

    -If TKS was blocked. it's a Frame war. the faster frame poker or move, is the winner. Basically against other pokers, Kenshi has a VERY fast cr+1 and cr+3! (6 and 7 frames respectively) making TKS chain a good use in pressure. though, unlike cr+4; cr+1 and cr+3 are escapable easily by arcs of the jumps due to the hitbox (though TKS can catch them easily if they did so, and it leads to wake up pressure game from kenshi) or punishable by a fast poke after blocking or eating cr+1 or cr+3 .OR punishable by counter special moves after blocking or eating cr+1 or cr+3 (example: Ermac's force push or TK)

    use in Corner:
    -cr+4 ~ TKS can go up to 4 reps if they hit. due to cr+4 not pushing back in corners.Though,the TKS will instead.

    -as for cr+1 or cr+3 follow up. Same concept

    in general, as for corners, i would say cr+4~ tks even on block. cr+4 is 12 frame, so it's not that slow compared to other characters. as well that cr+4 DOES stuff a lot of special like any other cr+4 in the game.

    in here, corner situation,comes cr+3, b+2. b+2 stuff a lot of moves and catches jump escapees. cr+3 has a faster recovery than cr+1. also it's not bad idea to use mid screen, though a required dash is needed after tks. and doing a dash into cr+3 after a blocked TKS, is not fast enough against opponent with fast pokes, footsies, or Special moves.

    instead i would suggest a mix up of EX RK if you know opponent will counter with either poke/footsies, or special.

    Another use for Cr+3 is , a frame trap:

    -After a cr+4~ TKS on hit, if followed by cr+3 it can be used as a frame trap when linked into EX attack or even regular.
    Basically, the most powerful of all of them are those two option. cr+3~ EX RK, or cr+3~ regular SC (EX can be used for more safety as well).
    the frame trap works when opponent try to either, jump, Uppercut, counter poke, or counter special after cr+3. SC regular is fast, and it actually stuffs in a lot of normals (though some fast pokes can stuff it on initial start up). the reason this is a strong frame trap is that the special move is ~ chained after cr+3, making it harder to stop the following move after cr+3.
    it's a great tool to be used after a hit connect or cr+4~ TKS. the regular SC will push kenshi away to safety were it's not punishable. Beside the fact that it can punish moves.
    Crouch 3 is 7 frame move, and Regular SC is 8 in close up. this making the frame trap, VERY fast.

    Please Note: Close 2,1~RK OS, is not useful in this frame trap situation due to the fact, that 2 is duckable. thus it means, the opponent poke or normal or special countering, will always have the advantage.

    THOUGH, some moves are really fast, like some pokes and special moves (e.g any special with Mitigation armor, like raiden superman, kungs spin...or even regular specials, like reptile dash..etc). in that case, EX RK comes in handy, or even EX SC. so for a guarentee counter, chain cr+3 into EX RK if you know opponent want to punish your cr+3, leading kenshi into juggle state.


    A very great fast Med attack with an amazing hit box. It's very useful in footsie in my opinion, though very punishable if predicted after either a standing 1, cr+1 or cr+3 (best option is of course d+3). Though, that doesnt mean the move got a lot of good properties.
    First of all, this is an amazing anti Jump ins, or jump away. It catches opponent if they tried to jump away after a blocked string or cr+3 or wutever the poke is. Imagine it like subzero's standing 2,2 Arc.
    Secondly, it catches and stops a lot of properties and moves. for example, jump in attacks arcs, Kung lao dive kicks, Cyber sub dive kicks....etc
    Third, a great hit box and fast move. Completely safe on block as well due to the frame recovery after.

    the best examples to use this is after cr+3 footsies, or maybe a frame trap after f+2,2,b+1 on block. though this frame trap can be stop by fast pokes like cr+1 or cr+3 or some special moves (Example ermac Force push/ TK).


    A good Staggering tool, Shenanigans. 3 hits on close, fast, safe on block and stagger on hit. allowing low , med or high mix ups safe after wards. Very deadly in corner were it give you free time to maneuver freely. the beauty of this attack is, you can link it into special move on hit or Block. following after with a TKS shenanigans is really useful, specially in corner.Also a dash afterwards is completely SAFE on hit.By nature if opponent tried to mash out after the stagger hit, Kenshi will always have the upper hand for sure if kenshi used the correct stuffing. here are some of the options i use;

    -Dash in f+3~ TKS. If blocked then your safe, if hit then you can do Multiple pressure options afterwards. also you can free add a rep of cr+4~ TKS guarantee (whether blocked or not)..take it like this, the more the TKS hits opponent, the more the pressure rep kenshi can do after wards (whether cr+4~tks , f+3~ tks or whatever footsie /pressure you would like to use)

    -Dash in f+2,2,b+1. Against cage, Lui kang, Kung lao,and others, they dont have much option if f+2,2,b+1 is blocked. so any reckless dash in, Special attack or normals, will be Definitely stuffed with either a follow up of 2,1~ RK or just Directly RK after f+2,2,b+1.

    -A regular guess or pressure of f+3,2~ EX RK afterwards.

    -In corner, it's amazing for multiple cr+4~ tks reps as long as the TKS hits opponent.As well as , all of the mentioned examples without even dashing. That's why it makes this setup more useful in corner than in mid screen.

    D)-f+2,2,b+1 / f+2,2,b+2 on block:

    One of the safest TC's that kenshi has. Completely safe on block and can be used for traps after wards. you can use example (E) and stuff in any dash, or long range starters (whether normal or special move), which works in a lot of examples. Here are some baits you can do after a block f+2,2,b+1

    -Example (E), which is 2,1~ RK: it's good cause it stuff reckless attacks, like a dash in, standing pokes, Slow moves, and sometimes even stuff special moves depending on its property. the reason this is a good footsie, is that it also catch Jumpers due to the second hit. so it's a not bad at all, Anti air, as well as a decent footsie speed (12 frame starter on standing 2). it also works as an Option select. By means, if you did such a footsie and opponent jumped backward instead, the Rising karma wont come up, Putting Kenshi Back to safety after the animation is done.

