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Chilled to the Core
Special Moves
Ice augur - Frozen drill projectile
Burrowning Anger - Ground drill projectile (probably has close, medium, far)
Cryogenic Crown - Looks like a frozen trap setup move that uses her head as an ice grenade.
Core trap - Looks to be a square area of effect move (similar to Captain Colds snowglobe perhaps?)
Core Overload - Hard to tell, I think she coats herself in ice..probably defensive.
Augur Lunge - Similar to slide but she has her drills out
Glacier Calving - A defensive ice wall that blocks projectiles
Microburst - Seems similar to subs frozen burst move.
Can also see some kind of air dive or dive kick
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she has a special move (in one of her (potentially tournament) variations) where she throws her head as a grenade that presumably freezes people...

i'm all in


Super Fighting Gay Boy
I love that Frost looks more like this:

Than this:

I like her MKDA alt a lot more than her "female Sub-Zero" costume, because it was more original and elegant looking. Which just makes her more appealing to me. ^^