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Square Triangle X for attacks and Circle for the gimmick feels so awkward to me. I might have to adjust controller settings when the game comes out because it's so frustrating. ;_;

Game plays like a dream though.


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Is doomsday upped or something? He seems far too powerful. Is anything of his punishable at all?


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Yeah, I can tell I am going to have to spend quite a bit of time in Training. I only played the demo for about 10 minutes and than I had to take it out because of the FUCKING ANNOYING AS HELL AI!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, nice smooth and consistent frame rate on the PS3, none of that hideous MK9 slowdown is present.


Played some matches with a buddy today. For me the game has a nice feel, can't wait for release!

So far I like Lex the most, the mine is a nice tool against Batmans pull stuff


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So far, I'm pretty disappointing w Lex slow startup on most attacks, mobility, and his trait. Trait cant be used during combos as speculated.


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I know that for no meter, Batman with 3 bats active can do something to the effect of 224 j.2 b.24 3 d.f.1 and its some 35% combo.


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Is anybody else getting the feeling that Batman will suffer from lowhitbox characters and ducking characters?
No chance, from what I can tell his f.4 is a quick overhead and he can toss out d.2 b.24 for a free 27% off of anyone he catches sleeping. Thats not counting the bats for tick.


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No chance, from what I can tell his f.4 is a quick overhead and he can toss out d.2 b.24 for a free 27% off of anyone he catches sleeping. Thats not counting the bats for tick.
He has no f4... you are either refering to f2 which is 14 frames or f3 which is 29. Both are slow as hell and can be poked (I have tested this with my roomate). What you are not seeing is the fact that Batman still has to dash up, wait for the pause after the dash THEN do a slower move...


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Good Stuff. I'm in the "Half-Lab" already. Interesting and fun to learn, will be easier to do so with A: practice mode and B: my actual characters. Lookin good so far, whole new ballgame


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I'm sorry if this is out of the blue but I thought I'd see if anyone else thought the same as me!

I'm really loving the little things in this game. Like how when you hover over a character in the selection screen, there's a little animation in the bottom corner that relates to the character.

I also like the voice that announces which character was chosen and does the whole "Begin!" and "Batman wins" stuff. I imagine it like, being the Bat Computer's voice.

I dunno, its just awesome.


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damn .... this game looks so cool and fine !! Nice stuff, however, there are tons of options to explore yet, IGAU seems to have a higher learning curve than MK9, making it much more hard to become a real top pro player, hehe !! :D

NRS did a great job, and the game looks fantastic, with a lot of stuff to be explored along the year, when the game (full version) come out :cool:


I've heard several other people mention this as well, but in the current state I'm kind of disappointed with the movement in this game.
The inability to cancel dashes with blocking or attack while dashing makes the game feel very stiff and clunky.

I'm afraid that it's too late in the game to really change a major aspect like that, but I can't really understand why they would implement movement like that or why this wasn't really brought up in play testing. It seems like such a huge step backwards from MK9 when so many other aspects of the game have been vastly improved.
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