    Example: after a blocked f+2,2,b+1 against NW, if NW tried to f+3,1. then kenshi's 2,1 OS~ RK will halt such attack, and punish NW severely. Whether manuevering by back dashing after the TC or not, it puts a since of distance control toward kenshi's favor, making any reckless normals or specials or even jump ins very in effective.

    -One of the most usefull option is anti jumps. Which is, a simple back dash or regular back stepping into a Rising karma. This back step will allow you to evade either the Jump in P or K curve and follow up with a punish of RK. Leading to a 20% combo followed by TKS Okizeme, or whatever desired by the player. This is by far the safest. THOUGH, watch it if opponent dashed in first into RK! the dash will allow them to jump further and faster, making a Miss timed RK very Punishable by opponent. Though same could be said the other way around, if opponent miss timed the dash, RK will catch their Initial jump starter for sure.

    PS: if you didnt back step and preformed a RK after wards, sometimes it wont be a succesful RK anti Air due to the Hitbox. If opponent dashed into jump, then opponent can be faster than Kenshi's Initial frame start of RK, which is 15 frames! making Kenshi Whiff his RK, and opponent will safely jump over kenshi. Leading to a severe punishment from opponent.

    -If opponent is aggressive and tried to either footsie counter with a fast good Normals, or a special move. Armor moves comes in handy in such Situation! EX RK would be a perfect use in such situation

    -a footsie example of cr+4~ tks can be followed after wards. though, opponent will have frame advantage depending on the poke, if it's a fast normal/poke, then it will stuff in kenshi from doing cr+4 (though, this is toward specific normals, like Rain's b+3, or mil cr+4 due to her speed....etc)

    -f+3,2 footsie is also great in such situation, due to the fast frame speed on f+3,as will as the very WIDE range of f+3 Hit box.
    PS:watch it, long range pokes like Mileena cr+4, will COMPLETELY stuff such trap! f+3 is 14 frame speed, there are a lot of pokes that can stuff it easily if it does have a wide hitbox!

    -As for f+2,2,b+2: it has the same safety if not even better. I think, due to the lack of frame list, that this target combo finisher has the same speed property of b+2. You can completely have a frame war after a block b+2 or this specific TC. All of the mentioned above examples can work as well.
    the only difference between this TC and f+2,2,b+1, is that this one will leave you Up close to opponent. While f+2,2,b+1 will put you safely at sweep distance. Both of these TC's have their Pros and Cons. Though they are both good for mind game after wards.

    frame war of cr+4 or cr+3 can be followed afterwards easily.

    E)-(2),1 ~ RK or TKS Option select.:

    The best example to use this OS , is after either "cr+4 ~ TKS" ,blocked "f+2,2,b+1" , or blocked f+3,2~ EX RK/ TKS. the reason is, the blocked attack will put you in a safe sweep position. Making opponent forced to either counter with a normal, move , dash or jump.
    In such case, 2,1~ RK will come in handy. As mentioned above in the example (EXAMPLE D). It can be used as a good anti air and a good stuffer/Frame trap.

    F)-f+3 confirms:

    f+3,2 alone is not safe at all. the only reaosn to make it safe , is by following up into either Frame trap TKS, which is stuffable by fast pokes/normal or specials. Or safety moves like EX SC, or RK. Other than that, then blocked f+3,2 is not safe at all.

    a good reason to use f+3,2~tks is for frame trap. if opponent tried to stuff kenshi in with a slow poke or counter special after blocking f+3,2, the TKS will hit them 100%. this TKS hit, will allow kenshi to have another free rep of either f+3~TKS footsie, cr+4~ footsie, cr+3~ footsie or whatever desired footsie strategy You would like to use.

    though, f+3~ TKS is completely safe and can be used as a footsie. opponent cannot stuff anything in between f+3 and a linked special. Making f+3~TKS completely safe on block and of course, on hit.

    another reason why this footsie is good to use, is due to the wide hitbox it has. it catches opponent from max sweep distance. the speed is not that fast compared to pokes through out the whole roaster! though as a regular normal, it's difenatly a good one and does stuff a lot of special move and normals.
    the speed is, 14 frames
    Example: f+3,2 form sweep or closer distance, stuffs in; Sonya's Wheel kick (regular). cyrax b+2. Ermac f+4,4 . Reptile 3,2,1.....and so on


    This move, as a stand alone is very risky, were the finisher is easily punished after blocking it. Though , the good approach for this move is on random. basically, against kenshi crossing up or initially starting a combo, it will always be f+3,2 due to the jump P mix up (total of Med,Low, and then high). the other mix up is ofcourse 2,1,b+2, which is (highx2, into med Finisher). If this the f+4 (Low finisher) poped in all of a sudden, it can cause MAJOR threat toward opponent.
    It's like your teaching your opponent that kenshi, DOES have tricks up his sleeve. One knockdown from this TC, can also lead to EX RK anti wake up if opponent went aggressive. Other wise, Kenshi can Cross over after wards and keep the pressure.

    So in general, kenshi has Multiple Finishers and mix up starters, BESIDE the footsies of TKS and b+2. this puts Kenshi into the category, of good offense game.

    -Anti Air:

    Kenshi has a very Decent anti air control. In general he's a great Zoner of course, and his only down under is when he's pressured in close range. Here are the main Anti air sources for Kenshi;

    1-Rising Karma RK: His main Anti air move, and leads of course to his core juggles/combos. RK might require some Maneuvering when opponent is close. As mentioned in previously in this write up; in close, on wake up, or after pressure strings like f+2,2,b+1 on block, Maneuvering into RK is a great anti air.The only down under is that, it's not a good wake up attack against cross overs, or not good in general against cross over if kenshi is standing in his place.

