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Jax and Kitana revealed in MK11


Mr. Righteous
Lol of course I’d rather they go straight to MK12 but they also have that game to cater to as well

And no I’m not pissed. It’s beta day so I’m just fine lol. Just calling out BS as always.
Welp. I'm glad there's people like you that don't cater to the bullshit. Keep it up Big Sean ;)

BTW....we need to play muthafucka! Its been waaaaaaay too long!
How would you guys feel if Kitana had a skin like this in MK11

art by artist
Yep, that's nice. Assassin skin like we've seen in the trailer, and something like this as her Princess/Kahn skin. Although i'd love to see something like her MKX default and alternate versions as well.

Couple of things, I'd lose the little bows and maybe give her actual boots. Also the blades on the fans should all be facing the same way.

Otherwise thumbs up!