Injustice Battle Arena Voting is LIVE - Link Inside + Doomsday in Gameplay & First Look at Shazam!

Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by Euphoric, Feb 5, 2013.

By Euphoric on Feb 5, 2013 at 12:17 PM
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    Today is the day and right now is the time! Voting for the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena has begun (link below!). Week 1 consists of the DC Gotham city rivals Batman versus the foe that broke his back in the comic, Bane! That's just one of the two fights - there is also Harley Quinn vs Wonder Woman. You are also eligible to win neat prizes as shown below, but you must go vote!​
    Also, we have confirmation of Doomsday being playable? As well as a first look at Shazam thanks to Rathalos !​
    dooms3.jpg dooms2.jpg shazam.png
    VOTE through this link :
    Week 1 Match Ups -
    Bane vs Batman​
    Wonder Woman vs Harley Quinn​
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Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by Euphoric, Feb 5, 2013.

    1. DoubleLeo
      Im calling it now, Harley vs. Wonder Woman sounds very one sided, but its a game. Anyone can win. We have the best players for each character going head to head. Bet you they are setting us up with this one. I think they want to tear down some pre-concieved notions that many comic book fans have. I will not be surprised if Harley wins. Bet you she is a very tricky character to play against. Wonder Woman might be powerful, but just like superman, very straightforward. I voted for Wonder Woman by the way. Im just another one of the many pragmatic suckers who are falling for the obvious choice.
    2. ahzman
      either way I'm just happy he's in the game thats gotta count for somethin!
    3. Reedoms
      Yea, it was like 2 or 3 years before they completely owned Cap. It's still dumb as all hell though. Mar-vell is hardly even used these days and the newest book using the name is already getting canceled not even 10 issues in.
    4. Euphoric
      Prolly cus the whole studio is called Mahvel brah.
    5. trufenix
      The entire thing is DCs fault, but thats cause back then comics were a violently competitive business. The simple truth is DC used their power to murder a character they thought was infringing on their own. Years later, DC decides to try and use that character for their own profits. Who can blame Marvel Comics for making a character with that name in that 10-15 year span?

      Besides, I don't think there was ever a DC vs Marvel Comics suit over it, they just started publishing his books as Shazam!. Its only confusing to people who haven't ever followed his comics, which is why with New 52 they just decided to chalk it up as a loss and totally change his name.
    6. Reedoms
      They could call him Captain Marvel in cartoons and in books, just not on the cover of them. That's why it was always "Power of Shazam" or some variation.
    7. Juggs
      Here's a free avatar/theme code, don't want it plus at school.


      I know most already have got this, just wanted to share.
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    8. RapZiLLa54
      Don't break my heart. Cartoon Network has been getting crucified for the decision

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    9. AssassiN
      Thanks man :).
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    10. Don Steel
      Don Steel
      I still can't believe this was the "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" that they needed all this prep for!
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    11. shaowebb
      Too many threads to follow on all this and more keep popping up :C

      Oh well, I'll live. Really glad for the free DLC and I can see why this took another day to setup because voting, twitter/facebook linking, and DLC code distribution is a bit more technical than just setting up a video online. Good job NRS. Im having a lot of fun and can't wait for these matches.
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    12. Spinky
      I'm loving this. This Battle Arena thing is huge, will probably reveal more characters, tons of celebrities are involved in it, gives us free DLC, will probably bring tons more people to the game and will actually give us some decent gameplay, and some people are still unsatisfied. What the fuck lol.
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    13. Siky
      You don't believe they needed prep for a system that was setup for voting and recording information for internal/marketing use as well as to setup graphically to work in conjunction with other social media websites so that they could give you free stuff?

      Sometimes i wonder...
    14. KHAOTIC_Flames
      we get that... we do its just that we rather have gameplay vids instead of this bs aimed at comic geeks.
    15. Spinky
      Um. You'll get that on Friday.
    16. KHAOTIC_Flames
      Knowing Nrs we wont but maybe by the end of next week right
    17. shaowebb
      Who said I was dissatisfied? I just wish everyone didn't make the same thread for the same news is all. Im hype as hell for whats going on!
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    18. Mt. Mutombo
      Mt. Mutombo
      Oooooo i love me some free shit! Wonder what skin will be available next week!

      Here's hoping for some batman beyond alt skin! Or something for bane!
    19. Spinky
      I wasn't talking about you.
    20. Siky
      I agree with you, I just don't see how this still isn't "big". There are plenty of questions, but honestly if you want to talk from a hardcore stand point, new character gameplay vids are pretty secondary to what the hell is happening with the system in general. Hard concrete information should be what people are clamoring for, but I don't see it. All I see are people wanting new character reveals and showing how new characters play or what moves they have.

      1. How about CLASH?! Don't you want to know what happened with the Wager system since NOBODY liked it? We know it still exists in a way, but there's no real explanation as to how it's changed. Apparently it's transformed into a Breaker system, there's too many assumptions on what happened and honestly, the game is 2 months away, so uh, sup?

      2. We know by now that environments aside from stage transitions being annoyingly long, aren't game breaking at the moment. They simply reward you for being aware and making use of them to extend combos, the only problem from there really is do they lead to situations that become 1 touch deaths and how the community will look at it. Will it be accepted for being positional or hated for being too easy.

      3. How are all the basic movements and system features working? Are there SF style cross-ups or MK style cross-ups where the character turns around in mid air? Do neutral jump punches still float you in the air or does jumping and doing a normal move not really affect your jump. How much (extra) damage do stage transitions and environmental hazards add to your combos in general or does that vary greatly between characters (which could greatly affect tiers if people don't want to be stuck playing on a single stage that by default has nothing set on it which I am 100% guaranteed sure will annoy the crap out of most players and viewers if the tourney standard was basically 1 stage that didn't have environmental hazards aka Smash Bros with not just items turned off, but limited to only 1 stage ever).

      I don't see any of these, anywhere. I don't know, if you really want something, why not ask for something important. Who cares if Bane plays like Grundy if the game forces you to play poker with your meter in a system where nobody really wins and everybody is annoyed after the 5th time you go through it.
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    21. davidovitch
      That's not Doomsday, that's Lois Lane. Didn't you guys read the comic?
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    22. Phase 3
      Phase 3
      A lot of that hardcore information is actually out there but you have to dig for it typically. If you're really interested in hardcore stuff (in-depth character breakdowns, impact of stage hazards on competitive play, descriptions of all of Injustice's known advanced techniques and how they contribute to building an overall metagame, etc.) you should check out InjusticeLive. It's a live stream every Monday but archives are uploaded onto Youtube shortly thereafter. The show covers all that stuff as well as comics, costumes and more.

      Episode 1 Archive

      Episode 2 Archive

      If you're not interested in comics or speculation you can use the timestamps we provided to skip to areas you find interesting. For the record, we talked a lot about most of your questions. We even clarified the new wager system in Episode 2, Part 3 (0:30:00). If you have the time and you're into this stuff, definitely check out both episodes.
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    23. Spinky
      You a cool dude, you know.
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    24. TotteryManx
      I'm surprised some people are disappointed with the news we had yesterday. There was a lot going on and now we know every week we'll have two actual match videos. I'm excited to see the gameplay.
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    25. Shadowknight1
      Doomsday and CAPTAIN MARVEL look about Raven then? Any more news on her?
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