    2-Air to Air P or kick: Both Air to air P or K, can lead to f+3,2 Link on ground. Air to air K is more suitable in Corner, or if done mid screen, kenshi can land fast and preform an RK. Air to Air P, midscreen or corner can be followed up by many options
    A)Air to Air K In corner: Follow up f+3,2 or 2,1,b+2
    B)Air to Air K Mid-screen: Follow up with RK, SC or any of their EX version
    C)Air to Air P In conrer: Follw up any TC or special moves (except TKS)
    D)Air to Air P Mid-screen: Follow up f+2,2,b+1.Or f+3,2 .Or RK Or SC (Enhanced okay)

    3-2,1~ RK: Very decent due to the two chances of Air Launcher, which is the second hit from 2,1 Target combo and the Special link of RK. 2,1 Has a nice arc that can catch jump ins up to sweep distance, and close range on ground situation only. The reason it might be good is that it can be also used as stuffer, pressure guard or as frame trap after certain moves (as mentioned in the guide)

    4-Spirit charge: A very Decent anti air. Pushes ofcourse opponent full screen, which leads to TKS OKI.

    -Kenshi On pressure:

    In the Project learning lab video:
    part 4 covers Pressure, Footsies and ming games. Take a look at the samples and get a general knowledge of what kenshi has to offer when it comes to being pressured.

    What people not aware of is that, kenshi's Defense game is his OFFENSE game. Kenshi is great at defense once is free to breath after any block guard pressure. This is what people doesnt know. they think kenshi has problem in close kombat just because he doesnt have an easy 1 button answer like other character. will....wake up and smell the coffee mister, step up your game if you want to learn Kenshi!! this is not a kung lao forum! so it's time to step up some of your skills.

    Turtling is something and defense is something else! dont confuse the both as one! Turtle is the concept that you play far away game and escape as much as possible. Defense is correctly defending against what hails on you from opponent, whether block, tech throw, perfect maneuvering at correct times...etc
    Something that people doesnt know about kenshi, is that part of his defense, is countering with OFFENSE. EX armors do have a great Effect on his defending game, THOUGH. you have to be smart about it. that's why it might be a little hard compared to other characters.

    kenshi's Major problem is that it's a little Harsh for him to escape Close Pressure. This is not a problem that only kenshi has as well, a lot of other chars do too. I see a lot of player and forum poster , not able or knowing how to escape close cross ups, Jump ins and close pressure in general. I can tell you this, Learn the game more! learn the combos that are forcing you to block so can opponent re jump cross over safely after a string. learn the traps characters do. Learn to counter them in general.

    For example: Cyrax Teleport, ALWAYS do d+1~ RK after wards. If timed correctly, the poke will catch cyrax teleport before it hits ground, causing an air hit. thus making RK free form connector and leads to 20% + juggles.

    For example: Lui kang Pressure. after 1,2,f+4 (med attack), Lui kang will ALWAYS go to b+3,2,1 combo string. if you tried to break the block to reverse after blocking the med attack, then you simply fell for the bait, because b+3,2,1 is faster than kenshi's Start ups/ pokes.
    so the best way to counter spam attack like that, is a perfect timed EX RK. Or block the b+3,2,1 and punish after with PLENTY of options.

    So first step; you as an MK9 player,what you should do is, have a basic knowledge of every character and how they pressure. After knowing the sequence, try to fight against good players who play this specific char, and see if there are any frame trap, special sequence, footsies on block...etc.

    Second step, learning how to manuever in GENERAL and in between those strings against specified chars. For example, Jump in on kenshi" non knock down situation" , kenshi can simply back dash and punihs opponents jump Kick or punch by using a simply RK after the back dash.

    Third and finaly step, Learn the distances,range and attack frame time. learn the distance of your dashes, the distance and range of kenshi's attacks (RK hitbox and SC) so you can punish correctly as well as know what move to be used at the correct time. Each move has a different frame starter and finisher, TKS frame starter is so slow, thus making it not a good close/point blank anti air at all.

    A personal note: Kenshi is really great at defense as long as you have meter. consider meter an easy mode. if you dont have meter, kenshi is STILL good at defense, though it requires manuevering and perfect tactics. below, you shall read couple of tactics that can be used either on wake up against jumpers/ cross overs or in general close combat.

    here are some examples of what can kenshi do:

    -Successful block, followed by dash under opponent to the other side. This will give you time to take control, whether if opponent tried to ground approach (whatever the way) or re jump. if opponent re jumped, a simply back dash into SC or RK will punish them severely

    -A well timed standing 1 or 2. Standing 1 or 2 chained into RK.
    standing 2,1~ rk is also a good option, though, standing 2 is slower than standing 1
    Standing 1 is 10 frames and standing 2 is 12 !

    - a well timed cr+1 into RK. this is VERY risky compared to standing 1. a Jump kick can simply hit kenshi. apparently kenshi's hitbox on crouch is way LOWER than others? not quite sure, but i can assume it's correct. cr+1 with reptile catches opponents jump ins or cross over jump punch if timed correctly.With rain, cr+1 can change the hit box of the jumpers, Exactly like Mileena's cr+4. with kenshi , it seems a little harder and it doesnt have any hitbox change. thus, making it not valuable at all compared to the other useful options (example standing 1)

    -Against pressure gaurd in general: if there are any frame traps done on kenshi , then it's a very wrong idea in most cases, except so few (E.G: Cage fire ball ex on block or quanchi rune trap small rep...etc). basically, any opponent who try to recklessly attack kenshi with a non linkable string, kenshi can severely punish with an EX RISING KARMA, EX SPIRIT CHARGE OR EX TELEFURYY. The best of them all, is ofcourse EX Rising karma, which leads to a juggle state, having a total damage around 25%, followed by completely safe Okizeme of either TKS or pressure footsies.

