I Sense Your Dread- Scarecrow Match Up Discussion

Discussion in 'Scarecrow' started by Ragnarök Tyr, May 15, 2017.

  1. Ragnarök Tyr

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  2. dribirut

    dribirut BLAK FELOW

    So unfortunately this dumpster fire of a character is the only one I like so unfortunately you can welcome me as a fellow main.. *sigh*
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  3. Ragnarök Tyr

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    I played some matches against Korey The Dragon and his Dr Fate. I knew what I was walking into, but figured the experience would be worth seeing if Scarecrow could compete against a hard zoner. Truthfully, the times where I could box Fate into the corner Scarecrow doesn't do too bad. The issue though is getting to that point and keeping Fate at a range where he can't really zone, but also can't throw out a meter burn roll to escape.

    The Teleport serves almost no purpose against a zoner and Infearno doesn't do much good against faster projectiles. Essentially you're tasked with walking him down and using DB2 as a means of getting rid of the orb on a read since he can still freely throw Ankhs and other projectiles at you.

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  4. Aramonde

    Aramonde Noob

    Man im not liking Scarecrow. He seems to slow, seems to unsafe on most things and looks terrible and i doubt gear is gonna change that. Scarecrow is my favorite DC character and i want to play him but i just can't.
  5. dribirut

    dribirut BLAK FELOW

    Just wait till people realize they can back dash mb db2 pressure without any consequences. Then were fucked.
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  6. M.D.

    M.D. Spammer. Aquaman hater.

    Wouldn't f2 catch the backdash? Or you mean between the hit and the MB?
  7. dribirut

    dribirut BLAK FELOW

    It would but the opponen could read that and just do 11 punish
  8. dribirut

    dribirut BLAK FELOW

    We waste meter and then have to guess if they'll read the back dash or not. It's dumb when other characters like super man can do f23 trait meterless into guaranteed f23... Scarecrow bottom 5
  9. Shaka

    Shaka Tier Whore.

    that's the mind game.

    Honestly he has issues but I think he is good. maybe a few fixes here and there but nothing major.

    I know he gets outzone but true zoners but that's how its meant to be.

    if he gets buffed to OP status I wouldn't mind either because i'm maining him but then everyone will be using him and it will be no fun.
  10. TRVP6GXD

    TRVP6GXD Noob

    He actually has some safe starters.
    Ive been using 22 into db2 mb on hit
    and f13 into db2 mb on hit, this one is unsafe.
    123 is plus on block tho.

    And then his low starter.

    I dont know if this is technically HOW you're supposed to play him, but im enjoying him so far and he doesnt do too bad against zoners, which this game heavily relies on.
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  11. AA25Mamba

    AA25Mamba Batman, Scarecrow, Bane

    Took my Scarecrow into matchmaking last night. I have a basic understanding of him and can do his combos, but nothing crazy like Fearnado pressures, etc, yet. I played a long set against a decent Robin, and it was pretty enjoyable. Both characters have a lot of range, but I ended up winning the majority. I feel like Scarecrow has the superior range. F1 starter worked really well, and D2 into whatever you want to do helps with Robin's sword jump ins. You can also use Fearnado to cancel Robin's projectile pretty easily. I also got the fear gas blast to work against Robin's rushdown to push him back.

    Overall, based on playing one Robin, Scarecrow can outrange characters with range. I would like to see how he does against Aquaman.

    I'll be recording some matches this week. It'd be a good idea to get as many up as possible.
  12. Ragnarök Tyr

    Ragnarök Tyr Premium Supporter
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    Command grab is your friend
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  13. SneakyTortoise

    SneakyTortoise Official Master of Salt
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    I only got a couple hours of play earlier before I had to leave for the weekend, but has anyone noticed a pattern on whether d2xxcommand grab connects on hit? Is it range dependent or character dependent? I didn't get a chance to properly test, just noticed that it sometimes doesn't connect after a d2 hits
  14. M.D.

    M.D. Spammer. Aquaman hater.

    Command grab connects on d2 hit on point blank only :(

    About the aquaman matchup, it's insanely lame.
    If he spams his crap +2 and +8 strings random in the middle of the screen, it will beat every f1 or f2 attempt from you clean.

    When he does trident rush you can't punish it at all and you're out of range of your d1 while he can d1 trident rush again.

    Trait effectively destroys our char since you can never do db1 combos on him with mb while he has trait.
    If he traits on a grounded starter just do your grounded string in ex db2 d1 exdb2 to damage him through guard as much as you can, at least you can do that to close some rounds.

    However, in this matchup I found db3 and instant air db3 HORRIBLE SPAM works best as you can chip him and push him back right out of his piece of crap b1 range and he can't do anything about it. Just spam it until he goes insane and ragequits.

