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Discussion in 'Black Adam' started by Clark L., May 15, 2017.

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  1. Clark L.

    Clark L. youtube.com/user/clarkluthorgaming

    Pretty simple post ba combos here.

    Starters: f12, b2, 11, 22 - most of the time you will use f12, use b2 when mixing in the overhead.

    Parenthesis are used to indicate when you can and should use trait for better damage and hit confirming.
    A lot of the f12 1+3 enders can be exchanged with b23 1+3 for a tiny bit of extra damage for a little more execution.



    112xxdb1 iadf3 f12 1+3
    22b1 f12 1+3
    (starterxx4) starterxxdb1 b3 ji3xxdf3 f12 1+3
    22b1xx4 ji3xxdf3 f12 1+3

    1 bar:

    starterxxMBdb3 b3 ji3xxdf3 f12 1+3
    MBb3/f3 ji3xxdf3 f12(xx4 f12) 1+3
    wakeup MBdb3 b3 ji3xxdf3 f12(xx4 f12) 1+3

    d2 conversions:

    d2 f12 (f12xx4) f12 1+3
    d2 ji3xxdf3 f12 1+3

    divekick conversions:

    MBdf3 df3 f12(xx4 f12) 1+3
    MBdf3 dash f12(xx4 f12) 1+3


    (starterxx4) starter db1 f3 ji3xxdf3 f12 1+3
    (starterxx4) 22b1 j1xxdb3 f12 f12 1+3
    (starterxx4) 22b1 j1xxdb3 22b1xxdb1 b23 1+3
    MBdf3/db3 ji3xxdf3 f12(xx4 f12) 1+3
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  2. MadPropz101

    MadPropz101 "I still got it...but not much of it"

    Why is nobody doing 22b1 anymore?!
  3. ienjoywinning

    ienjoywinning SHAZAM

    Will post some stuff here in an hour
  4. The old 22b1 combo into jump 2, far dive kick, b23 (ender) doesn't work anymore, at least without trait.

    Instead you can do an easy 22b1, trait, jump 3, far dive kick, f12 1+3 for roughly 407 damage (on Scarecrow).

    Also working on some bomb setups both metered and meterless that lead to some hard to blockables. These would occur off a punish, since frame data says standing 1 is a 6 frame high. Assuming anything -7 is getting shipwrecked and so far would push the enemy full screen. The dive kick seems to travel further and faster, or I've gotten a lot better at instant air dive kicks.

    Vid coming soon...
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  5. ienjoywinning

    ienjoywinning SHAZAM

    Gonna post these here but I can't remember the exact damage numbers so I'll leave them out.

    Mb divekick , far divekick f12 trait f121+3.
    Mb divekick, far divekick , f12 , f121+3.

    F12 trait f12db1 b3 jip b23 2

    F12 trait f12 db3 MB b3 jip b23

    112 trait f12 , f121+3
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    KHAOTIC_UNCLE-_-CREEPY The CreepFather

    F12-trait-f12-db1-b3-j3-dive kick-b23,1+3
  7. wsj515

    wsj515 I will spit on your tomb

    Guys lets all decide now to post combo damage numbers for the same character (superman is default), will be really annoying if some people use scarecrow, captain cold, etc. causing different damage numbers.
  8. ienjoywinning

    ienjoywinning SHAZAM

    Are you sure you can get get the b23? I can't seem to get it
  9. It works. You have to do the j3 as soon as they're bouncing back off the wall so it knocks them high enough to get b23 in
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  10. I find it also helps to do a micro step forward after db1. That said I still find it inconsistent but that may be bad execution on my part.
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  11. Clark L.