    -On knock down: this is the hardest situation kenshi can face if he's knocked down and opponent is close by. Though again, he's not the only character with such a problem. But! kenshi sadly doesnt have a good point blank range Anti air, making it harder to counter close pressure. the correct way is, Manuevering correctly , blocking correctly, and THEN punish afterwards depending on your opponent attacks.

    Kenshi is rewarding at range, though at close he requires a lot of skills. reuire good reading, understanding of opponent, and respected/timed correctly reversals or read. Might be hard at the begining, but once you get used to kenshi, close range is not severe problem as it might seems like.

    -Armor guide /Absorbtion and matigation:

    In the Project learning lab video: part 7 and 8 covers Armor mitigation moves and their use in battle. Take a look at the samples and get a general knowledge of what those moves are capable of.

    Basically Armor in special move is anti any regular special move or normal attacks in the whole game. some have priority of having armor status in some area on the body on (example: either upper body armor or lower body only), others has full armor Invincibility for certain amount of hits (depends from one armored special attack to another). The most toughest of all , are X ray, were nothing can stop them at all! not even an armored special move, were x ray easily pierce through them. Next followed by armored special move, though they will have some restraints, which are;

    -Either a certain body area of mitigation only or whole body
    -Anti Some attributes and not all some doesnt counter an Armored attack, and only regular.
    -Certain amount of hits to mitigate only. exceed the limit and they break.

    For kenshi, his armor attacks can be one of the best due to the fact of the hit matigation, AND fast counter with his move. Making the armor Mitigation a superb answer to any frame trap, footsies or attacks in general, Special moves and anti wake up game. kenshi's armors are Full body THROTTLE (doesnt get stuffed by any thing due to full body invincibility), as well as mitigating 1 hit. Adding fast counters afterwards, due to RK and SC, makes kenshi veyr lethal up close and defense.

    Kenshi's pretty much counters any move in the game except for X rays. Even unblockables. If it's a war of armor move VS another armor move, then it will depend on who will land the second hit first (hince it depends on initial start up speed of who excuted the move faster)
    (E.G Kenshi vs Kenshi , RK VS RK or SC VS SC)

    So to conclude:
    -Very fast stuffer due to two hits attack speed
    -Full body armor mitigation of 1 hit
    -Anti every move in the game , even unblockables. Except for X rays
    -Great Anti wake up, Anti frame traps, Anti pressure strings...etc

    -Anti wake up game (TKS and Armor):

    In the Project learning lab video: Specifically part 7 and 8 covers Armor mitigation moves and TKS Anti wake up use. Take a look at the samples and get a general knowledge of what those moves are capable of in Anti wake up game situations.

    Kenshi's core game is his TKS Pressure and anti Wake up from full screen. Kenshi's Basic core is his Spirit charge hit, sending opponent to full screen, followed by a shut up attack called Tele kenesis Slash. Their are twi main anti wake up games for kenshi, Full screen Oki, and close range Anti Wake up specials/and moves.

    1) Full Screen Okizeme,Anti wake up and general Pressure:

    As seen in the first learning Lab Project for Kenshi. After any combo , try to always finish it with Spirit charge. The reason is, Spirit charge puts opponent at full screen, making the Follow up TKS guaranteed after most of the time. If opponent Played dead, TKS will wake them up. If they woke up and didnt gaurd, TKS will punish for not waking up quickly and gaurding. If opponent rolled, he's stuck at full screen, making TKS a guaranteed punish on Initial Roll animation.

    few moves can escape this TKS Pressure, though, they can escape the direction not TKS in general! What makes this setup even stronger, is that TKS is controllable. Close range, medium range, and far range. the Regular Setup that works everytime is the Far TKS, due to the fact that It catches literlly every move in the game except so few (Example Mil EX teleport, and Smoke EX teleport). But, for characters that has Fast approaches, like Reptiles Dash, medium Range TKS will stuff Reptile for sure....and so on.

    Please be aware, that SC in a combo or as a finisher is amazing for all mid screens. Though, Corner combos, you can break the potential due to the fact that you can link more damage as well as TKS follow up is not 100% safe due to the distance.

    2) Close Range Anti Wake up Moves and Pressure:

    Enhanced version of Rising karma, Plays the Major role in here. As seen in the learning Lab Kenshi Tutorial, EX RK has an armor that can mitigate anything in the game except for X rays.
    EX RK is anti all wake up special moves, so if opponent woke up with a move, EX RK will catch them 100% of the time. if opponent Played dead, then EX RK can OTG (whether blocked or not).

    take a look at section 8 in the project learning Lab video, it shows examples of what EX RK is capable off as anti wake up move.

    -Reflect Guide:

    In the Project learning lab video: part 6 Anti Projectile, Absorbtion and reflect properties. Take a look at the samples and get a general knowledge of what those moves are capable of in different situations.

