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GameSpot Gameplay Kombat Kast DLC Announcement

Gamespot may or may not be hosting a Kombat Kast today and it may or may not be showing off Shang Tsung. Who knows, but we'll find out in 10 minutes.

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Ok can't defend this one lol. The video description said there was a Kast breaking down the variations and potential of "more" beyond a DLC Trailer. Then they increased the time an hour. Then the took the video down altogether. -.-

Someone is gonna have a bad Friday evening.
On the replies to his tweet, Tyler says he has no idea what that Gamespot stream was. Sounds like someone, somewhere jumped the gun. Hard to say if it's on Gamespot or NRS
I am usually the first to defend devs/marketing folks.

This, this was pretty bad. Lol, unless this is an epic troll.... there's a marketing manager somewhere who really doesn't have his/her shit together.
NRS / WB is probably as pissed as we are )= Hopefully they never sell another reveal to Gamespot again, MK11 is getting synonymous with bad press.