Injustice 2 Combo Breaker 2018 Results and Top 8

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By HellblazerHawkman on May 27, 2018 at 12:21 AM
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    AHHHHHHHHHH! CAN'T HANDLE ALL OF THIS EXCITEMENT! This Top 48 for Injustice 2 had so much going on, we could have dedicated a whole thread to all the upsets. But I'm not there and I would need to be tuned in to WAY more people to catch all those updates as they happened. Event 1 of the Injustice Pro Series. From Sonic being sent to losers (by Knicks) to Theo being knocked out of his first Top 8 (by Scar) in 5 years, this is certainly was an event to remember.

    Our Top 16 went down as followed:

    Noble Rewind vs. DR Gross

    bc Honeybee vs. Method Sylverrye

    HZRDS Knicks vs. Noble Tweedy

    bc Biohazard vs. HappyPow


    Echo Fox Scar vs. CLN Dab

    Gunshow vs. NASR Tekken Master

    PG Hayatei vs. Echo Fox Sonic Fox

    Noble Semiij vs. DF Grr

    After ALL of that, our heart stopping Top 8 finally took place. This might have been the best possible way to kick off the next IPS. You can catch the matches and who made this Top 8 yourself on Netherrealm's Twitch or you can catch the results in the spoiler down below:
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    1. Johnny Based Cage
      Johnny Based Cage
      Fred Marvel’s still on blast though
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    2. Bruno-NeoSpace
      Wheres that Fred dude? xD

      Congrats to @Tweedy :D
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    3. Eldriken
      Congrats, @Tweedy. You kicked ass at this tournament.
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    4. xKhaoTik
      Starfire complaints in 3...2...1...
    5. Bruno-NeoSpace
      That fly is very stupid though :p
    6. gitblame
      Tournament was amazing. I stayed up a whole night and I don't regret it. Maybe it's hype that do a talking now, but I think it was the best Injustice 2 tournament EVER.

      Congrats to Tweedy. He proved himself. All those grinding payed off.

      Gross played amazingly well in matchups I was thinking are the hardest for Lantern. Huge inspiration for grinding instead of complaining. I will probably rewatch winner's finals and grand finals multiple times.
    7. Eldriken
      Yeah, probably. It's inevitable.

      The thread will probably get derailed. :DOGE
    8. Cursa
      Grr's Atom is broken
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    9. NothingPersonal
      Well, this was a breath of fresh air. Never thought I'd see Starfire, GL or not-a-SonicFox in grand finals. Hype was real. And mr Aquaman good at commenting as always.
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    10. Marinjuana
      I was really hoping to see some more Grodd in top 8, he's just fun to watch

      Rewind was so close to beating Fox with his counterpick strat
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    11. iSuckAtFightingGames
      Rewind really got the guns out. And Gross was awesome. I loved seeing his green lantern in top 8.. so cool
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    12. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Excellent tournament. Really happy that Starfire took the whole tourney, yes it was Dr. Fate as well, but Starfire Tweedy used Starfire a ton in this tourney and he took it with her. And we saw Sub-Zero from Buffalo, Leonardo from Slips, and also Poison Ivy and Michelangelo, so I'm really happy about this tourney.

      Congratulations to you @Tweedy , you went in and you took it like a boss, you earned dude. Keep it up.
    13. zabugi
      How about when sonic denied us that super? Tournament low.
    14. gitblame
      I hope NRS will change tournament mode in the next game, so you can't reset match during x-rays // supers // fatalities etc
    15. Juggs
      I actually agree. But I also think you shouldn’t be able to rematch until the match is completely over, including fatalities. I understand you just want to get into the next match, but it absolutely kills the hype, the tension, the pacing, it kills everything. You can’t get hype after a good match if they IMMEDIATELY rematch before it’s even over fully.
    16. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Very true guys.
    17. Marinjuana
      Anyone know a good way to get am ambiguous crossup/50-50 jump in situation off of MB Blue Chemical on hit?
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    18. Marinjuana
      This isn't the Atom general discussion thread! Thanks guy
    19. gitblame
      Yeah. But we have to remember that disable option to pasue and hit rematch during tournament mode must come with proper button check feature so we won't end with ridiculous situation.
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    20. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      I think it would be better to put it as rule in the tourney rather then an option in the game. That way the whole button check won't have any problems.
    21. GLoRToR
    22. Juggs
      Maybe disable pause after the first round or something.
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    23. JBeezYBabY
      I have a feeling he did that because some of his inputs wasn't coming out. He did mention that however the tournament set up was created problems with move inputs. But nonetheless, that was a bit in poor taste.
    24. Cursa
      For real? Not saying I doubt, but just surprised. If it was a problem I would've thought that'd be pretty high priority to be sorted out.

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