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Dec 24, 2013
Jan 13, 2011
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Kenshi Moderator, from Philadelphia

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Dec 24, 2013
    1. gdf
      What is the Kung Lao/Kenshi matchup? I don't know if the October numbers are still accurate.
      1. xxteefxx
        I currently changed them. this is the worst matchup for Kenshi. Can hit 7 - 3
        Feb 29, 2012
      2. gdf
        Much appreciated.
        Feb 29, 2012
    2. shinshistu
      are you are on psn i have you on my friends list
    3. Briggs8417
      Are you going to Final Round?
    4. Check
      so sorry i fell asleep last night. if you can give me a call right away i'd appreciate it.
    5. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      All right. I accept your apology, and I hope you accept mine too for overreacting. Again, I have nothing personal against you. I will send you a friend's request as a peace offer.
    6. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      I saw some stuff in the MKU shoutbox, but I did not have time to reply at that moment. No other person was involved. I have nothing against you personally. My only point is, if you want to claim that someone does not use a character to his/her potential, which is what you said, then I say you had better be able to prove that you CAN. That is all I am saying.
    7. Check
      Hey... whats up man. lol
    8. Hatake Osawa
      Hatake Osawa
      Sup Teef? Nice to hear there was another Kenshi player out there that is actually better then Blackula! =P Lol Considering the fact he told me you taught him everything there is to know about him. So I shouldn't feel bad getting whooped by him sometimes. But I am getting better with that matchup, know. It was great to have you part of the commentary with Tom Brady and SwiftTomHanks in the finals. Hope to see you again sometime? Maybe in another local tournament, or a major? Maybe Final Round? We shall see. =) Take care of yourself!
    9. michaelangelo
      TEEF! My buddy! Sadly I cant make it this time but I will go back to the east coast sometime. Do you have a psn? I would love to practice with you!
    10. Check
      Whats up Teef? You ready for some more Castlevania? Hope you download those chapters!
    11. Briggs8417
      Thanks for the assists on the thread friend I appreciate the help.
    12. Briggs8417
      Hey man, I just wanted to say thanks for the shout out on my thread again, it is greatly appreciated. Also because you definitely know the character a lot better than I do, whenever you get a chance please check and see if I seem to be a good enough job. You mentioned I messed up on some things and corrections would be greatly appreciated.
      It was My favorite Holiday in the World!
    14. CitizenSnips
      Oh ok Eaziel is 443-415-4188. Sorry all I know are people's gamer handle names lol. And yeah chances are we will fight each other or another Reptile lol
    15. CitizenSnips
      craig is swifttomhanks right? if so then 610-283-3163. also you can just post that match wheneever you can I just wanted to make sure you didnt delete it or something lol
    16. sLeeK
      Good stuff man. Yeah I was really impressed on how well josh99 played. That was the first time I got to see your reptile in action and man was it pretty <3

      Wish you the best.
    17. CitizenSnips
      actually i'm unsure as to whether i can go or not. Ezail is supposed to text me sometime about more details as to what is happening. I actually have class from 11-11:50 and I'm not sure if i can skip it or not. whenever he tells me what's exactly going on then I'll let you know too. I would love to go though, I just placed 2nd at Rivercity Runbacks and I really want to go to Salty Battles.

      Also where's that video lolol
    18. sLeeK
      TEEF!!! how the hell you been/where ya been? I am tired of waking up and not seeing threads of yours :grr: haha <3
      I watched some footage of you playing josh99 that kid was legit with his ermac. I was in a chat room with him during mk stream and a bunch of people were trolling him #haters.

      Anyways just commenting to touch base with ya, late.
    19. G4S KT
      G4S KT
      yo teef! come back up next friday. I want more practice against your reptile lol
    20. CitizenSnips
      you gonna post that match between me and bryan soon :) ?
    21. Hitoshura
      yo dude. The interview u took of me. You should ask storm to post it on tym front page along with he other one XD
    22. CitizenSnips
      what's up man. yeah my amtrak trip got cancelled and they said the next trip was available on tuesday. i luckily was able to get a ride with azeal since he lives in baltimore. hope to see you again sometime hopefully we won't have to fight in the beginning lol
    23. redeyes
      i'll be calling tomorrow for more info after i get all that ill let you know!
    24. redeyes
      this weekend im going to a PlayNtrade tournament for MK here in mount laurel you should try to make it over to here.
    25. redeyes
      yeah to that address its only a 40min drive.
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