How does your way of playing MK9 changed since you Joined TYM?

Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by Eddy Wang, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    I can really say, this community changed my life, and helped me to improve my own way of fighting and watching MK into another level of gaming, the constant changes i had since TYM becomes my home i would say:

    - Frame Data: A very crucial and definitely an important note in this game, understanding the frame data made me a very toughfull player.

    - Resets: This game its all about resets, i never tried a reset in this game until i Check present on a tag between sub-zero and scorpion (last year if memory recals), that was insanely amazing, check my friend, sorry but you're broken:D

    - General Terminology: I got to know what's everyone is talking about and reply accordingly, only late i manage to get everything and figure half of it is also from street fighter, or it seems to be.

    - Friendship: AGAIN!!! yup, i love you guys, despites the drive by drama we witness once in a month, i still love you all, you're all part of this community and with or without drama it keeps it alive, TYM is full of so interesting people lol.

    If you take a few steps back and look to this video, you will how i did combo in my very 1st mk9 video, with one of my favourite characters in that time, and how i do combo now after i joined TYM effectively

    Before Joining TYM

    After Joyning TYM and stay for an entire year
  2. Goldy

    Goldy Goldbae ♡
    Lead Moderator Royal Contributor

    It comes and goes.... When I started lurking around TYM I learned a lot, but was too shy to speak until I got addicted to the tourneys and developed a strong affinity for the community. I've been all over the world because of it. To be honest, I think I'm actually emotionally attached to a lot of you.

    I also got great experience offline and on and learned a lot about my characters.

    Then it started to fluctuate. I'd get burnt out on MK and actually dread playing it, but felt under obligation to play. I just kinda flat lined for awhile. No real progress. But I still hung around TYM for the fluffy threads.

    I'd play something else until I got to an annoying part or the end or something and come back to MK like a drunk ex.

    I still do this every few weeks lol. After EVO, I actually started reading and memorizing frame data. Making threads. And just generally trying to play better. I became a lot more active in the community.

    I do have to take breaks every now and then though. I get burnt out, or start over thinking things, so I play something else for awhile. I don't leave the community, I just keep to the non serious threads.

    tl;dr yes.
  3. Chongo

    Chongo Dead Kings Rise

    Before TYM- Elbow Dash 50 times every round.

    Now- Elbow Dash 49 times every round.

  4. Rampage254

    Rampage254 Ayy Lmao
    Premium Supporter

    I still jump after a poke hits me. I try to jump out of frame traps. I jump when I have already gotten AA'd a lot of times in the round before. I jump when I knock someone down. I jump when I get knocked down. I jump when I jump. I jump. I don't jump over projectiles. I don't jump over Scorpion's hellfire or Jax's ground pound. I try to punish Reptile's dash. I punish Kabal's dash, with d1. I don't believe in blocking low. I never use breaker, and always use it for an x ray at the start of the 2nd round. I use Stryker.
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  5. NB Semi Evil Ryu

    NB Semi Evil Ryu Former Sub-Zero of the Midwest (2011 - 2015)

    Semi Evil Ryu
    Before: I was fluctuating between mains such as Liu Kang, Raiden, Cage.

    After: I'm the Sub-Zero of the Midwest.
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  6. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    ah, the good ol days of mk9 when scorpion was just a damage character and know one knew about his vortex :D
  7. From jump kicks and uppercuts to spacing and whiff punishing. What can I say.
  8. Flagg

    Flagg Noob

    TYM is a cool site, despite the drama, we're quite a tight knit group and if someone needs help there is usually always someone with advice, something sadly missing at tekken zaibatsu. Plus I never seen a site help others out with funding like this does.

    Through TYM I finally got the chance to go to offline casuals and meet the UK guys who are all awesome and that also helped to dramatically improve my game.

    And of course, a very special shoutout needs to go to Somberness. Probably the single biggest asset to MK 9 and this site.
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  9. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
    Moderator Premium Supporter

    I went from mashing f3,3,b3 to mashing f3.