    As we all know, reflect is an amazing tool. here's a list of what can Kenshi reflect or absorb:

    -Scorpion: Can Absorb EX and regular Spears
    -Sindel: Can reflect and absorb all her ground and air EX or regular Projectiles
    -Subzero: Can regular reflect Regular Freeze. Can Absorb EX freeze. Can Absorb any clones
    -Sonya: Can reflect and absorb EX and regular Projectile
    -Reptile: Can reflect or absorb any Fire balls. Can reflect regular spit. Can absorb EX spit
    -Jax: Can reflect or absord EX or regular Projectiles
    -Ermac: Can Absorb or reflect EX or regular Projectile
    -Noob: Can Reflect Non ground projectile.Can reflect or absorb EX or regular Fog projectile. Can absorb EX Non Ground or EX slide Projectiles
    -Stryker: Can reflect or absrob EX or Regular gun shot as well as bombs
    -Smoke: ------- Cannot reflect or absorb Anything -----
    -Lui Kang: Can reflect and absorb EX or regular AIR or ground projectile (low or high)
    -Mileena: Can reflect and absorb any sai's whether EX or not
    -Kung Lao: Can reflect and absorb any hat projectile, whether EX or not
    -Kitana: Can reflect and absorb any fan whether EX or not. Can reflect and absorb X ray
    -Kano: Can reflect or absorb any Knive projectile whether EX or not
    -Jade: Can reflect and absorb any of Jades projectiles, whether EX or not
    -Nightwolf: Can reflect or absorb his arrows whether Regular or EX
    -Skarlet: Can reflect or absorb any of her ground or air Knives, whether EX or reular. Can reflect or absorb Regular or EX Blood toss
    -Kabal:Can only absorb Regular or EX saws. Can reflect and absorb any of Air or ground Plasma energy Projectile, whether EX or no.
    -Sektor: Can reflect and absorb ANY of sektors missles, whether EX or not. Can Absorb X ray
    -Baraka: Can reflect and absorb Regular or EX projectile
    -Cyrax: Can reflect and absorb EX or regular EX. Can reflect and absorb EX bombs
    -Shang tsung: Can reflect and absorb ANY skull projectile
    -Cyber Subzero: Can reflect Regular Freeze. Can absorb EX freeze
    -Quanchi: Can reflect and absorb Regular or EX skulls. Can Absorb Runes ex or regular
    -Kenshi: Can Absorb X ray
    -Raiden: Can reflect and absorb Projectiles, whether EX or regular
    -Rain: Can reflect and absorb Water bubble, whether EX or regular
    -Sheeva: Can reflect or Absorb EX or regular projectile
    -Kratos: Can reflect and absorb Regular or EX projectiles

    -OTG Blockables/Soft Resets :

    In the Project learning lab video: Part 5 coveres OTG Mixups/Pressure followed by sustaind footsie pressure.It covers the OTG blockable reset. Take a look at the samples and get a general knowledge of what those moves are capable of, and how does OTG reset works in general.

    It's a blockable OTG! the idea is that after some certain moves and situation, if Kenshi tried to input a specified brackets of moves, it will cause an OTG effect. It's not exactly a Reset due to the fact, it's blockable, though you can consider it an OTG due to the fact that u will force opponent to either Block the guard pressure follow up or get hit by another string sequence.

    The OTG example is done after any launcher in the game, Whether RK, {2,1,2}TC, Or {f+2,2,b+1}TC. After the Launcher, a dash in is required (not a very Deep Dash in though). After the dash, f+2,2,b+1 must barely 3 Hit opponent, so timing might be a little strict first depending on the launcher effect. After the the TC connects (f+2,2,b+1), some certain follow up if used and timed correctly will cause the OTG Blockable Reset Effect.Can be done either in Corner or not, though corner OTG timing and spacing is slightly different.

    The usefulness of this series, is that it can be used for pressure and mind mix ups game. here are some examples of what you can do. Note: Not all of them are useful compared to f+3,2 or cr+4. these two are the best examples

    Example Launcher f+2,2,b+1: Afterwards a Dash in F+2,2,b+1, and then any of the following:

    The most useful of all the OTG blockables examples.It forces opponent to Block Low while in the middle of a juggle. You can use those mix ups examples as follow up

    -On hit, f+3,2~ RK : followed by your desired combo choice
    -f+3~TKS : On hit or block
    -f+3,2~TKS: On block, though, opponent can counter with fast specials after blocking f+3,2.
    -f+3,2~EXRK: On block or hit. Good on Block for pushing away kenshi to safety.though not effective due to the fact or using/wasting a meter which can be very useful at time.

    The second useful move to be used. Sadly, this is a very shenanigans due to the fact that TKS after cr+4 is not linkable. Though ,this setup is useful in corner due to the fact that TKS on hit can stagger opponent. So in corner, whether hit or blocked, cr+4~TKS footsie might be useful on giving kenshi a slight edge on being Offensive/ Guard pressuring, or simple mixups in general.

    3)Other Examples: They are not that useful compared to the previous two examples.

    -f+2,2,b+1 or f+2,2,b+2:
    Can be done mid screen and/or corner. Though the timing is very Strict, and by far the hardest of all of the OTG blockacble reset example. Not very effective due to the Fact it's all blocked high, whether b+1 finisher or b+2 finisher.

    -b+2 or Standing 3 (Corner Only):
    Can be used to reset as well.

    - Late SC and RK (Both EX version can be used as well)
    Late excution of RK or SC may cause this effect.

    -Kenshi Frame data:

    Many thanks to Dr.dogg for his useful work on Frame data on TYM! Ty so much for this and all the other characters frame data. I know it's not the full frame transcript, but this atleats help us in identifying a lot of stuff in the game.
    Thank you
    Refrence of actual Thread:

    Attack - Execution Frames


    1 - 10
    2 - 12
    3 - 13
    4 - 28
    d+1 - 6
    d+2 - 14
    d+3 - 7
    d+4 - 12
    u+4 - 26
    f+2 - 12
    f+3 - 15
    f+4 - 23
    b+2 - 19
    b+4 - 19
    Throw - 10

    1,1,1 - 10
    1,1,2 - 10
    1,1,4 - 10
    2,1,b+2 - 12
    2,1,f+4 - 12
    f+2,2,b+1 - 12
    f+2,2,b+2 - 12
    f+3,2 - 15


    b,f+2 - 8 (14 from max range)
    d,b+1 - 14
    d,b+4 - 25
    d,f+4 - 25
    d,b,f+4 - 25
    b,f+3 - 21
    d,b+2 - N/A

    EX Specials:

    b,f+2 - 8
    d,b+1 - 14
    d,b+4 - 25
    d,f+4 - 25
    d,b,f+4 - 25
    b,f+3 - 21
    d,b+2 - N/A

    X-Ray - 25 (43 from full screen)

    -Combos and New/Advanced Combos:

    In the Project learning lab video: part 1 and 2 covers Combos and Bnb's. Take a look at the samples and get a general knowledge of what those combos are, and what Kenshi capable of as a combotere.

