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Juicy IV: Which reportedly 3-7 or worse match ups are a bill?

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Which commonly accepted "unwinnable" match ups are in fact only slight advantage? Maybe even? Are there any match ups where you feel one side doesn't play it right or perhaps one side is getting out played? Maybe some of them are unexplored and everyone just threw out 3-7 as a meta 1 talking point. Discuss.


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Not sure what honeybee thinks but i have come to terms that its only 6-4 at worst. if you just try to zone with DS and not take advantage of all his other tools then yeah its like a 9-1 MU in that regard lol.
Flash vs DS definitely isn't a 7-3. I haven't played the top DS reps... not completely sure who they are... but I've played it and it's obvious that DS has options. I have it as a 6-4 Flash but I would be open to even making it a 5-5 if I was properly convinced in an offline set.


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So, if neither Zyphox or Honeybee are selling it as a 7-3, who the hell is??

Also, MMH 7-3ing Zod is a bill.


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Has a high level Flash player played us?
Fair enough.

Explain how Deathstroke only loses the match 6:4 when...

- Deathstroke's zoning is irrelevant.
- the footsies are even, but the damage output is severely in Flash's favor.
- Flash can punish sword spin which very few characters can.

Sinestro/Aquaman 7-3ing ZOD

Sorry our character is just harder and isn't braindead to play and it took us a while to catch up

Both are probably 5-5
100% true. To this day, Zod requires more effort to beat Aquaman and Sinestro than vice versa.

Zod loses to Martian Manhunter 7:3, though. Martian Manhunter is Zod's only bad match up.