    So I guess not well.
  10. Lulzlou

    Lulzlou Noob

    This is me shortly after I started the whole offline tournament scene. I never played a fighting game competitively so I was trying to learn kabal, figure out the hitbox (offline buddy sold it to me for 80$, I would have stuck to pad if it wasn't so cheap), AND trying to understand the fighting game genre. I played FPS and RPGs for years so this was a completely new experience for me. It took me awhile to understand everything, close to mastering kabal imo too. If I had any recent footage of me actually trying to win instead of messing around or trying shit out, I'd compare it but you'll have to play me online to see what I've become now :p

    it was my second week with hitbox and around my 6th week with kabal

    Blackula's Jade fucked me up. I need to go down there again, its been months :D
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  11. DragonPick

    DragonPick I don't play Runescape

    Eh, I do IAFBs and D3 more, I guess. Nothing else, really >_>
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  12. i no longer jump at the beginning of a match

    ABACABB End Of Humanity

    It helped me a lot , playing a good players from here mostly
  14. Lumpymoomilk

    Lumpymoomilk Online Punching Bag

    I'm pretty sure my online record got worse.
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  15. SparkedSynapse

    SparkedSynapse Disciple of Brady

    I Block now.
    I learned how to do things with Sub Zero that weren't Ice Clone, Ice Ball, 222 and Slide.
    I learned that Corners DO SOMETHING, and that they're actually important.
    I learned nomenclature and move listing (1,2,3,4 JiP, NJP, etc.)
    I learned about negative edge.
    I learned how to Hit Confirm and Block Confirm, and that it's easier off of a JiP.
    I learned that everything has a way to beat it. Some might be much harder than others, but it's possible.
    I learned to appreciate tournaments.

    I want to go to a tourney, if not as a competitor, then as a spectator. Just being there seems almost like being in a fun place with my second family. Good stuff.
  16. Seapeople

    Seapeople This one's for you

    I first came to the forums a couple years ago when everybody still played mk dc. Being part of the community changed everything about how i play & think. One of the first revelations i had was the idea of playing to win, which was especially important in a game filled with breaker-grabs & rage exploits. The play-to-win mindset definitely carried over to MK9 when I saw stuff like resets, block infinites and KUH BAWL.

    Most of what I learned came from listening to Reo and Tom about everything from zoning to meter management and running down the clock. Somberness has also been a huge help by explaining frame data and answering all my dumb questions. The little time that I've had to play offline and meet some of you guys was awesome. It's reallyy......a great community, great experience.
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  17. fr stack

    fr stack I hear you like HTB's

    i learned theres a fighting game community!!
    tym is the shit ladies and gents
  18. THTB

    THTB #BlackRanger

    x THTB x
    More or less, even though I played FGs competitively prior to TYM's existence, my abilities as a player are way sharper than they were prior to MK9.
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  19. Espio

    Espio Event Horizon
    Lead Moderator

    I wish I had footage to showcase how terrible and scrubby I was for the longest time before and even during my first couple months on TYM...I jumped every chance I got...didn't have any real grasp of footsies, fundamentals, or spacing and I played Stryker and Jade like they were pure rambo rushdown characters( cause that's what I liked to do in fighting games at the time lol:oops:).

    I started out maining Ermac Stryker, and Sonya, interestingly enough.

    I would get so salty about people zoning(nobody call me a fool :p). I also had no respect for frame data...blocked my super negative attack? Get jumped. Low poke and get advantage? Jump and the list goes on...Watching my sloppy footage and getting feedback from other people who were honest with me and blew me up hard for my mistakes made me realize how bad I was haha.

    Nowadays, I'm the complete opposite...I play extremely patient and precise, I'm all about footsies, spacing, whiff punishing, zoning, counterzoning and know my mains frame data almost by heart, even their strings I don't use ever lol.

    I barely jump nowadays, respect set ups and pokes online and offline. I never thought I'd travel for a video game either....but it was so worth it every time, even if I always got lost in the boondocks of Ohio lol.