    New Ideas and combos:

    -f+2,2,b+1 x2, dash in d+1~ RK , dash in f+3,2~ SC
    40% An improved BNB. not that worth it compared to the regular 39%. though it's diffenatly a nice tool to discover, that after f+2,2,b+1 you can actually dash in, into cr+1~ rk to relunch and continue the juggle. Landing the regular at the end, is time strict.

    -Anti jump p: dash in f+3,2~ rk, dash in f+3,2~ SC
    20% this is the best answer or combo follow up i can find after Jump in P (Air to air). Easy to pull as well and very reliable.

    -Corner: f+3,2~ EX SC d+1~ RK/. b+2, d+1~RK, d+1~ SC
    35%. The idea of this combo is that , EX SC in corner can be followed up after by cr+1 into RK. so i was missing around and i came up with this combo

    -Corner: f+2,2,b+1, f+3,2~ EX SC. d+1~ RK/. b+2, 3~RK, cr+1~sc
    45%. The same concept like the previous combo. though, this is a VERY excution heavy

    -Kenshi Matchups:

    I've been playing kenshi offline and online now since he was released. Though more online than offline. here are some of my view on the matchups, some of them i am pretty sure due to a lot of refrences and reason/ experience, others are still in progress.

    Subzero VS Kenshi: 5 - 5

    I would say kenshi does have upper hand for sure. So far i played every good subzero (Except few, like Shoryuken from the 88's) on PSN and some good sub players offline. out of 5 matches, kenshi would win 5 while subzero tops 2 or 3 when it's a happy day for them. i would give this match a 4 -6 favored kenshi.
    the main reason is because it's SO EASY to pass through sub. Sub goin offensive , then he wont have many tools at all, even in corner against kenshi. Thus kenshi has free lancing manuevering in this match, especially in close.

    -Corner trap doesnt work due to RK or SC , which stuffs sub easily. also 2,1 footsies is anti sub 2,2.

    -Projectile game wont work with subzero due to reflect and absorbtion. It will be hard for Subzero to get closer, and if he slides and it's blocked, subzero can be severely punished afterwards.

    -Clones trap wont work due to kenshi's Turtle and okizeme. Whether with TKS or SC. thus making Kenshi superb against subzero range game, due to projectile reflect and his special moves footsies (SC and TKS and RK)

    -Armor mitigation shuts down any wake up from Subzero, aside form footsies. In general it escapes pressure easily as well. EX SC shuts down Subzero as well.

    -sub zero resorting to slide = dead sub zero

    In general, subzero doesnt have lots of answers in here. his clones traps doesnt work, his projectile game is not effective at all against kenshi. Sadly projectile and turtle game, is SUBZERO's core. TKS along with Reflect/absorb shuts down Sub far away, forcing him to get closer. Close range, kenshi doesnt that much problem, due to the fact kenshi doesnt need to jump at all to counter anything. As well as subzero doesnt have a lot of mix ups on pressure guard at all, except his med Kick. so all you have to do is block High, and then RK any reckless attempt of either jump in form subzero, Clones,or Pressure guard.

    Things to be aware off from Subzero:
    1-All his combos are blocked high and finishers blocked Low. Blocked Low due to the fact they are linkable into Special moves, so slide can be a mix up option.

    2-Watch his f+2,1 and 2,2 Frame traps. This f+2,1 and 2 frame traps on block are so fast and tricky. EX armor from kenshi is a good answer for complete safety.

    3-Subzero on offensive is the only answer to kenshi in this match up. If sub reached kenshi, he can be a little pain , specially with his trap gaurd/frame traps, or in general Mix ups and cross ups. So dont let subzero in and always save a meter to break through his traps with either EX RK combo punish, or EX SC push away.

    -Ermac VS Kenshi: 5 - 5

    Will be Discussed Later

    UPDATE: will be posted with correct numbers and fixed at the end of this week

    I apologize for the matchups for now. Though, these are still on progress. I have the write ups for the matches, but i would like to still take a week or two of learning kenshi's matchup before posting any analyses.

    Will be in constant update as well as the combo Section

    To all kenshi players, dont judge kenshi based on online play! he's simply not that great against a lot of matches online due to the fact that kenshi is a heavy character!
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  4. Vilén

    Vilén too smart to play MKX

    This is an excellent contribution.
  5. xxteefxx

    xxteefxx Kenshi Moderator

    Project Learning lab for Kenshi is complete. From now on, it will be minor updates from time to time.

    The videos that complete the Projects are:


    A very nice Kenshi tutorial. Made by my friend and collaborator, Under_the_Mayo
    we wanted to release this vid together with the write up, so each can compliment each other. both our PLL project are completely different. Actually Mayo has a complete different approach in looking at kenshi than mine. Which proves, every person has his own Charisma.
    If you wanna start learning kenshi from scratch, i recommend you watching this vid! hands down. the vid covers a very important Basics, Concepts, and Meter management and many more.
    a something must see by everyone for sure

    enjoy the vid!

    thanks for the great work from mayo! looking forward if we can work together for sure next time :)

    Kenshi PLL act.1, tutorial project.

    this write up fully explains this vid as well as Kenshi as a character. The write up explains every details that i can think of. ANy question please feel free to either Ask me or Mayo about the content.

    The write up will be updated from time to time. and will be also updated soon to add Reference from mayo's Vid.
    for example: meter Managment part , 1,1,4~ RK for building meter.

    thanks for all your support and reading
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  6. doomfarmer

    doomfarmer unorthodox


  7. PoliceBrutality

    PoliceBrutality Let's go green!!!!

