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    What is freshprince is the english version of Curbo? Except younger and less literate?
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    he's younger?
  3. The thing is with Curbo though is that he was actually able to back up his claims of being a great player and does participate in the offline scene whereas freshprince.. well he just talks bullshit online, yet never shows his face to casuals/tourneys despite having ample opportunities to.

    He's probably the English version of this dude talked about on this thread - http://testyourmight.com/threads/the-real-best-online-warrior.17178/page-2#post-375673
  4. What I can't understand is why an international jet-setter super model actor like freshprince2 has to resort to advertising on a dating site to find a girl...

    freshprince2 from Southend England.




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    PND OmegaK
    Is that there some motherfucking Haribo tangfastics?

    This guy is hardcore.
  7. Lmfao.. good find.
  8. His penthouse looks suspiciously like a bedsit.
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  9. ...What? Raiden is seriously one of the few characters I can think of who's actually 5-5 with Kabal, he's a great pick for that matchup.
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    I remember you mentioning this but I don't see how Raiden himself can intiate anything against Kabal. Plus Raiden has a pretty big hitbox which opens up Kabal's NDC options. I believe saw blade auto-corrects. Just little things like that which for me puts it advantage Kabal. It isn't unwinnable by any stretch. I dunno tbh, Sonya is much more of a clear-cut disadvantage match than Kabal.

    What's your take?
  11. The teleport is a great answer to NDC, actually. The underlying reason Raiden is 5-5 with Kabal is that he limits all of Kabal's options. If Kabal tries to zone, Raiden gets in for free, and if he gets too happy with the NDC cancels, Raiden can just teleport out. The underlying reason it's an even matchup is because Raiden makes Kabal human again.

    Also, people seriously overexaggerate the implications of having a big hitbox. Like, Raiden still has no problem ducking most attacks that the majority of the cast can. The only time Raiden's hitbox causes him problems is on crossup, and you can just reverse input EX shocker for the same sort of option select as Ermac's EX lift or Kenshi's EX charge. Having a big hitbox really isn't that big of a deal, unless you're Sheeva or (to an extent) Freddy. I just look at it this way: If having a big hitbox was a death sentence, Kenshi wouldn't be almost unanimously considered top five.
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  12. woah broskis boys and girls i dont need no site , tht was put wen i was in school manz dont need no site , sum1 in school did it in I.T and to this day i cant remove it cos i dont know the email or the password to logon, but i bet if i did get on , the girls would be frothing at the mouth, and tht was wen i was in school. THE FRESHPRINCE IS HERE and is owning right now
  13. now google my family tree bitches and you'll knw tht jada pinkett is my mums sister, therefore will smith is my uncle .TRUE STORY
  14. How unfortunate for him. I'll send him a sympathy card.
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  15. im bascially a b rated celebrity
  16. will smith's a G and u knw it
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    Fixed it for you.
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    You make great points there. What can Raiden do though? Surely he has to try be more aggressive in this match than he usually would no? What can he do once he's in?

    Also just checked out REO's Kabal chart and he has it at 6-4. I'm curious to know why that is as well.
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    Surely the middle pic was put on a blokes dating site! Campest pose I ever did see.

    OOOO suits you sir
  21. Really? Funny how the page just got taken down...
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    Also funny how "sum1 in school" used your gamertag and forum name for the url address lmao.
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    the other of his days are spent mma fighting, acting, modelling and being king of the galaxy
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    He also slept with your mum
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