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    She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

    So watched the 1st 3 or 4 eps of this with the kids... meh... not very good imo. I do not think it is bad.. but it feels strange. I felt like the new Voltron show was kinda like a US Anime.. as it was for kids but had cross-generational appeal.. She-Ra on the other hand feels very children only. Also it is so obvious that they are ripping heavily from Steven Universe, but without the originality and in some ways daring presentation of that show.

    Also, I know it is for girls, but I have 3 girls, 4 if you include the wife and there is no need to make everything as sweet as candy just as it is for girls. Even my little one was complaining that She-ra has this great big hunking sword and she never fucking hits anything with it, instead chopping a tree to fall in front of a tank or stab the ground to make a shockwave to blow people. In Voltron people died and they shot lazers. It annoys me that as it is for girls they made is so sickly sweet.

    On the plus side the voice acting is awesome, and the main Fairy... sorry Princess, and her Archer mate were cool. The 3 character dynamic of the main crew works well and I loved how the Fairy is drawn (see Steven Universe). Also this new version Cat-ra is awesome and a big hit with the family as well as having the most interesting story and possible arc.

    In short though, I didn't like it much.. but you know what my kids loved it. So yeah, the show may not be for me, but it is clear they know what they are doing as the girls really liked it. Like a lot.

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