    Thanks for sharing :)
  8. Godking Nori

    Godking Nori I2 > SF5
    Premium Supporter

    In the main post, under special moves, B/F3 is not listed. Awesome guide, keep up the good work
  9. God like. Simply God like. Leaning heavily towards maining him. Is the Smoke matchup really that bad?
  10. Under_The_Mayo

    Under_The_Mayo Master of Quanculations
    Premium Supporter

    It is TERRIBLE. The smoke bombs completely destroy Kenshi's ability to use any of his projectiles. Tele flurry, spirit charge, and tele slash are all death wishes against Smoke. Plus, you can't reflect the smoke bombs!! And after everyone combo, Smoke can whiff a teleport punch to appear next to you, and crossover to nullify Kenshi's wake up options. It's so bad man... so bad.
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  11. xxteefxx

    xxteefxx Kenshi Moderator

    Yup....check's new BNB

    42% without meter and 43% with meter

    can be a little hard due to hitbox requiration, but this is completely fantastic!
    check with his great findings like always
  12. Ashenar

    Ashenar Just a slightly above average player.....

    Great stuff teef and great fight using kenshi vs brady's sub even if it was a loss you showed alot of tech to use against top level players.
  13. shoshinsha

    shoshinsha Noob

    Can this be done with a regular Spirit Charge, or only ex? If only ex, that means it does 5% more damage than Kenshi's basic f22b1 bnb at the cost of a meter. Not a great tradeoff, IMO.
  14. xxteefxx

    xxteefxx Kenshi Moderator

    hmmm.... alright. Yes Regular SC is linkable but strict timing "42% without meter and 43% with meter"
    you can make the BNB to be 40% as well instead of 42% or 43% by doing : f+2,2,b+1 x2, dash in d+1~ RK, f+3,2~SC

    *If only ex, that means it does 5% more damage than Kenshi's basic f22b1 bnb at the cost of a meter. Not a great tradeoff, IMO.
    not correct, EX SC in a juggle will do 1 % extra only.
    also Kenshi's regular bnb is 39% (36% wihtout NJP), so this BNB is only 4% extra with meter.

    and yes, this juggle is not meant for casual use. this is to open the bracket of kenshi's potential :)
  15. TeeJayKay

    TeeJayKay Noob

    These two vids basically inspired me to buy kenshi, talk about well worth the money

    Good stuff, appreciate it teef and mayo
  16. xxteefxx

    xxteefxx Kenshi Moderator

    Incoming third installment at the end of the month, as well as improving the write up and additions

    Write up upgrade:
    -Small Gramatic fixes
    -Fixes in content (missing Notes or correction of some of the mentioned stuff)
    -Matchup updates
    -New content update

    thnx for all, keep and spread the kenshi love.....apparently, i am SO hated right now online/offline and been called names and spammer because of kenshi! lol....<3 luv luv

    please await the coming 3rd vid installment soon
  17. xxteefxx

    xxteefxx Kenshi Moderator

    Alright, so this is for the match up chart Community project as well as part of the guide. this is just a quick Update of the matchups.

    First off, will be releasing matches soon enough to insure the match up score, as well as show some competition for kenshi against some known tournament players.

    secondly, a release of kenshi act.2 will be out before NEC and after salty battles.

    third, ty for ur support ^_^

    here's a quick list just to be up to date:

    ## Kenshi VS scorpion
    5 - 5

    -This is fairley 50/50. Scorpion doesnt have any advantage over Kenshi with any thing beside the idea of vortex gambling.
    -is Teleports are punsihable by nature of blocking, or EX teleport to be punished within animation with full combo or even after.
    -Scorpions frame traps after EX teleport doesnt work, due to the fact that kenshi can EX armor through
    -EX armors go through Hell fire and spear baits

    ## Kenshi VS subzero
    5 - 5

    -I would say kenshi's favor slightly. Kenshi can completely shut down Subzero's Zoning game
    -Kenshi can reflect/absorb any projectile as well as punish jump in's, close clone zoning, and any frame trap.
    -Sub Regular b+2 reset is never effective against kenshi when he has meter. due to armor on the moves
    -Kenshi is a threat to subzero once subzero is pressure in corner due to Regular SC OTGing of the floor as well as EX SC anti wake up. hence making kenshi at corner, more effective.
    -Kenshi can easily get out of subzero corner traps due to SC, RK and armors

    ## Kenshi vs Reptile
    4 - 6

    -very hard matchup for kenshi due to the fact that reptile moves really fast.
    -EX SFB or regular FB okizemi or zoning, are hard to reflect due to reptile's elbow dahs follow ups mixups and pressure
    -Kenshi is easily punishable on block RK due to 6 frame elbow dash as well as distance. same goes for blocked cr+4~ into TKS.
    thus making kenshi resorting to bait and different pressure to force bait elbow's and what not.
    -Kenshi has a good advantage against reptile zoning due to capitalize TKS control, Teleflurry and reflects. thus making kenshi better at full, mid and zone game
    -as long as reptile on kenshi with pressure and punish, kenshi might have a problem escaping due to the fact of: meter requiration on Anti cross up, or perfect adjustment, perfect arc reading to punish with cr+1 or standing 1...etc
    -Kenshi cannot Fully punish FB or EX FB okizeme if done for pressure purpose. thus making reptile a hard foe to get away and off from.
    -Reptile has no answer for kenshi SC and EX SC corner pressure on knock down except for EX slide. in that case, EX SC has advantage over reptile EX slide. making kenshi pressuring in corner, a way to win the match...upper hand for kenshi (consider it, the same idea as subzero's Clone traps. instead, using SC , EX SC for Plus frame advantage and frame traps, and RK ...also note, both EX SC and RK in corner, tell max sweep distance, can combo afterwards with them)

