Future of MKX on PC; KP2/MKXL Confirmed Console Only

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by Braindead, Jan 19, 2016.

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    Doesn't seem like there is anywhere to find these, but given that the peak in those stats for PC was only ~13000 and MKX is one of the best selling games of 2015 I don't doubt that each console easily managed to move more than 13000 copies at launch. "One of the best selling games of the year" has got to be moving a serious number of copies. I mean I've been reading articles and apparently MKX was selling more copies in 2015 than GTA V was, and they were released on the same day (this is only for the PC version of GTA V though so the results are skewed, but GTA V did sell a lot on PC and still manages good player counts.

    (GTA V Steam stats for reference: http://puu.sh/mCWei/bdeb2b8617)
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    Damn I forgot all about cross play, SFV gonna be worth every cent knowing it will be supported.
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    The thing I dislike the most about the whole "Best selling" thing is that that's just a statement of how well you built a hype machine. Like how you just went past month 1 and GTA is doing better than MKx. It's like there should be an asterisk whenever a dev talks about being "best selling".
  4. And that's great if you like SF, but not everybody does. I know there are plenty of MK players who really don't care for SF (Myself being one of them) so IF I was a PC player, SFV being cross play on PC would mean absolutely nothing to me lol
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    Yeah exactly, it's not the best illustration but it's all I could come up with, PS and XBOX don't have any stats on player counts near as I can tell.

    I also need to point out these numbers are PEAK player counts (which are important) not TOTAL player counts. So there is actually more than that number of people playing, just not all at once. I'd estimate that total PC players who play regularly has got to be about ~4000 or ~5000 maybe at the absolute most.

    This also means that the ~13000 figure isn't an exact representation of total PC sales. If I had to guess, probably somewhere around ~60000 copies on PC sold? Could be completely wrong on this though.
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    damm tth got bodied on that other page lmao
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  7. this thread went to shet really fast.
    it became consoles vs pc.
    please someone stop it, mods.
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    I agree but it's your wallet speaking:
    if you give money to nrs the meaning behind the gesture is that you like what and how they're doing business

    in this niche it's the software house dictating where the playerbase should be (still correct from their business point of view)
    so either suck it up and get a ps4 (which I already did) or go like something else

    too bad because this ggpo-ish netcode could've enable crossplay between consoles and pc too.
    missed chance here but nrs is still not capcom
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    I'm really hoping that we're excluded so that once the KP2 and improved netcode are done they'll patch them in, it doesn't make sense for them to not try to sell the KP2. 2000 players is still profitable, no?
    Even if it isn't it'll be better than the outlash and flack they'll get for not releasing it.

    I have the game on Xbone but I play it on PC coz my ps3 sticks works on it where i can't use my stick on the Xbone.

    NRS pls ;_;
  10. ZeZe

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    You guys are forgetting one very important thing: good games live on PC longer and old titles are still selling. There are people on Steam asking for MK Kollection to be put back on steam store. First MK titles are also available on gog and selling (I have MK 1,2,3 on steam as well as gog). So in long run devs/publishes may still have some coin sinking in from PC community long years after initial hype (providing that game is good).

    In all honesty, I think they might focus consoles first, but PC will most likely get all of it in some GoTY edition or complete edition. I stopped carrying tbh. I just want to have nice MK X one day. I have Assassin's Creed to play now (lol, so glad I've jump into series just now, when most of the titles have been de-bugged and dlcs released).
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  11. http://steamspy.com/app/307780

    It sold close to 500k, which is pretty decent considering it didn't even work for like the first two weeks after release, the time when most sales happen.
    It also got a lot of bad publicity, deservedly so, otherwise it could've been a much bigger community.
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    I will be pissed as hell but..

    Now since the enhanced online is coming, why can't they make MKX cross platform now? Like that would be dope, Xbone, PS4 AND PC in one. This will never happen but still.

    EDIT: Welp... RIP PC, fuck WB.
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  13. tylerlansdown

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    Mortal Kombat XL and Kombat Pack 2 will available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only.
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    So yeah I was completely off in my total copies sold estimate haha, thanks for this. That being said it still only seems to be a couple of thousand active PC players now unfortunately.
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    RIP PC
  16. shura30

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    we love you for the answer, thanks

    now we may be salty in peace
    screencapped the post for future crying

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    Wow... JUSt FKING WOW....
  18. myri

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    Will PC be getting Enhanced Online or any further patches though?
  19. smokey

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    Thanks for the heads up!
  20. EDIT: Oh, I just saw the confirm

    Aight, NRS, don't release more games on PC because nobody will want them, anyways. This was my last NRS/WB game. Congratulations on becoming the worst FG company, while also having the highest budget. NRS doesn't exist for me on PC anymore.
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    Are we gonna get Enchanced Online after the BETA is over? What about Balance patches?
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  22. ScreamQueen

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    Very disappointed, but not surprised, it's been sub-par service since day one.

    The only thing that's gotten to me, for the life of this game, from DLC to Kasts to reveals to patches or whatever, is the constant baiting without completing. Sitting through Kasts with rumoured reveals to be told "Oh by the way, no news" The ignoring of questions, or fans requests, and the various evasive answers. The lack of disclaimers, like letting people know the beta wouldn't be on PC, or that some skins wouldn't actually be included in the Kombat Pass purchase etc. This is on top of the disastrous PC launch, the lost save files etc

    I'm not really angry or anything, just proper disappointed in the way the guys have handled the PR with this iteration, they've done a good job of leaving some fans feeling like they really don't matter, and that WB is absolutely calling all the shots, from a marketing, tech and even a creative standpoint.

    I still love the franchise, and thought X was a pretty good game. It's frustrating.
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  23. Lo0py

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    I'm so sad right now.. :'(
  24. Brack1sh

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    Game's been out for less than a year, and already PC support has been dropped and MKXL is being released which most likely means that support for the game as a whole will stop shortly after March 1st. I'm happy to finally know, but




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