    I also use j3 delayed air db3 to get in from range that hits him before he can do his d2 (although it's a tough timing), and going from the db3 + in a d1 chain or command grab attempt.

    I also found just SPAMMING regular chain(db1) without cancelling from a string works ok since it's outside of his idiotic strings but you have to be careful not to get obvious with the canceling so you'll get comboed with braindead 50%. Backdashing while spinning and MBing when he tries to get in works as a gimmick a couple of times.

    Still, he has trait, air escape and clash to get out of our most damaging combos, which makes this an insanley inept matchup, while in the corner you just can already sell your game and console since you can't do jack shit about his +2+8 trident rush bullshit.

    P.s. also if it wasn't clear, on a braindead scale regarding characters who can be played by gorillas in a vegetable state and still win, of 1 to 10, where 1 is a regular char and 10 is Grandmaster Subzero, I would rate Aquaman at about a 8.89.
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  15. FlappyDaniel

    FlappyDaniel Snappin' spines all day e'ry day.

    Yeah, I hate me some aquaman as well. I think I dislike it more than deadshot, at least when you're close to him there seems to be hope for a little while...
  16. TRVP6GXD

    TRVP6GXD Noob

    How do my fellow scarecrow mains feel about the Brainiac match up? I feel its rough, even with Brainiacs (soap bar in my mouth) projectile, he can keep me out with that and play footises with me. If im viewing this all wrong then please correct me. Trying to take this game seriously but its starting to get frustrating.
  17. I find the most difficult match ups not the hard zoners, but the soft zoners that can just throw sht until you approach and then turn on some ridiculous block pressure.

    Batman is a huge issue for me, since he can just Bataan over and over and then once you get in hell just drop his trait then put you in a long string of block pressure and then end it with with either a combo or a Bata rang to continue the camp.

    I'm sure everyone is aware once scarecrow gets in his down1+db2 mb pressure is insane when you mix it with tic grabs, I found what wins me matches the most is when I land something like 12+mbf 3 or b221+mbf 3. When you land a meter burn 3 I think it does like 280 by itself and you can easily get a 50%+ of something simple like

    12+mbb3 jump 3 f2 dbf3

    Against hard zoners like dead shot,firestorm,captain Cold I usually duck and db2 their projectiles to build meter for a mb roll and come out with either a down 2 or a tic throw so I can get in the sweep distance for scarecrow pressure. Down 3 is my best friend, big dmg safe and creates opptunitys for f3's.

    Like I said the pseudo zoners are my problem (black adam, aquaman, batman, sometimes superman) but even then it's not a 70:30 match up

    I'd rank scarecrow top 10 since one hit easily converts to big dmg
  18. Down 2 is your best friend against brainiac, he uses his tentacle glide into dive kick and your down 2 beats it's pretty consistently, other then that I also find when he throws his little soap bar he usually trys approaching behind it, so jumping with a 3 and taking that trade usually puts you in a good position. Other then that I feel brainiac is a pretty even if not favored to SC.
  19. masherofbuttons

    masherofbuttons I'll mash out of +30 I know no fear

    Range dependant, you have to be pretty close. It works on hit though which is neat
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  20. MadPropz101

    MadPropz101 "I still got it...but not much of it"

    Scarecrow needs to have a wakeup, how the fuck did they not give him any wakeups...at least i'm glad that he will get buffs cause a lot of matchups are not in his favor.
  21. Shaka

    Shaka Tier Whore.

    How about just block on wake up and pushblock?
    chars without weakness become OP.

    game is new pls stop asking for buffs/nerfs already.
  22. MadPropz101

    MadPropz101 "I still got it...but not much of it"

    What the hell are you talking about lol how the fuck do you make a character that doesn't have a single wakeup?!
    Also he has a lot of weaknesses, he gets destroyed by zoners and he's slow as fuck, his teleport is very easy to punish and you can't even ex to recover faster which is stupid, not to mention that it takes forever to build his trait up to Traumatize.
  23. Shaka

    Shaka Tier Whore.

    it seems like you haven't play many fighters, most fighting games have some chars without solid reversals.

    You don't use TP, forget about it. if anything give him the ability to land full combos of f21.
  24. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer

    After mb db2, you kan do 22 and the first hit is fast enough to beat out all d1's the second hit katches backdashes... You don't get real damage off of it though, unless the kancel into mb b3 for 2 bars works... Haven't tested it yet. Since he has a kommand grab, I don't think he necessarily needs anything better than this. They need to buff him elsewhere though.
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  25. 21122

    21122 Premium Supporter
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    At least we can look at this in a positive manner. NRs aren't the brightest when it comes to balancing, they will nerf all the supposed "top tiers" currently and buff some "bottom tiers".

    At least we can look forward to buffs and not nerfs.
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