    ## Kenshi VS ermac
    5.5 - 4.5

    -Nothing special. Very 50/50
    -the reaosn why it might be sligthly kenshi favor, is because Kenshi controls space way better than ermac. Thus forcing ermac to get in instead
    -as long as ermac is on kenshi, the kenshi has advantage. Ermac doesnt excel at close range/ pressure

    ## Kenshi VS noob
    5 - 5

    -Very hard matchup due to projectile spam. kenshi cannot reflect back the projectile, can can null them
    -Hard to proceed with TKS or TF or SC zoning due to the fact that most of the case they will hit trade.Though, once ur inside noob, noob doesnt have ANY answers. Also noob doesnt have any powerful frame traps, making kenshi even better at defense in close.
    -Reflect will only nullyfy the projectile and not reflect them.hence Kenshi Zoning will be a little hinder. THOUGH! as soon as kenshi is in, Noob doesnt have much to d:confused:nce kenshi is in, kenshi will have Advantage over Noob

    ## Kenshi vs SMoke
    5.5 - 4.5

    -I think it can go SLIGHTLY kenshi's favor
    -Bomb not an issue due to armors in general (if needed to be used)
    -Easily counters Smokes frame trap completely safe due to armors
    -easy 7 frame counter for kenshi against IATP from smoke. doing so by cr+1~ Rising Karma.
    -Smoke can escape regular corner trap of SC and RK with an EX TP. though, cannot escape Corner traps if kenshi used EX SC

    Kenshi VS rain
    4 - 6

    ## Kenshi vs Mil
    4.5 - 5.5

    -Some people agree with me, and some dont. the only reason why this match is 5 - 5 in my opinion is because of the following:
    A-Mil is good Zoner and out zoner and Turtler as well.
    B-Kenshi Can easily punish Rolls and even catch early bird TK.
    c-THOUGH! as long as mil is inside, Kenshi can have a little trouble especially with her mix ups and EX TK
    -Mil frame traps are hard to escape without wasting an ex meter.
    -Mil doesnt have to spam to get away with sais, all she needs to do is approach carefully and set on kenshi
    -Kenshi Nullyfies sai's and reflect them. shuting down any turtling game
    -Due to TKS control and SC, it makes Mil hard to get in if she's not using an EX TK.

    ## Kenshi VS kitana
    6 - 4

    -Kitana Has no answers against kenshi UNLESS she gets in and pressure
    -Kenshi shuts down Kitana's Zone and turtle game very easily with TKS, SC and RK punish
    -Kitana in corner is a victim of kenshi's SC trap. non of her Wake up move can escape either EX SC or SC at sweep distance. making kenshi a better corner controller

    Kenshi VS Jade
    6 - 4

    Kenshi VS skarlet
    5.5 - 4.5

    Kenshi VS sektor
    4 - 6

    Kenshi VS cyrax
    4 - 6

    Kenshi VS Csubzero
    4 - 6

    Kenshi VS Krugur
    5 - 5

    Kenshi VS Sindel
    6 - 4

    Kenshi VS Sonya
    6 - 4

    Kenshi VS Jax
    4 - 6

    Kenshi VS cage
    5 - 5

    Kenshi VS Stryker
    6 - 4

    Kenshi VS Liu
    5 - 5

    Kenshi VS Kung
    3 - 7

    Kenshi VS Kano
    5 - 5

    Kenshi VS NW
    3.5 - 6.5

    Kenshi VS Kabal
    3.5 - 6.5

    Kenshi VS Baraka
    5.5 - 4.5

    KEnshi VS Shang
    5 - 5

    Kenshi VS Quan
    5 - 5

    Kenshi VS raiden
    4 - 6

    Kenshi VS Sheeva
    6 - 4
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  18. xxteefxx

    xxteefxx Kenshi Moderator

    Thread been Pumped and Slightly edited. Weekend Will fully release ACt.2 as will as Other vid, match vids with kenshi and guide Improvement
  19. Tolkeen

    Tolkeen /wrists

    I re-read the guide and noticed that you have d3 as an OTG move, well I've been trying to use it more frequently to set up pressure, but I'm noticing that sometimes it whiffs on opponents on the ground. Will it only work if the opponent is holding block while? Or are there some other properties that I need to take into account before I try to OTG my opponent?
  20. Ashenar

    Ashenar Just a slightly above average player.....

    Hey tolkeen I was wondering the same thing and I believe it's on block that the d3 picks the person off the ground. But I am not 100% sure.
  21. Ashenar

    Ashenar Just a slightly above average player.....

    Also just wondering it seams that the current wake up system doesn't allow for tks after a combo push full screen to wake up the opponent. Looks like you have to delay it which stinks because I believe other characters cause you to quick rise on certain moves.
  22. LEGEND

    Premium Supporter

    didn't see meter any meter building stats for Kenshi's specials (only skimmed through so sorry if there are)

    here is what i got:

    45 Rising Karma and/or Spirit Charges = 1 bar. 9 blocked SC/RK = 1 bar
    17 Blade Reflect = 1 bar
    27 tele slashes= 1 bar. 8 on block
    17 tele furies = 1 bar. 7 on block
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  23. xxteefxx

    xxteefxx Kenshi Moderator

    nice work, ty for puttin this!!
  24. Juggs

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    Lead Moderator

    Amazing videos xxteefxx and Under_The_Mayo - Mayo, yours especially is really helpful for a beginner like myself. Teef, yours was good too it just went too fast.
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  25. xxteefxx

    xxteefxx Kenshi Moderator

    hehe ty dude!
    and yes i video is different's like tryin to put as MUCH!! as info as possible in one small video lol.

    glad u liked our stuff. also be prepared for the REAL tutorial after FR....i think u will like it

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