He-Man & The Masters of the Universe as the Next NRS Fighting Game (Not Confirmed)

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    The evidence is piling up that He-Man & the Masters of the Universe may be NRS' next fighting game. Over the latest run of interviews with Ed Boon and staff, there were many allusions to them taking a departure from their renowned Mortal Kombat series, and embarking on something new.
    After the studios' very successful semi-reboot of their own Mortal Kombat franchise in 2011, it would have seemed a no-brainer to follow up with another MK game. However, the studio (which has always been known for risk-taking) followed up Mortal Kombat 2011 with Injustice: Gods Among Us. Injustice, as it's own fully stand-alone series, has since gone on to become it's own award-winning franchise. While NRS did dabble in the DC comics realm with their crossover game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, it was a title that left most fans of both properties underwhelmed (although I did enjoy it for what it was).
    To accompany NRS' new foray into fighting games, DC Comics has been producing a lauded run of Injustice comics that serve to widen and enhance the new universe(s) that the game takes place in. In April of 2018, it was announced that the Injustice comic universe would be having a huge crossover with - not Mortal Kombat - but The Masters of the Universe franchise.
    He-Man and The Masters of the Universe could be the perfect follow-up to the Injustice/Mortal Kombat series of games. MotU is loaded with unique and creatively designed heroes & villains, which are all intertwined in their own deep lore. The Sci-Fi/Medieval/High Fantasy realm that this title occupies offers a wealth of opportunities for a studio like NRS, and hopefully the evidence proves true.
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    Skeletor instamain if this happens
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    Thanks for your support!
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  10. Dayvon

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    Why'd you do this to me. I would love for this to happen. I hope you're right!!!
    This art is amazing
  11. Swindle

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    I agree, Dayvon. Some people here are just terrified of change, and want the same things over and over. MotU would be a welcome departure, and could make for an excellent series. Plus, it would keep the other games (MK/Inj) fresher.
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    please let this happen omfg
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    I want this to happen
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    As much as I like He-Man, and he was at some part of my young age, I would never trade MK for it.
    We (a lot of us), grew on this game. It was more then just a TV/game, where mindless pushing button was fun.
    It is so deeply implemented, that it may be beyond your imagination. Obviously, the ARCADE era had, a huge impact on how deeply we get integrated with the tittle. So really, its not about the lack of ability to be open minded for changes. Yeah, we can do changes, but not really with the tittle. It would be like pointing fingers on those Tekken players, who's been around the tittle SINCE 1996 and refuse to play something else.
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  15. Cursa

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    No one can actually disagree with this so
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  16. Swindle

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    There was no mention of eliminating MK or replacing it, just that they take a departure from the MK/Inj pattern they've established to bring a new franchise into the fold.
    Furthermore, I was enjoying FG's, including MK, in the arcade since their inception. Please don't speak like your fandom is somehow more legitimate than mine simply because you aren't open to new things. I have a lot of respect for Poland and its forward-thinking people. Please don't make me question that.
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  17. I've never been a He-Man fan but I'd still definitely buy this if it ever happened... provided it also had a stance switch button. :p
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  18. Evil Canadian

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    I can confirm ninja turtles as guest character DLC for this he-man fighting game.
  19. Swindle

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    Seems legit.
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    I’m on board. Was a huge fan growing up. This art work is awesome, makes me think NRS could give MOTU a darker image than they could with Injustice. Maybe not blood and guts but something.....darker I guess. They definitely have the numbers for a solid cast as well. Day 1 Ram Man main, he was my favorite figure back in the day, lol.
  21. Swindle

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    Exactly! The potential is off the charts.
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  22. neveradestroyer

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    The He man stage would be dope. The show is gore related from the very beginning. I can see it melting very well with the Mortal Kombat universe.
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  23. Baconlord


    alright I was hesitant at first but god damn you sold me. I'd totally be down for this
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    I like you. You get me.

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