Sep 28, 2006
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    1. tobiaSbooN
      Hey man, where are you?!
    2. KARATE
      Yo bro long time no see. If you got a PS3 hit me up on June 2nd im getting MKX :) Im hoping to get a PS4 soon but cant afford it as of right now. I been trying to comment on your mkx combo vids but youtube wont let me. I love the Kung Lao combos bro! My best was 52% after only practicing for a few hours at my girls house. So once i get the game i will find something better. I hope all is well with you my dude.
    3. Minh Giang
      Minh Giang
      where're you check? i miss you ;___;
      hey check
    5. Dirtylova
      Yo check, hit me up in the mku sb when you get a chance. Got some ?s for you bro
    6. Check
      I want a new Team Mortal Kombat shirt. Why don't they have Kenshi? All i see is Kitana, Cage, Noob, Smoke, Baraka, Kintaro, Scorp, Jade....
      1. STRYKIE
        To be fair those characters have been around since the beginning so they know those shirts will always sell well, there's not many hardcore Kenshi fans out there, debuting in MKDA certainly doesn't help his popularity either lol
        Jan 14, 2013
      2. bipolar_shango
        I could never get a Sektor shirt :( ... I got the Sonya one though
        Jan 14, 2013
    7. JagoBlakeFGC
      Sent you an add on PSN, dude. Hope you don't mind. Play sometime?
    8. GGA Max
      GGA Max
      Yo check where is this damn toasty chart I keep hearing you mention? cant find it anywhere.
      1. Check
    9. JagoBlakeFGC
      Wanted to stop by and commend you for your efforts in discovering the Toasty Boosts. TYM salutes you!
      1. Check likes this.
    10. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Did Jago change his username Bro?
    11. Mikemetroid
    12. Ares_Supreme
      You're awesome! Been watching your vids since MKvDC came out and been playing pretty hardcore since then modding your combos to fit my playstyle!
    13. Mikemetroid
      Hey Check are you going to Winter Brawl?
    14. MKF30
      I would just email them samples but they'd probably ignore me or think I was a nutty MK fan(which I am) but you know what I mean lol. I'm sure once you're apart of the team, you will be the best NR MK player :) You and Paulo lol will dominate everyone else on the team. That's great news though man! I do intend to attend future NYC MK9 tourneys, I want to place top 5 or win at least one "major one" I've won two smaller ones already, one of which I got 200 bucks and a gift card, not too shabby, that had 28-29 people in it with double elimin, loser, winner brackets etc. That was back last may, anyway I wish you the best man. Keep in touch :)

      P.S. Happy New Year to you too dude!
    15. MKF30
      Hey man, lol wow. That's great news, yeah I remember you telling more on yt about some stuff but I didn't say much at the time because of obvious reasons when it was more hush hush ;) but that's awesome dude. lol. I get teased all the time about NR should hire me to do the voices of grunts, screams etc, MK voice haha. I wish, even if they were interested, I can't fly :( something I was born with I can't be in the air due to pressure, it sucks... but I'll still go for my voice actor dream, hopefully one day I'll get a gig in it.
    16. MKF30
      Hey dude, what's up man? Long time! :) Happy New Year, I still keep tabs on your yt vids ;) crazy combo vids, still at it eh?
    17. AK Toxic
      AK Toxic
      if you could let me know any new tech or combos with quan that'd be great :b thanks though
    18. AK Toxic
      AK Toxic
      is the combo you did against cyber sub jik dash d4 trance? I was just wondering.
    19. Insuperable
      b2,1 into trance? This is going to be hard as hell to execute! I bow down to your skills :) I'll let you know how it goes, I'll try it once I get on mk!
    20. I$AAC
    21. Insuperable
      This is the combo I came to know and love in the corner :p JIP B2,1 B2,1 B2,1 B1,1 ~ trance, jump over once to put yourself in the corner, JIP F1,2,1+2 45% :)
    22. xxteefxx
      hey hey!! ^_^
    23. I$AAC
      hey man, long time. How you been bro? Hope all is well
    24. PimpUigi
      Dude, thanks so much for the Scorpion tech you made.
      I don't think anyone would have noticed my Scorpion without it. The combos I was able to make using your tech were just too sweet!

      52% corner combo into vortex...thank you Check!
    25. Insuperable
      JamesMK gets all of the luck! Being Paper Legend and everything haha :p I need to test my combo in the lab before I say if I know it or not, but at the moment I believe you topped me by 1%! haha :)

      It's no problem :) I was watching you doing your Cyrax combos on Shang, very impressive to witness in real life :p Random select is way too fun to pass up. I basically main it haha. I play Quan or one of my major alts when they want a serious session, but besides that random select all the way haha. I wonder if we could record at vsm, that would be crazy hype. I don't think I have a 3D tv, but I can definitely check tomorrow :) (I'm tired, so my mind isn't 100% there and I can't remember haha).

      Night Check! I'll make sure to introduce you to my brother as well!
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