    The community is awesome, it's nice to socialize with all of you both online and offline...I wish I could meet all of you in person that have been so kind, supportive and amazing to me, I get a lot of encouragement and respect from this community and I'm glad to return that kindness to everyone :). I've never before been a member of a community I deeply cared about like the TYM community, glad to be here.
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  20. Red Raptor

    Red Raptor Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    MK9 was my first online fighter and ever since I joined TYM I leveled up so much cuz I met a bunch of awesome people whether it's online or offline. Without TYM I would've been stuck playing randoms all day. Now I can sign into PSN and almost always find someone on my friends list to play with. I was also able to find an offline scene near me thanks to the Regional Matchmaking forum and that helped me out a lot and made me realize how different online is from offline. I'm glad I joined TYM because it's a lot better than the old community I was in.
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  21. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan UPR_Sarah_Silverman_

    The best thing to ever increase my skill level was by coming to TYM.
    The 2nd best was maining Noob Saibot for a year.
  22. fr stack

    fr stack I hear you like HTB's

    that warm gooy feeling you get when you know somebody cant get out of portal set ups :cool:
  23. Gh0sty

    Gh0sty ばかみたいに無料

    Before TYM, I played to increase my online W/L record by any means necessary.

    After TYM, I play to get that feeling of deep satisfaction from out thinking my worthy opponent.

    ...damn, that sounds corny as hell :)

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  24. Check

    Check -

    Having been a tester for MK9 changed my entire outlook of the game. I watched over it more as a developer then a player. Watching the game being played at CEO 2011 was a very special moment for me. Watching the streams and game in general i enjoy more than actually playing it. What can i say, i'm a netherfreak

    As for combos, i will always remember the game in its rawest form. That is the game i know. That is the game i wanted to take and mold into a true fighter. NRS went their own way with it, and thats fine. Its their game. They can do what they want. Judging by Injustice, they already seem more open to feedback. At the end of the day there wasn't enough time to fix everything, and some of the fixes, like i've said since MKD, aren't fixable without re-releasing the game (you can even hear Hector mention this in his latest interview).

    Now for surprises, i am pretty blown away by the amount of stuff i DIDN'T find. Each MK that comes out i always end up breaking it down 100% by myself, but this time i was unable to. There were so many people instrumental to finding various things, whether it be Reptile's invis forceball, or Invisible glitch. The list goes on and on. I did my part, but it goes to show that i am human. I was just really surprised at myself not being able to find things like i used to.

    I guess the other surprise would be the game when it came out. I was under the impression that a lot of the fixes i mentioned while testing would be implemented (input bug, p1/p2, blockstun, etc), but the game came out pretty much the same. I was glad to have help sparked the search for the block jab infinites while i was out there. The game would of been a mess had it been released with all of those. I figured "thats enough to get them to change the blockstun", but it still ended up the same. I have faith in Injustice.

    The last surprise would be always saying "that's it, im done, there's nothing left to find", and coming out with things like DEATH IS CERTAIN, or the Cyrax/Sektor video, or Scorp/Sub. How do i feel now? Like this "final video" isn't my last one. About a hour ago, i decided to do another MK9 video after this one is done (very small, maybe 4 or 5 combos). After that i truly feel i am done, and im not 100% on the second video.

    As a player, how has MK9 changed me?

    - I would say walking to play footsies and space would at the top of the list.

    - The blockstun changing my uncanny ability to punish at lightspeed to being stuck in block and guessing which frame it'll let me out (even if you guess right, the game randomly chooses when to cancel the startup frames of your attack while in block, if the startup frames are not canceled, you remain in block an extra frame and nothing comes out.).

    - I've also never experience armor before, and thought it was dumb. Armor belongs in Final Fantasy games. Not Mortal Kombat. The faulty hitboxes i was already used to from MKDC.

    -The over-importance of Anti-Airs. Not used to jumping not being a scrubby tactic. Jumping is a poor mans way of getting in. The unability to block on reaction. Etc etc.... But it's a legit tactic in MK9. It's just not my kind of thing.

    - I was surprised to see the return of counterstage picking as well. That brought me back to MKA, but at least in that game it didn't stop me from beating everyone.

    In closing, i have said this over the last 6 years of so, but after MKD i found out how good i was. After finding out how good of a player i could be, i stopped caring about being the best. I stuck around afterwards to play friends and thats about it. I've just always looked to inspire players to play offline with my videos and just inspire players to get better. I'm glad the focus has finally shifted towards offline, even though my efforts seem to be in vain. Whatever happens at the end, every new MK changes my outlook on the community and focus in general. It's such a small community and it has ways to go. It'll get there. One day.

    Thanks for the tag, Eddy. Hope you enjoyed this read.
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  25. GrandMasterson

    GrandMasterson Lord or thief, all will fall

    I attended the PDP tournament last year completely unaware of Scorpion's vortex, and it was right there on TYM


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