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GameSpot Gameplay Kombat Kast DLC Announcement

Gamespot may or may not be hosting a Kombat Kast today and it may or may not be showing off Shang Tsung. Who knows, but we'll find out in 10 minutes.

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I'm pretty sure Boon wouldn't bullshit us saying "tomorrow" if the trailer wasn't ready by yesterday. They're probably just waiting for optimal time for posting because: views.
I don't know what makes them fuck up every reveal. Besides they will probably show us a few special moves, no frame data and 3 hit combos anyways. Its not like they show the characters potential anyways.
For once I want high level breakdowns of the characters revealed with practical setups and starters and at least have frame data box on during the cast so we can get an idea if how the shang works. Shang better morph and be able to combo off ground skulls. With how combo limitations have been I bet his ground skull knocks down and away.
i just dont understand why they'd announce something, announce a date, and show screenshots if its not ready....

this game has been so poorly handled up to now its pretty ridiculous. game's been out over a month and we cant just be told who the DLC are that we already payed for? and cant see anything of the first character. sheesh