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Lex Combos and Setups

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I personally just say (R2/RT) whenever I have to annotate it. People get the jist.

Also 112 d.d.4 then dash is a nice little set-up I've found. They can't wake-up on the spot and if they roll away you can actually body check or j.4 if you let the momentum carry you. If they roll towards hit them with the cross-up j.4 anyways.

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Also I've noticed u can vacuum off of an UNBREAKABLE missle starter

There has got to be a reset setup for this at minimum in the corner


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So in this game, you do the special then hit the EX button? Hmmm...interesting.
It makes sense, because a lot of the enhancements enhance attacks either later on, or when they make contact. For example with Lex, if a gravity mine hits them, you can burn a bar to pop them up. Or if you catch them with the Gravity Pull, you can spend a bar to keep them close afterward instead of blasting them away.

It feels pretty natural in practice given that most of the EXs add "after the fact" functionality and aren't just armored versions of regular moves.


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the f*cking demo won't finish downloading. but since lex is first in my demolist, i'll keep an eye here.


I think I have a bomb setup for a reset. 112~far bomb, dash up b3, b2~EX vacuum. after EX vac you just repeat it. Not sure if it's escapable yet, probably can just quick rise out of it though.

edit: you can tech roll out, but if they don't it works.


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Has anyone been trying to get some mix-ups? i think that the b3 cancel can be useful. Also, as said before, canceling your string into mine seem like a decent reset. still don't know how the air mine works though
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