    Clark L. youtube.com/user/clarkluthorgaming

    I'm gonna hopefully lab a lot tonight. Find some shit... it is tough not doing b23 into combos. It's so embedded in my brain!
  12. wsj515

    wsj515 I will spit on your tomb

    All damage numbers using superman

    d2 conversions:

    d2 f12 f12xx4 f12 1+3 = 316.95, can omit first f12 for 292.85

    d2 j3xxdf3 f12xx4 f12 1+3 = 401.19
  13. shinobispectre

    shinobispectre Heart of A Champion, Skill of a Noob :P

    Posting here to spread info. Not claiming ownership or anything. Happy lab testing! Shoutouts to Wonderchef!
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  14. A New Angel Is Advent

    A New Angel Is Advent mutton basher

    Might not be optimized but I'm using
    Jump in 2-B2-Trait-B2-DB1-B3-J3-DK-F12 1+3

    MB Dk-J2-DK-11-trait-F12 1+3
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  15. Dash right next to them after f3 hkd and the close divekick will crossup
  16. Error

    Error DF2+R2

    @Clark L. The corner combo I was trying to get you to do works! It's the last one.
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  17. I have been using


    D2-F12-Trait-F12 1+3
    F12-DB1-22B1-Trait-J3-Far Dive Kick-F12 1+3
    F12-Trait-F12-DB1-B4-J3-B23 1+3
    Cross-up J2-F12-Trait-F12-DB1-B3-J3-B23 1+3 or F12 1+3
    Overhead B2-Trait-F12-DB1-B3-J3-B23 1+3 of F12 1+3

    These are all solid meterless combos.

    1 Meter

    F12-Trait-F12-DB1-DB3 MB - B3 - J3 - F12 1+3 or B23 1+3
    D2-F12-Trait-F12-DF1 MB

    And for funsies

    F12-Trait-F12-DB1-B3-X-Ray as they start bouncing back from the wall
    Overhead B2-Trait-F12-DB1-B3-X-Ray

    EDIT: Whoops, sorry, put a bunch of Heavies (3) as 4 for some reason. Durr.
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  18. Death By Nines

    Death By Nines Catharsis

    The amount of damage Black Adam does without meter is absolutely staggering. Add trait and a bar of meter and you're basically guaranteed 50%.
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  19. xisvicious

    xisvicious Noob

    Did anyone else notice lightning cage no longer has invincibility on startup like literally people can just hit you out of it I wonder if that was on purpose or a bug
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  20. wsj515

    wsj515 I will spit on your tomb

    Lightning cage still has i-frames on wakeup, though its a pretty small window at the start of the move.
  21. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan UPR Sarah Silverman

    Midscreen (meterless):
    (starter)~Cloud, b3, ji3~FDK, f121+3
    (starter~4, starter)...

    (starter)~interactable, b3, ji3~FDK, f121+3
    (starter~4, starter)...

    d2, f12, f121+3
    d2, f12, f12~4, f121+3

    f3, ji2~FDK, f121+3
    f3, ji2~FDK, f12~4, f121+3

    Midscreen (1 bar):
    (starter)~MBCage, b3, ji3~FDK, f121+3
    (starter~4, starter)...

    MB f3, ji2~FDK, f121+3
    MB f3, ji2~FDK, f12~4, f121+3

    Midscreen (3 bars):
    (starter)~b3 cancel, ji3~FDK, f12~MBCloud, b231+3
    (starter~4, starter)...

    Corner (meterless):
    (starter)~Cloud, f3, nj2~FDK, f121+3
    (starter~4, starter)...

    112~Cloud, f3, f121+3

    Corner (1 bar):
    (starter)~Mb Cage, b3 (side switch), ji3~FDK, f121+3
    (starter~4, starter)...
  22. iDeeejay

    iDeeejay Low MeterBurn Lightning

    So i just saw that b23 isn't + anymore? :( feelsbadman.
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  23. wsj515

    wsj515 I will spit on your tomb

    you can do more damage on Chef's corner combo by ending in f12 f12 1+3 after the dive kick instead of 22b1xxdb1 b23 1+3
  24. Optimator

    Optimator Casual Aspirations

    I'm so glad Black Adam hasn't changed much.
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  25. Clark L.

    Clark L. youtube.com/user/clarkluthorgaming

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