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GameSpot Gameplay Kombat Kast DLC Announcement

Gamespot may or may not be hosting a Kombat Kast today and it may or may not be showing off Shang Tsung. Who knows, but we'll find out in 10 minutes.

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Description says:

"Tune in for the official NetherRealm Kombat Kast showcasing Shang Tsung's variations and hopefully new DLC characters."

Looks like we will be getting a full character breakdown and most likely a Kombat Pack announcement.
Wait, it says Kombat Last showing off Shang's variations. I had no idea that's what was happening, been playing all day lol. I guess I'll be tuning in. Hype times!
Yeeee boi.

As it was nearing ever closer to 9pm GMT (the usual Kombat Kast time here in the UK) I was assuming they'd do a surprise Kombat Kast.

Should be good.
@Jynks it's time to pay what you owe:

I'm still convinced it is going to be a zero-gameplay cgi reveal trailer with a release date and a bunch of characters... like all the other ones for the other games
neither... it will be a cgi character pack announcement trailer, probably with a release date at the end with no gameplay nad no kombat kast... for now.. (imo)
I doubt it.. they will, imo, be giving us a zero gameplay cgi reveal trailer.. exactly like the ones I linked above. Exactly like they have done for every pack and every character since MKx days.
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