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F all that, we gotta get on with these! Jan 27, 2012

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Oct 19, 2016 at 1:37 AM
    1. MKR
      are you live in Dubai? actually looking for mk player
    2. ProudDisciple
      Im online right now for some KI!
    3. ProudDisciple
      Ill be on tonight around 10, gonna try out Spinal!!!!
      1. loogie
        oh, hi man... i dont check TYM that often so i'll miss your messages. whenever online, if I am too just pm me and we can get some games going again. I don't like playing vs Spinal that much he is too annoying with Skulls and once he get's a momentum he is hard to defend against. SW is destroying him though.
        Feb 2, 2014
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    5. ProudDisciple
      I would be interested in trying to connect with you for some online matches Add ProudDisciple on PSN. I play Injustice, BF4 and BBCP (Just ordered).
    6. Choco DXB
      Choco DXB
      My Facebook: Choco DXB
      Mobile is: 055-440-0545

      Hit me up bro!
    7. Choco DXB
      Choco DXB
      Yo Loogie, halla walla.. I hear u got a small group go guys that play Injustice! We'll I got few guys too we would love to get together.. What's urban mobile bro.. N Facebook? Ill add u to the UAE FGC group.. Name is Abdelrahman aka Choco I run tourneys in the UAE mostly for Capcom but we looking to grow the Injustice scene and akeed KI when it drops for sure
    8. ZedZeus
      Injustice banned in the UAE - so lame! i was really hoping for a proper offline scene in Dubai!
    9. ZedZeus
      Hey man! I didn't know there was an MK9 scene in Dubai?!! If you have any offline casuals happening anytime soon - PM me, I'd love to join in (I live in Sharjah when I'm not in the UK)! Any idea when Injustice is out in Dubai?
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      2. ZedZeus
        Sweet! Its not coming out here in the UK until the 19th! But I'll be back in Dubai in a couple of days! I'll msg you as soon as I'm back so I can get in on that MK/Injustice geek fest!
        Apr 16, 2013
      3. loogie
        Geek fest it is :)
        What's your PSN nametag? Have we played online before? Mine is BoP_loog
        Apr 16, 2013
      4. ZedZeus
        I'm mostly on XBL. I'm not on PSN that often cus the online play is worse than xbl - its terrible. My gamertag is ZedZeus. I'll add you to my PSN list anyway - hopefully Injustice will have a better online experience overall!
        Apr 16, 2013
    10. Shadow316
      Hey man ! Been a while since we played. I think i've got a little better.
    11. loogie
      F all that, we gotta get on with these!
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